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What a difference a day can make…..(changes in the J-Pop landscape regarding SPEED & HM@).

SPEED…the reunion is set! 😀 …"Through the groups disbandments and encores which fill their history if there's one thing that I'm certain of…it is that if a day in the future arrives in which SPEED decides to grace the J-Pop … Continue reading

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HM@ 8/3/08- “The one where Kamei throws the book 1 million times & Mittsi’s snack knowledge tested.”

vlcsnap-27760.png Ah muri muri muri muri muri muridayo!…today's "GakiKame" segment takes up over half of the show and after you see Kamei's "impossible" task you'll understand just why. Like being asked to hand draw a perfect circle…land a quarter on … Continue reading

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Now I shall find out just how unbalanced and uncoordinated I really am! :P

004-1.jpg I've been looking for one of these for awhile now and the last time I saw one at a store I was in the vicinity but by the time I got there all of them were gone…it's just so … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~And now for a heart to heart with the producers of HM@… <3

With HM@ ratings down and the all new “Berikyuu” show on the horizon bringing the promise of something great, I’ve been trying to think of a few ways in which HM@ could improve their show! 😛 Starting with… vlcsnap-14498.png …if … Continue reading

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HM@1/20/08-”The one with Domino’s Pizza, AzuMAX’s seafood theory, & Kamei’s last second field goal!”

Today's episode features the "Viking" (buffet) game format and special guest AzuMAX doesn't waste any time in trying to impress Momusu members Gakisan, Kamei, Reinachan, & Aichan as he introduces himself as being "okanemochi" (rich!! 😀 ) and after a … Continue reading

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HM@ 12/9/07-”The one with more Wii fitness, Kid BMX, Sayu’s surfing safari, & scary Musume photo!”

Today's episode continues right where we left off as the Wii Fitness tournament resumes! While both Sayu and Kamei were eliminated on the last episode, the next matchup features a battle between Tanakachi & Aichan and awaiting the winner is … Continue reading

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HM@12/2/07-”The one with Wii Fitness, Musume animated, & Kamei’s fantastic stir the cauldron dance!”

Today's joyful episode comes to us from historic Kyoto and features Momusu members Tanakachi, Kamei, Aichan, Gakisan, & Sayu along with a most special "guest": the incredibly hard to find Nintendo Wii! And what could be more fitting than a … Continue reading

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HM@ 11/25/07-”The one with lots of vinegar, a bit of pear mischief, & Alvin & the Chipmunks!”

Today's episode cycles back to the "Uso Queen" segment and while Momusu is present in entirety, the four members chosen for the challenge are Tanakachi, Lin Lin, Kohachan, & Gakisan. Their challengers are the duo of Kuwabata & Ohara and … Continue reading

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HM@ 11/18/07-”The one with the buffet war, wrath of Shizuchan, & Cabbage Man’s purpose is revealed.”

It doesn't take long for team Musume to get under the skin of one of today's special guests as Tanakachi abruptly interrupts a reminiscent story of how there was once was a dream of winning the 3rd audition told by … Continue reading

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HM@ 11/11/07-”The one with The Fantastic Four, Slow Poke Rodriguez, & Jun Jun ices Kamei!”

Today's "Chibikko King" episode has team Musume comprised of Tanakachi, Sayu, Kamei, & Aichan going up against the Fantastic Four of unicycling! Hmm…it's interesting that Sayu is present today as she's often shown how athletically challenged she can be at … Continue reading

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