For a better day~* you know you wanna ring the door bell :P. Watch, rinse, repeat as necessary……I don’t know why but no matter how many times I see “Secretariat♥”, i still smile and crack~up each time and now our day can begin on a happy♥ note. Thank you Secretariat♥ =D

8 Responses to Secretariat♥

  1. mikeymikez says:

    hehe The film is excellent for everyone too – even kids! ❤


    • I just watched it a few weeks ago…well before I posted this late~late show clip :P! You know at first I didn’t readily get his “dance” thingy….like it was just funny and odd but okay there is a “deeper” meaning I see…=).

      The Secretariat♥ costume is the cutest!!!!! And now it’s like “he’s” always appearing Mmm the more the merrier! My mom thinks that Craig is well….drunk during his shows :O……I just think he’s naturally wacky~wonderful =)! He’s so odd and it’s like a wonderful blend of British humor and American pop culture at it’s best….♥ Craig!!!

      Just what is in his snake mug though??? I guess that’s the real question xD. I think it’s a nice blend of green tea♥ (naive!) I know (*>ω<)!、..but maybe it's just Starbucks? Because you know it’s late~late @ night =)!


  2. Mike Avila says:

    MB, you are the most kawaii !! Green tea, indeed ❤


  3. aaronread says:

    Lady face! it’s been so long! are you still buzzing around the world of wordpress!!


    • Sorry for the late reply =(….but I’m still here but was out for a bit as my health wasn’t doing so well. I imagine you’re as funny as ever?! You’re the owner of a very special brain deeply blessed with creativity ~*…and U know I love your art!


      • aaronread says:

        Noooo!! don’t be ill! you’re a super hero! come on!! fiiiiiight!
        Yes, yes I am as funny as ever. Although I fear I’ve medically gone mad, all I do seems to sprawl into a big mess of underwear, animals and sexual perversion.
        You too can get my brain, I bought it in the back markets of vietnam, I had to sell a kidney, but who needs kidneys really! except for the nice eastern european man who bought mine, he seemed to need kidneys really really badly. Glad I could help him!


        • Haha I’m feeling a lot better now although I’ve still got that bad chest pain from my coughing and sneezing (*>ω<) 。I dunno I'm quite ordinary and especially when compared to the vastness of your super-hero qualities \(^o^)/!! And let's not forget that you're still the fastest 'gun*' in the U.K. =D a man whom needs no tights to get the job done! Lol your brain is most unique and I doubt I'd find a like~wise one of equal super potential out there no matter how much I searched…(^q^)!

          Hmm…do you like Secretariat? Craig Ferguson is hilarious and he’s got sort of a sexy thing going on for an older guy and his humility is an endearing trait too, he’s on late night here and I believe he’s from near to your neck of the woods?


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