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86,400 seconds of AKB = 42,000¥

AKB48 5400sec complete box set (16 members) It's true! and for only  42,000¥(・o・)?!!。。while shopping♥ I found this box set for sale here and while I've watched most of my favorite members, well my favorites who were included in this program, … Continue reading

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~「Featured Post」Falling for Sasshi♥ (*´∀`)!

Sashihara Rino in AKB 600sec…. While my oshimen is securely set in Yukorin♥, it’s days like today and moments~* like this that have you questioning even the most concrete of emotions~. Even though the “hidden” cameras are staged and known … Continue reading

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~Yukorin♥ a day in the life, well 600 seconds of it…~

Oshima Yuko (Korisu♥) in "AKB 600 sec"… Oshima Yuko "AKB 600 sec" By now I imagine there must be lots of these mini episodes circulating…I'm just watching some of my favorites courtesy of HarimaKenji~*. The files are quite large too … Continue reading

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