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Yamada♡Nana: (aka: Nana♡/secret* super-power: Bedroom Eyes/idol prestige: ex-NMB48… just plain sweet~♡!!) just released her second solo photo book on August 10th and here the theme playfully stems from phonetically taking a duo meaning of her name… where “Nana(iro)” when written … Continue reading

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It’s been about an entire year since C-ute’s leader and most model~esque has treated fans with a new shashinshuu collection, and just last month… at long last that pictorial drought has ended! One can ponder whether or not this will … Continue reading

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~“Surfah~Girl Dreamin’…” FT. The Most 「Beautiful Girl」 in the World

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Once again it’s the natural beauty of Hawaii serving as the iconic Pacific isle-chain paradise as Fukakyon’s sun~kissed charms* further takes us along for her playful Summertime fun…. myself always a sucker for a pictorial shot right here @ home~ … Continue reading

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Why October 25th is gonna be the BEST day of the year~*~~* (*´∀`) うれしー♡~♡~♡!

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..that would be in my humble and oh so heavily biased heart though! As my Oshi~♡ Mayuyu~♡ is FINALLY getting a new shashinshuu release!~! I mean how long has it been since “The Mayuyu~nator??” Okay that only “makes sense” if … Continue reading

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~”Once Upon a Time” FT. The Most 「Beautiful Girl」 in the World

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~Once Upon a Time… Fukakyon♥ (Adult Mizugi) (Rarity) Seems that a most favorite idol turned model turned pop star turned actress… is now deeply focused on her modeling once again. Hmm and to think there was a vast period during … Continue reading

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Attention! All Haruppi~♡ fans!~! This is a MUST HAVE!!!! I cannot highly recommend an idol shashinshuu any more than this one!! Love the title too as it’s truly indicative of the spirit~* herein…. 兒玉遥ファスト写真集 「ロックオン」 The center of the HKT48 … Continue reading

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Seems that Nana & Milk will never cease to find their appropriate place here on this blog =). And I’ll continue to side with the notion that Watanabe Miyuki’s “Milky♥” nickname remains as one of the most cute, awesome and … Continue reading

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Encore Theater Proudly Presents! “~got Kimutaku?” (because your second time’s* always BETTER (*´∀`) うれしー♥♥♥!)

…and it was much less awkward and painful right o(*´∀`)o゛、seriously though and in further celebration~*~~* of our recent “Long Vacation” nostalgic drama watching, I thought why not follow up last week’s Takenouchi Yutaka shashinshuu post by encoring quite possibly the … Continue reading

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got Yutaka?

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-I ♥ Yutaka- Sure he may be older, but he’s like fine wine as far as I’m concerned! In light of our recent drama watching~♥, I thought it as good as a time as any to share what is without … Continue reading

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May 27th saw the release of 11th Gen. Momusu ‘16 member Oda Sakura’s very first solo shashinshuu, and while Fukuchan remains as my current favorite member… Oda~chan’s surely one of the Momusu girls whose star is on the rise~*. Solid … Continue reading

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