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~Highly Recommended Viewing 「WILD 7」

“GET WILD, SAVE THE WORLD” Happy Aloha~♥ Friday ヾ(^∇^)!!~!! As you know the NBA playoffs are on and (see right side bar~~>) I’m pretty much a basketball fanatic when it comes to the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat (D-Wade♥ my … Continue reading

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Hi Philip, I was just thinking that I’d make a place for us to speak here about the movie version of “Sekai no chûshin de, ai wo sakebu” as I’d never done a proper post here, but this is really … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~必死剣鳥刺し (Highly recommended viewing)

“Sword of Desperation” (“Hisshiken torisashi”) portrays the life of Sanzaemon Kanemi (Toyokawa Etsushi), a highly skilled swordsman appointed as chief protector to his lord. While financial ranks are widely drawn the lord’s concubine Renko sways his decisions without constraint or … Continue reading

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~雪山 (A Saturday movie and a book…)

Writing last night’s Idols♥ Unzipped post later reminded me of a J~horror~ (psychological thriller) movie I’d seen Yada Akiko star in and actually the very first time I had seen or heard of her was in the drama series “Aishiteiruto … Continue reading

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~Diverse Japan interviews Takeda Rina

Spencer Peet recently had the amazing opportunity to not only meet this talented young actress but he also composed a most insightful interview one~on~one with her which he shares~* with us @ his Diverse Japan website~  (be sure to check … Continue reading

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~Maimi♥, the vigilante??

This appears to be a straight to DVD home release and that typically is a red~flag for b~movie…..but in this case that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t have the potential of being pure awesomeness!!! Just the premise of having one … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~タンポポ...

あまり言うしたくないですけど、... この映画は本とに推薦します(*≧▽≦)!最近ね、MikeNeko~さんはこの映画をすすめてくれたよかったです=) ほんとほんとほんとに面白かった♥!この映画には沢山色々なシーンがあるよ、 例えば戦闘とか悪戯とか手当たり次第のエロチカとか計画とか奇妙なユーモアとかおかしいお婆ちゃんとか最後の食事があります.... でもね~、もちろんラーメン~♥がたくさんあるよっ!!! ずっとずっとラーメンが大好き♥♥♥! 映画を見た後.. 早くラーメン食べたいよぉー(* ̄O ̄)ノ! 体がラーメンみたぃになってしまぅよぉ(´⌒`。) ↓↓↓ ま、好きだからいっか♪え~へ(*≧▽≦)! みんな、ラーメンの美味しそうな食べ方って、知ってる? まず、どんぶりの奥の方から麺を適量取って、箸で一気にすくいとる。 この時どんぶりの位置は、自分と15センチ程の距離に。 麺を縦に二回持ち上げ、フーフー息を吹き掛け、冷ます。 そしたら顔をななめ15度に傾けすかさず麺を口にはこび麺を2回に分けて勢いよく ズッ、ズズッ!っと吸い、麺についた汁が顔の回りに飛び散る!! タンポポを買いたいですか?ここにクリック^ ^。 そして、全体のクレジットでこれもある↓↓↓..えー?何で...(*´艸`)? (・o・)... みんな♥も、オススメの映画、あったら教えてくだしゃい♪

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「Featured post」~井上真央♥ 直筆サイン色紙

井上真央 Inoue Mao signed shikishi! Waaaaaaai! just received this autograph yesterday!!!! A~h it seems like I’m on a Maochan spree~* right now but this was so must have, don’t you think? っo(*´∀`)o♥! So now the only question is which photos … Continue reading

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~When girls go Musashi…and you thought your roommate was bad?(・д・`*)!!

Aichan♥ vs. Manoeri♥ (The Musashi tease~*)… Aichan♥ vs. Manoeri♥..”The Musashi tease~*”… I’ve just watched….well was sort of “forced” to watch (・д・`*)!!!。。what was one of the most frightening and yet hilarious but oh so scary movies ever!!!! It seems for centuries … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」“Um, so a bikini model walks into a bar full of zombies…

“Onechanbara” on DVD (domestic U.S. release) …..and the bartender says: “is it *cold* in here or are you just happy to see me?”…(^q^) ~Warning! spoiler alert!~ (you may want to avoid my babbling here if you intend on watching this … Continue reading

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