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「Featured post」~Smap X Smap 3/24/08-“The one with Ikewaki Chizuru, Tanaka Rena and lots of cheese.” =)

I recently got some old and recent Smap X Smap episodes…ah it’s been awhile since I’ve watched this show as I used to rent Smap X Smap episodes from a local video shop here on a frequent basis and now … Continue reading

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「featured post」“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.”–平野綾♥

Hirano Aya in “Dayz” ~Post is now new and improved! Now made with a wide variety of flavors~*, real fruit and as always our milkshakes are non~fat so it’s heart healthy for you too as U indulge~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~OKAMO♥ & candy*, making the universe infinitely cuter one photo @ a time っo(*´∀`)o!

~Sometimes an obi says it all! And in addition to her being the “it” child, the “it” girl and you know the idol whom evokes dreamy~dreams~* for guys, some girls, super heroes and mortals alike =)!!….this is her ”待望ファースト写真集!” as … Continue reading

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~Morning Musume 「Majidesuka Ska!」Gen.9th’s debut

So fans asked Tsunku to “pimp” their group. And Tsunku responded. Did anyone else feel as if they were watching a musical at times all the way down to Gakisan’s pronounced flair at the end of her solo lines? All … Continue reading

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~SCANDAL’s 「Pride」, seifuku♥ fashion tips & collaboration and which band member is your favorite?

SCANDAL’s Tomomi says it best when describing seifuku making girls look 5x’s cuter!! And just as AKB48’s Tomochin has collaborated with CONOMi now SCANDAL too has set up a collaboration page @ Cdjapan where you can see their personal fashion … Continue reading

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~So the Biebs cut his luscious hair and part of the earth stopped spinning, plus the Hello!Project haircut massacre re~revisited and what would you do with a celebrity’s hair?

Unless you’re living under a rock (the new GEICO CM cracks me up…(^q^)! ) I’m sure you’ve heard that Justin Bieber has cut his luscious hair although I’ve heard some say it used to resemble a mop?? Well at least … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~小池 vs.小池

VS. I shamefully just couldn’t resist (although admittedly heavily biased xD…) just with the “Koike” connection and while they do share the same family name and are identical in height @ 156 cm (fun fact =D!), their similarities end there … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~AKB48’s janken senbatsu single 「チャンスの順番」、 favorite♥ team & Mayuyu inklings…

Whether you thought it to be pure genius, pure lunacy or somewhere in between, AKB48’s 19th single pre~production was quite the shocker I imagine for just about every fan and it’s true that very much like Tsunku, AkiP has a … Continue reading

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~Do girls really watch AV?

Birthday: December 12, 1990 Measurements: 88 – 59 – 85 Height: 158 cm Birth Place: Fukuoka, Japan A friend~♥ sent me an invite to be able to watch from the internet this um…”movie?” And it makes me wonder if they … Continue reading

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As I was scanning these issues earlier today one thought kept occupying my mind, as how some girls are so lucky to be so perfect~(*´∀`) ♥!Acchan and Tomochin have such distinctly different features in terms of natural beauty~*…..with Acchan’s perfectly … Continue reading

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