Beauty and the Beast is brought to life!!

Emma Watson......

~Beauty and the Beast (trailer)~

Emma Watson

So who else is excited about the live action theatrical release of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”…!!? So there’s a bit of wait until next March the 17th but this is soooo gonna be amazing!! “Beauty and the Beast” is one of my all time Disney animated favorites and as a little girl it fully captured my imagination with its colorful cast of characters, music, suspense, humor and of course heart! And Belle in particular became such a beloved character with her strong willed spirit and bravery…. and so I am extra excited and want to give Disney huge applause!!!!!!!!!! for casting the ever~gorgeousEmma Watson as Hermoine Granger and immensely talented and smart!… Emma Watson in the lead role of “Belle!~!”Also cast, are Ewan McGregor, Kevin Kline, Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson of note!

I’ve just watched the trailer a bunch of times and I can’t get over how amazing everything looks as this magical world is brought to life and YES! how amazing does Emma Watson look in that oh~so~iconic yellow dress!! And having grown up and likewise witnessed Emma Watson grow up literally in her role as “Hermione Granger” all through those unforgettable years, how time has flown as Ms. Watson appears so far from those days of wizardry, and yet her I’d say legendary role will remain in our hearts and collective memory won’t it.

Emma Watson♥

~Emma Watson interview on her being cast as Belle in the upcoming “Beauty and the Beast” film~

And just above I’ve edited out Emma Watson’s interview portion, it’s a bit tiny but it’s wonderful to hear her thoughts on this amazing role!

So I cannot wait for this film to arrive and to end here, here’s a Christmas present I endlessly begged my Mom to get for me when I was little…. sure presents are supposed to be surprises but I back then I didn’t care one bit knowing as I so had to have this!!….

Beauty and the Beast (1)Beauty and the Beast (4)Beauty and the Beast (2)’s a musical statue and first off it’s soooo well made as it weighs a small ton and is actually quite large and it’s also notably much more vibrant of color as my camera seems to have eclipsed a bit of that, here featuring the Beast and Belle as they gaze at the rose which is actually submerged in liquid here and it lights up too with the aid of two AA batteries and you also can crank it to have it play the theme song “Beauty and the Beast” in music box style~. =)

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7 Responses to Beauty and the Beast is brought to life!!

  1. Matthew says:

    I saw this trailer and it looks beautiful. It feels like watching the cartoon again. That’s a real awesome gift your mom gave you. I remember getting a Peter Pan snowglobe, but it got broken into pieces.

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