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~Nacchi x N.Y.

Just received Nacchi’s new shashinshuu yesterday!..and I didn’t quite know what to expect as Nacchi’s been out of the spotlight for some time now after graduating from Hello! Project and more or less the idol world as well. At 3300 … Continue reading

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~Please watch for an upcoming fund raising effort which will be held in collaboration with our wonderful friends at International Wota with all proceeds going to support the recovery of Japan as our online~community♥ comes together =). Mmm..not quite summer … Continue reading

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~Abe Natsumi♥ 「雨上がりの虹のように」

I’m ecstatic~♥!!!..Nacchi’s back!!! ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!。。。。。and while her hiatus away from music seemed so long her first solo single away from H!P was sooooo worth the wait!! While multiple LE releases surely seems to be the wave of the current and future … Continue reading

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~Nacchi♥ is back (*´∀`)!!

Nacchi♥! わぁーいo(*´∀`)o゛!!!。。this is such happy~* news!!!! Nacchi is back!!!! Gosh! the last time she released anything new was way back in the winter of last year with her "Summer Live Tour 2009" DVD but now she has a new single~* … Continue reading

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~安倍なつみ Summer Live Tour 2009~♥

Nacchi live at Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater… Abe Natsumi Summer Live Tour 2009 ~Yappari sneaker ga suki~ Tour Final "aratana chikai" DVD With the Elder's Club graduated, this was such a sweet~* surprise!! A Nacchi concert release~!! Filmed at Kawaguchiko Stellar … Continue reading

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~Nacchi’s♥ “Christmas Gift 2005″

Nacchi "H!P Christmas Gift 2005"… Nacchi "H!P Christmas Gift 2005"… わぁーいo(*´∀`)o゛。。I couldn't believe that this was on auctions for only $6?!! (・o・) How could someone part with Nacchi♥ for only $6?…wait, *lucky~*!! っo(*´∀`)o! Hmm..even the towel was unopened~!..also in the … Continue reading

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安倍なつみ ~haピネss~ o(*´∀`)o゛

Abe Natsumi history album 1998.1.28~2004.1.25 Abe Natsumi history album 1998.1.28~2004.1.25 Every now and then I like to browse Yahoo! Japan Auctions just to look at all of the amazing and sometimes rare items that sellers in Japan have to offer~…….and … Continue reading

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2008 Hello! Project scarve photo sets are here! ^ ^

2008 H!P scarf photo sets This year’s scarves purchases Although these are officially 2008 H!P scarf sets they seem to be more like 2009 sets as both the scarves and photos arrived this year…with the latter arriving just yesterday. What's … Continue reading

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~Angelic~ Abe Natsumi concert tour 2008 aki Angelic DVD Nacchi's latest concert DVD "Abe Natsumi concert tour 2008 aki~Angelic~" was just released on January 28th and has a running time of approximately 115 minutes….recorded at Nakano Sunplaza on November 9th, … Continue reading

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2008 Hello! Project scarves have arrived…

2008 Tsugunaga Momoko scarf …or perhaps I should call them 2009 H!P scarves as I really thought that these would have arrived sometime last month but they just arrived today. From Ohta's messages it sounded like he was having some … Continue reading

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