The Top 10 Not So Olympic moments~*~~* =P



~SN Top 10 Un~Olympic Moments =P~

As per tradition I take this one out every two years…. and this little clip is just sooooooooo funny…(^q^)! And at #1 it’s definitely funniest!!!! That guy who’s ‘hurdling’ and I do hope he didn’t spend too much time (all his waking hours) training for this event as he definitely just went wacko on the whole thing there…!!! I couldn’t stop laughing =P…..! Oh and keep watching through as at 5:48 they DO indeed show that “hurdler” guy again!! =)

So as the 2016 Olympic Summer Games are now into their second week, let’s celebrate and then have a little fun \(^o^)/ ☆ by counting down the top 10 un~Olympic moments~*~~* all done SN~style.

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to The Top 10 Not So Olympic moments~*~~* =P

  1. djv124 says:

    LMFAO!!!! The hurdler at the end… a well deserved top spot there! Also, the biker celebrating before he actually won…yeah, that would be me. I know it. This is toooo funny. Thanks for breaking this oldie but goodie out! Lovely!

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    • Yup this was great!! I had to figure out what “LMFAO” meant =P, I really need “Acronyms for dummies!” That guy just said screw it and began running straight through the hurdles, I crack up every time I watch that bit, never gets old=D. (sigh) Olympic is almost over, It was amazing having literally some amazing competition to watch each and every day for the past couple of weeks!~! I find myself intrigued by sports that I would never really watch, really opens your eyes to something new.

      Just wanted to check in with you as I’ve been away from the blog for the much of the past two weeks. I am reading each of your guy’s comments and I love our commenting on “Long Vacation” as it’s going amazing!~! I’m refraining from hitting the LIKE button though as I think you may then receive a hundred like e-mail notifications in your inbox each time I read through an episode’s worth XD. The reason I’m away so much as of late is that I’m currently working on one of the last of four “artist” posts which will conclude my blogging here when the last one is done, btw I’m almost through with the last artist post as I sort of skipped ahead on that one. It’s a huge project and it takes all of my free time for the most part so I haven’t been able to do much else here, just wanted to let you know what’s been happening and that I haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth just yet. =)


      • djv124 says:

        Ah, you are sweet to ask how things are going MB. Thank you! Just busy as all heck. Am working on two movie scripts and my next novel. All good stuff. Plus the Olympics kind of set me back because I was hooked to watching them these past two weeks! They’ve been really fun to watch. And of course, Long Vacation is killing me! I can’t wait for your upload of the next episode! I am assuming that is tonight?
        Okay, but wait a minute….did you just say what I think you said? You said you are working on four artists posts that will CONCLUDE your blogging here? What does that mean, exactly? As in you aren’t going to be online anymore? Are you okay? Or did something happen? I mean, you don’t have to share if it’s personal, but…whaaaaaat????
        MB, the world will truly be a much lonelier place if you decide to not do this kind of stuff anymore. I hope I’m misreading that. In Weezer’s famous words, “Say it ain’t so!”
        Kind of nervous to hear back from ya….

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        • Me too!!!!!!!!!! It’s been Olympics fever ever since it began!~!

          Ohhhhh this next episode is one special episode! I mean they all are, but you better get the Kleenex out for sure! If you don’t cry watching this one you may be Vulcan LOL =P.

          Ah no nothing like that, coincidentally I think I’ve answered your question here in my next comment on the other Olympic post here =).


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