All Things Must Pass

So I  got my laptop back and I guess it was DOA, as laptop “surgery” didn’t go well. The thing is, my laptop being frozen in eternal startup doesn’t include a blue screen as I’ve got a totally black screen with just those rotating circle of white dots. So the pressing ctrl/alt/delete doesn’t work and I can’t seem to find a matching circumstance for which my laptop is frozen in. Sure I could purchase a new laptop but I still wouldn’t be able to continue this blog as all of my programs, files and blog templates with many things irreplaceable are on my current laptop. Not to mention completed posts, translations including what was intended to be the final post bookend here “CoCo Forever” which are all now inaccessible. Everything blog related for about the last 9-10 years is on this laptop so even with a new laptop it wouldn’t be of any help blog wise. It’s beyond a bummer as I’ve gotten Mayuyu’s new shashinshuu, Amuro Namie’s new single, ARASHI’s new album, Sayanee’s first album, Sasshi in Weekly Playboy and more classic J-Pop music and so much more to post about and now “thanks to Windows 10 and its latest update freezing my laptop in startup, I can do nothing. If this is the end, I  plan to edit the date on my “Moritaka Chisato” post as it would then become the last post of musical note that I hold dear to my heart here. And if you haven’t paid it any attention I would encourage you to do so as there’s truly a wealth of amazing music and artistry therein all to make your life infinitely happier~♡. And personally if this is truly the end here , Moritaka Chisato’s post would be a most soul satisfying way to end here as my blogging roots began and fittingly should end with my love of music …. well given my current predicament as CoCo was to be this blog’s final chapter. I feel as if we should listen to The Beatles’ “The End” which says: “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make…” perfectly said Paul ^^*. One thing I  do now notice is that I’m now able to turn the laptop’s power on and off by holding down the shift key while pressing and holding the power button and that the “press escape” prompt is now back for that second or two before I get those eternally spinning startup white dots. I think it will take me to some other startup menu? But if it’s a menu of the “midevel” type like another blank screen now with just a cursor like we are then back in (gulp!) DOS… or something equivalent, I’d be more lost than a millennial with a VHS tape!! So it frightens me to hit escape there albeit how much more broken can my laptop really become as all I have are spinning dots against a black screen? Anyway this is has been depressing =( and I  think Microsoft owes me an explanation and a new laptop for killing mine with Windows 10. So wish I had ignored their free ‘upgrade’ to Windows 10 XD, what a disaster it is =/! I so want my Windows 7 back!!

Anyway deeply saddened by this turn of events and I  shall disconnect for the day. If anyone reading this has any remedies/ fixes in mind please do not hesitate to share them here. For without my laptop this will be my forced goodbye.


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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28 Responses to All Things Must Pass

  1. djv124 says:

    Hi how are you?
    Hopefully you read this.
    So I did a lot more digging into your situation. One quick question, and then two possible solutions.

    First, are you using ANY logitech software, like a wireless mouse? If so, that could be the issue right there. Disconnect the wireless stuff from your laptop and try rebooting. Seems Logitech stuff causes issues with Windows 10 installation.

    Now, two solutions. One extreme, the other makes total sense to me and should work.

    Extreme solution first, pull your CMOS battery and then put it back in. That would trip everything back to startup. You may lose some stuff on CMOS but it can be recovered. What you have with all your blog stuff, I believe, is on your BIOS memory. So you should be okay. The link to discussing BIOS and CMOS is below. Only do this if my next option doesn’t work.

    Now, the option I want you to try, and this should work for you, is to start your PC in safe mode. I realize you can’t do that normally like you would, so you have to do the following steps, and then you will be okay:

    To start your PC in Safe Mode using installation media:

    On a working PC, go to the Microsoft software download website and create Windows 10 installation media.
    Insert the installation media you created, and then restart your PC.
    On the Install Windows screen, select Repair your computer. (If you’re not seeing this screen, your PC might not be set up to boot from a drive. Check your PC manufacturer’s website for info on how to boot from media, and then try again.)
    On the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot. From there, you can use Safe Mode. Select Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart.
    After your PC restarts, select 5 or F5 to restart you PC in Safe Mode with Networking. If your PC won’t start in Safe Mode with Networking, try steps 2-4 again, and then, after your PC restarts, select 3 or F3 to Enable low-resolution video.
    Once your PC is in Safe Mode, open Device Manager by typing device manager in the search box on the taskbar, select Device Manager, and select the arrow to expand Display adapters.
    If you see two items under Display adapters:
    Right-click the added display adapter (for example, Intel HD 4000 or AMD Radeon HD 4200), and then select Disable > Yes. To see if that worked, shut down your PC, disconnect your installation media, and then turn your PC back on.
    If that doesn’t work, restart your PC in Safe Mode (see steps 2-5), return to the Display adapter section in Device Manager, enable the display adapter, and then disable the other display adapter.
    If you see one item under Display adapters, roll back the driver or uninstall the display adapter.
    To roll back the driver, open Device Manager and select the arrow to expand Display adapters. Under Display adapters, right-click the item and select Properties. Select the Driver tab, and then select Roll Back Driver > Yes.
    To uninstall the display adapter, open Device Manager and select the arrow to expand Display adapters. Under Display adapters, right-click the item and select Properties. Select the Driver tab, select Uninstall > OK.
    Shut down your PC, disconnect your installation media, and then turn your PC back on.

    If this doesn’t work, you are welcome to send your laptop directly to me. I will get it working, because I can simply not accept you not doing what you do anymore. Not yet. At least finish out what you were planning to do, and what about your weekly watching of our dorama? I would be devastated if this is really you signing off, even if it is against your better wishes. Don’t give up like that okay? There are probably ten more solutions even past what I just gave you. But try what I said above and really try it. Or like I said, send your laptop to me and I’ll get it working.

    Hope to hear better things from you and soon.

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    • Denny Sinnoh says:

      RE: “I would be devastated if this is really you signing off,”
      Oh, I hope the computer problem can be fixed, if not I hope she gets a new computer. One hates to lose work, but some posts could perhaps be re-written.

      The .. denial … is … too … much … to … take …
      Now I have HYSTERICAL BLINDNESS thinking there will not to be anymore MB posts.

      (Bang) Ouch, … just ran into door. (Splat) … just tripped over couch., (Boonk) … just tripped and knocked over lamp (smash)

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  2. Quick update: I’ve managed to get to the advanced options menu after the pc somehow “realized’ that Windows 10 ‘didn’t load properly” and now I’ve begun with the reset to go hack to a point in time when everything was working properly. I’m still going to have Windows 10 but fingers crossed that everything is going to be safe and sound. I then would like to use the tutorial video Derek sent to go back to Windows 7 and never see 10 ever again!

    ….right now its “restoring files….’ and it looks to be awhile .

    Derek-kun I would totally understand if you’ve been watching ahead on the drama we were watching but please let me know so I’ll know what to do come this Friday.



    • djv124 says:

      Heeey! Good to hear that you are making some progress. I hope that this can work for you. And if you really feel confident, you can always switch back to Windows 7 once Windows 10 is installed. There’s an option to do so right in the Windows 10 menu, and if you want to do that, I’ll send you a link showing you exactly what to do. But first things first… your PC needs to come back to life!
      As for skipping ahead in the dorama, are you insane girl? Lol… I wouldn’t even dream of doing something like that. I am waiting for you. We can pick up right where we left off. Looking forward to it when that happens. Talk to you soon MB, and hopefully everything works out.


      • Oh now I had a system restore error so it says nothing has been changed =/. I could try the other restore point but that one’s on the actual day of the dreaded Windows 10 update, so I’m not if that would be before or after the updare.


      • It’s odd that I now have gotten to the Windows start screen where you have that generic photo background and it says -welcome” with of course those spinning white dots once again.

        And suddenly it’s now on. How do you return to Windows 7?


      • Despite it saying that the system restore was unsuccessful, it’s now gone back to two updates ago before the freezing trouble. Everything appears to be okay.


      • You’re not going to believe this but it says that the files needed to go back to a previous version of Windows have been removed =O.

        So I’m stuck with 10. Is there any way to disallow any future updates? Otherwise it’s just a matter of time before that update which froze the computer comes back and everything will be stuck again.


        • djv124 says:

          That’s so crazy. Your computer though isn’t the first to have these problems. A lot of people were upset when the Windows 10 update occurred.
          Anyways, here’s a link on how to restore to Windows 7. There are a few ways to do it listed in here, so be sure to read all the way thru, especially because you’re saying Windows 10 won’t let you… there’s a way around that.

          Consequently, the way I protected my computer was through the GWX control panel. This is the worlds most trusted way of keeping Windows 10 off any computer. Works like a charm and very easy to use and free. Please make sure you read this because had you installed this prior to all of this happening, the Windows 10 update could not have possibly happened. BUT I do believe once you get back to Windows 7 you can just use this to make things perfect for your pc. It worked for me on five different computers I’ve used it on and it worked flawlessly.
          So there you go….hope this all helps!


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          • If only there were a way to prevent Windows 10 from updating, as it appears as though I’ll need to do a clean installation of Windows 7 as I have files missing which are required to return to it easily. I would need to be able to back everything up and I’m not sure of how that would work. Right now Windows 10 is like a ticking time bomb as it’s just a matter of time before it does that same update once again and freezes up. So I have this little window of time to use my laptop it seems. Maybe I’ll have time later today to do something on the blog….


            • djv124 says:

              Hi how are you?
              I wish I could be there to see what your computer is doing, or that you would be willing to send it to me. I could probably fix this for you, as one of the solutions I presented to you likely will work I think. I understand you are fearful of doing anything because you feel like it’s a ticking time bomb.
              I would do two things at this point, if I were you, and you aren’t willing to send me your laptop to repair:
              1. Back up all your important files to an external drive. Should take you a few hours, I’m guessing, but at least this way you won’t need your laptop anymore. Since you are able to actually see your main computer screen, I’m guessing, then you should have no problem backing up all your images and files to an external. That’s step one and you would be smart to do that immediately.

              2. Switch your laptop back to Windows 7. I gave you like three different ways to do that. You can’t possibly be missing the files to go back to Windows 7 unless you deleted them yourself, or by some strange fluke, Windows 10 didn’t install them, but that doesn’t sound right to my ears (I’ve had to deal with this for other people before). I think the problem is you aren’t seeing them in the correct spot on your laptop. Look at this link: This is the surefire way to find the option to revert back to Windows 7 from Windows 10. The thing is, you’ll only have 30 days to do this or else Windows 10 assumes you want to keep it and then I believe this option isn’t available anymore. But if you use this link, you WILL find exactly what you need to revert back. Just be sure to do the first step and back up everything on your computer you need. That’s 100% important to do before trying this or anything else.

              You will get there MB. Just gotta trust me on this. Computers is like my second language lol. Just follow the steps in that link after you’ve backed up your computer and you should be fine, unless I’m not seeing something or hearing something that is key to your problem. That’s always a possibility to consider, given that I’m not in front of your computer. But honestly, I think you’ll be fine.

              Back up. Back up. Backup. and do it asap my lovely friend! Let me know how it goes.

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              • It’s frozen again with those white dots. My media editing program wouldn’t start earlier and I kept getting an error message. Without this program I really can’t do much on the blog other than text and images. And so I tried resetting and it’s frozen once again.

                If I ever am able to see that menu again where I can do a system restore back to the date before the doomed update, I need to know how to backup files and programs as I have no idea of how that’s done. I only have an external hard drive which is rather large but nothing else really. Pretend that I just today fell from space and have no idea of what a computer is, I’ll need that level of instruction to back up everything.


              • Oh and I have had Windows 10 for a few months now =/. So those files are gone.


              • Interesting that not even my Firefox would launch XD, it keeps saying that it has moved or doesn’t exist anymore So I reinstalled it just now and at least my bookmarks still exist, a miracle really. So windows 10 has now even broken my personal programs it appears. How horrible is this program, I’m at a lost for words. I’ve now contacted the manufacturer of my media editing program and have told them of the error I’m getting when attempting to launch their program…. waiting for a response but it could be at least a day or two I think before I hear back from them. In any case the laptop is alive again but I don’t know for how long as it just froze again earlier today. If I can save everything on here I hope it’s possible to load them onto a new laptop as my Mom says she’ll get me one for my birthday if that’s what I want. I do wonder though if you can actually purchase a laptop which doesn’t have the abomination also known as Windows 10? I mean all of the new laptops I’d expect to have this terrible program pre-loaded on it? I wonder if I can get an old new computer with an earlier version of Windows. Will still need to save everything somewhere else first and if everything’s on an exterior hard drive would they still work as if on the laptop’s main C drive? Like I can just plug the exterior drive into a new laptop and would they still work the same? Sorry I am tech-illiterate and have too many questions XD. I should hear back from the media editing program tech support I contacted just now, in about 12-24 hours so today’s hopes of doing a special Halloween post are squashed =/. “Thank you” Windows 10.


          • Denny Sinnoh says:

            I can offer no solutions, only sympathy.

            I also had to remove Windows 10 and return to the previous version after too many problems. Actually my 13-year old worked on it … what do I know about how these darn things work, I just fill ’em up with gas and drive ’em.
            (Denny drops large wrench on foot) — OW!

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            • As of now I feel my only option is to have the laptop freeze everytime that update occurs, do a system restore to the earlier date before that update occurs and do it infinitely until I can’t fathom doing this circle of Windows 10 horror over and over again =/.

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            • So now my laptop “works” as it’s not frozen for the time being however now none of my programs will launch…. error messages on all of them. I even needed to download an internet browser again as that wouldn’t even work XD. (sigh……)

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              • djv124 says:

                Ahhhh, didn’t realize you had windows 10 for awhile. You can still revert back though… it’s just slightly more complicated.
                Anyways, really quick, since you are able to have your computer work but your programs aren’t working.. BACK UP YOUR FILES.
                First, buy an external hard drive if you don’t have one. Buy a big one, maybe a Terrabyte or two.
                Second, connect the external to your laptop via a USB cable that the external drive should have come with.
                Third, highlight a file you want to put on the external.
                Fourth, transfer the file to the external drive (open up computers and you’ll see the external there. Click it and that will open up the file to put anything you want on the external).
                Fifth. Repeat for everything.

                Let me know if this is at all confusing. I will gladly walk you thru this step by step if you want. Love your attempt to make this work MB! We’ll get there!


              • Denny Sinnoh says:

                When I hit the “Like” button it means that I dislike what happened to you. Please do not get too discouraged. I look forward to your posts as much as I do anything.

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  3. Matthew says:

    This was awful to read. Your laptop was suffering. I remember my laptop messed up and it had to get sent back to be repaired. 😦


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