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…so I’m planning to sleep with Kirito-kun♡ tonight (*´∀`) ー♡♡♡!

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..sure he’s a pint sized 9 inches tall, and well a plushy to be sure…(^q^)! And aren’t plushies perfect for sleeping and cuddling with! In any case ….Kirito-kun’s handsome, cool, thoughtful and powerful …all wonderfully attractive traits of a guy … Continue reading

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Do that* to me 896 more times ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!! やっほぃ♪

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(This post contains visuals and text which are of a mature nature so if you’re under the age of 18 or that sort of thing bothers you, please refrain from viewing this post. Thank you. =) ) Since the dawn … Continue reading

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I’m new to all of this and it’s been out for years now, but bear with me please ^^…..  A few weeks ago on a late Saturday evening then nearing midnight or so I had been in a daze getting … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Anime Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!!!Presents 15 reasons why I ♥ Ninja Squirrel~~>(*´∀`)♥ (Bowl 4)

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It was just about 14 years ago when I was first introduced to Ninja Squirrel and the entire concept itself sounded just so surreal and odd at first but after you get to know him a bit more I’m sure … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Anime Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!!! (Your Third Bowl of Cereal)

Dragon Half (DVD cover scan) Ohayo~ ….it’s now 6 am Hawaiian ^^!~! This may be becoming sort of a new tradition here …well of course it’s up to YOU the reader to decide as this is indeed just the third … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Anime Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!!! (pt. 2)

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Ohayo~! ^^ It’s time once again to grab that over-sized bowl of sugary goodness (aka: your favorite cereal) and add some milk or rather almond-milk or soy-milk…. you know if you just happen to be lactose intolerant as I am … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Anime Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!!!

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Remember Saturday morning cartoons? Neither do I as sadly I was barely out of diapers when this wonderful phenomenon of children’s television was already becoming far too soon extinct from big network stations here locally(´∩`*)。Still my older cousins speak of … Continue reading

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~48 reasons why I ♥ Crayon Shinchan (VERSION 2.0)

As per requested by Dashi, I’ve now added more Crayon Shinchan episodes to love and laugh with =) Hope you enjoy ^^♥! 1. The ending theme song♥ is so perfect!!..and while it did change over time just seeing the closing … Continue reading

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~Counting naughty sheep….

Anime has a natural knack to stretch one’s imagination and when it comes to the wide variety of seemingly endless licensed merchandise they spin off nothing perhaps stretches the imagination more than the art of the extra long body pillow! … Continue reading

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~柏木由紀 / 柏崎 星奈

Surely they have nothing in common. Or perhaps just two things? Nah. This is most random. A time for me to place Yukirin and an anime with nothing in common smack right beside one another. And to think I began … Continue reading

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