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~Kisses 4 one

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Okay so I’ve really timed it!..and this entire post loaded completely in 2 minutes and 20 seconds exactly =O!! The actual creation of this post took just over 11 hours to complete including Bluray to mp4 encoding, screen capping, additional … Continue reading

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(Figure 1) Surely we can all recall our very first inevitable reaction to the Dead or Alive series when it first arrived bounced onto the video game fighting scene many many years ago =)! I know I was personally wondering … Continue reading

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Senran Kagura Tees and the art of sexual mischief fighting

I especially love this design above  inspired by the video game “Senran Kagura” and with a Nintendo 3Ds you can fight from a variety of girl~ninja who interestingly lose clothing as a result of damage inflicted upon them. lol what … Continue reading

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~Final Fantasy♥ trumps

To commemorate 25 years (can you believe it’s been that long??..i only began playing since VII =O) of role playing fun a special playing card set is set to be released on April 30th in honor of the longstanding series … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~28 gaming girls♥ virtually so hot…you’d wish you were make~believe too.

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What exactly is it that makes a virtual~game girl so hot? Is it something obvious such as their covergirl perfection? Could it be their image of innocence…that innocence* sometimes kicking someone or something’s butt? Their docile grace infused with a … Continue reading

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~AKB48 “1/48 Idol to koishitara” psp LE giveaway final showdown (postponed)

Okay the 6th has arrived =)! And that means the final~final is set and soon the winner of AKB48’s “1/48 Idol to koishitara” psp LE game will be decided っo(*´∀`)o!!So before we begin here is the format and the rules…. … Continue reading

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~AKB48 psp game giveaway answers & results…

The psp games arrived today \(^o^)/!…. ..but before getting to the final results, here are the answers to the 40 questions from the giveaway final =)…..I hope I didn’t typo anything as I was sort of doing two things at … Continue reading

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~AKB48 psp game giveaway final~

The fight is on!! #1 seed: Mina #2 seed: Mousoufest #3 seed: Johpan #4 seed: CK Please, if you’re not one of the entrants named above please refrain from answering any of the questions in this post. Thank you =). … Continue reading

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~AKB48 psp game giveaway….a quick update!

I apologize so much for the delay….but things will be back on~track very soon as our idol♥games will begin to determine the winner =). Thank you for you patience and please look forward to the upcoming fun!

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~Just a friendly reminder….AKB48♥ giveaway first week driver entry deadline is tonight midnight (HST)

With the previous one week postponement the track venue and drivers available (now reduced to 16) have changed so even if you’ve entered drivers previously please take note of the change in the available drivers list and please post here … Continue reading

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