PC issues =(

Unfortunately tonight’s Unzipped♡ post as well as a new all-time favorite J-pop~♡ post looks to be on hold, as my laptop is seemingly frozen at startup with only a clockwise spinning of white dots against a blank and black screen. I used to have Windows 7 until I kept getting messages to upgrade to Windows 10 for free and every so often it updates itself and so late yesterday there was yet another update and now since this morning my laptop won’t start up. Just a blank black screen with those aforementioned little white dots spinning clockwise. Yup I’ve been watching them spin since this morning and it’s now been well over 6 hours and so I get the feeling that Windows 10 has sent my laptop into Windows 10 purgatory =O.

Although I’ll be out for much of the evening, if anyone has any suggestions on how to remedy this Windows 10 issue…. please leave any ideas here on the comments. I’ve tried searching online with my friend’s tablet but so far the only results I’ve found pertaining to a frozen startup and endlessly spinning white dots, speak of having your start button visible, something I don’t have. Any help would be greatly appreciated~♡! I’ve even tried to turn off my laptop but it seems to stay on no matter what, so if all else fails I may need to cut the ac power and let the internal battery run out. I can still comment albeit it takes me much longer using a touch screen versus a keyboard however I won’t be able to post anymore until I can hopefully get this frozen startup  issue fixed.

Please help!

Your currently stuck in Windows 10 purgatory mb =/

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6 Responses to PC issues =(

  1. djv124 says:

    That sucks MB! I feel for you.
    Here’s what you do: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-windows_install/windows-10-install-stuck-on-blue-screenspinning/75f29c7e-4c4b-4019-9fbb-59e43803c077

    Read this entire forum… you have to press CTRL+ALT+DEL and do a few other things and you should get out of purgatory really fast.

    Then use this to go back to Windows 7:

    Hope this helps! I was looking forward to my next episode this evening, but I feel for you completely now. Ganbatte!

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    • Thank you sooo much Derek-kun!! I am completely tech-dense, so having a tutorial will work wonders. I hope I can do this right as sort of like my life is on this laptop and continuing even the blog would be unlikely if I can’t bring it back to life. Wish me luck!!


      • djv124 says:

        ganbatte yo! I know you can do it. I’ll be around later tonight if you need further help. I do fix computers and make websites as a side job, you know…happy to help you any way I can.
        Plus I selfishly want this fixed so I can get my weekly dose of this amazing new dorama you have me hooked on! lol.

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        • Quick update: A tech~y friend of mine has my laptop and he’s working on bringing it back to life from whatever Windows 10 has done to it. I wasn’t having much success working with the tutorials but that would be 100% a me thing. Hopefully I see my laptop soon and I’ll keep you updated. So sorry for our delayed drama watching, I know this sucks donkey very much.. Haha something a friend of mine likes to say although I’m not entirely sure of what that means ^^.


  2. Michael Buhs says:

    Yes, and do not let it update to windows 10 once you get this sorted out.
    Your laptop can not handle the upgrade even if it states that it can.
    When is the best time to buy a new laptop? The answer is when you need to.
    If you are fine with windows 7, you can stay with it.
    Just make sure you update your security with windows defender.

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