What’s Your Top 5? (Animated Movies)


Sooooo many great animated films out there! This is going to be tough!!

The Iron Giant...

~Animated Films~

  1. The Iron Giant
  2. Watership Down
  3. Frozen
  4. Tangled
  5. Beauty and the Beast

Okay guilt free list and all, this one was an inner battle between so many incredible characters and stories which the world of animated films has long enriched our lives with~! But making my final top 5 cut was still manageable within just a few minutes albeit I do have the urge to list here my many~many honorable mentions…. however I will refrain on that urge today so that this remains a true top 5 and that exclusively ^^.

Perhaps one of the most dare I say underrated or rather ill publicized animated movies of all-time is “The Iron Giant.” And I say that only because it didn’t bring in anywhere near the box office gross for which this memorable and so well done film deserved. At first sight of its movie poster it may appear to be some sort of clunky animated film however I assure you “The Iron Giant” is animated story telling at its very BEST!! And with the underlying themes of government mistrust, fear of the unknown and the true power of friendship this film grabs at you pretty quickly and never lets go until the credits begin and Yup oh dear did I tear up totally as from the outside it may seem ironic for a robotic main character to bring about such emotions, but it so does in the most winning of ways and therein is the beauty of it all. Stemming from mythology and God and a story which fantasizes an overpopulation of rabbits and the consequential creation of animal attributes where a once harmonious world becomes that of predator and prey, it may seem a surprise that I have “Watership Down” ranked up way high here. And while this film was already a bit “old” by the time my childhood rolled about it truly became one of my most cherished movies growing up, that one animated movie which I often times “tormented” my family with by watching it over and over and over again…. and we had just one main t.v. to watch =P. In hindsight what’s really quite odd is that “Watership Down” is by no means a movie intended for children as it’s quite violent and even scary at parts of the film, but I somehow was never kept from watching it and it no doubt left an everlasting impact which I still cherish today. And yes there was nooooo way that “Frozen” would be left off of my list!! Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven and of course Olaf!~! I laugh, cry and sing every time I watch it and really the songs are the cherry up top as these characters and all of their trials and tribulations to the inevitable I didn’t see that one coming bad guy, a sister to save, a kingdom to save, snow everywhere, true love and redemption and ever after and all of that good stuff…. no I will not “let it go!” =) Intermingling The Brothers Grimm with Rapunzel and then spinning it every which way hilarious and heart warming to downright evil…. “Tangled” is my go-to-animated film! And I so do love the voice of Mandy Moore so this one was an easy wrap! Also has there ever been an animated horse as great as this one?! Nah! =) Okay deep nostalgia for classic Disney kicks in with my #5 animated film in “Beauty and the Beast.” Sure there are tons of other great Disney classics but this one film through its musical charm and quite possibly the most memorable and iconic characters whom find true love in the most unlikely of ways is not only a tale as old as time…. but also the one which makes my heart go awwwww. Well, that is after a lot of magic, heart and epic dilemmas…. this one was a no brainer for my top 5. Now wasn’t that “easy” haha….!

The Iron Giant

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26 Responses to What’s Your Top 5? (Animated Movies)

  1. djv124 says:

    The Iron Giant is an excellent first choice. An interesting fact about it is that it’s based on a story that the poet Ted Huges wrote to comfort his two children, who were upset because their mother had killed herself. Their mother, by the way, was none other than the iconic and way ahead of her time poetess, Sylvia Plath. She put her head in an oven.
    So The Iron Giant is born from a place of deep sadness in Ted’s heart, and his longing to help his children understand why their mother decided to end her life in such a brutal, horrific way.
    On that light note lol, here are my Top 5 Animated Films:

    1. Ninja Scroll (Incredible and beyond reach of any other anime film out there)
    2. Transformers: The movie
    3. G.I. Joe: The Animated Movie
    4. Grave of the Fireflies
    5. Spirited Away

    I have so many more, but these are at the top easily.

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    • Ohh love all of the Miyazaki films!! Visually and imaginatively unique! And gosh I had no idea of the backstory to “The Iron Giant”, so tragic =(…and yet such an amazing and memorable film.

      And what was I just saying about forgetting favorites when creating a top all-time list haha……



      • djv124 says:

        Yeah, I was super into Sylvia Plath for the longest time after reading her book, The Bell Jar. I also carried around her collected poems, and I read her life story and was really moved by her entire life as a whole, and her deep, ferocious creative drive. Ted Hughes was pretty amazing in his time as well, but The Iron Giant stands among the best of what he left the world with. So sad indeed.
        Your Ninja Scroll post was amazing. Thanks for sharing that link! Ninja Squirrel…bwah, you so silly!!!!

        Now gotta get ready for the next episode of Long Vacation!!!!

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        • It’s an ongoing joke with me as my friend still takes great pleasure in teasing me…. I’m forever the “earwax” girl as gross as that sounds xD. But imagine if Jubei were a squirrel instead?? No, let’s not imagine that =P.

          Thank you for sharing~♥ your top 5 and you’re in for an epic episode and by the end of it you”ll just be going OH WOW!!!!! =D


          • djv124 says:

            oh man, super excited to watch LV! As soon as I get done writing this one scene in my movie script for KAI, I’m there!!!! It’s my reward for the work I’m doing tonight. I can’t wait!
            Also…earwax girl? As in you didn’t hear things correctly? I’m the same way lol. Too funny, but if Jubei were a squirrel instead? Hmmmmm…I can see it. Yep, I can…no, wait, no…too much blood, not enough nuts. Or something like that. Lol.

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        • Oh and I will be catching up on your Long Vacation comments from the previous episode, I’m just a little behind as my Hirano Aya project took a long time to complete and took all of my play time away….. I do hope that you’ll venture to give it a read/ listen/ watch as I put my everything into it…..it’s best taken in by order of chapter and if you do partake my first music impression recommendations would be:

          “Kanashimiyo, konnichiwa”

          “Hoshi no kakera”

          “Super Driver”

          “Bouken desho desho”

          “Ashita no prism”



          • djv124 says:

            Yep, I have that post saved as a tab on my Chrome Browser. I skipped through the MC video that was first, mostly because I couldn’t understand it, but I heard the first song you have there, the 80’s cover, and it wasn’t too bad. Her voice is nice. I will keep making my way through it though, no worries.
            Also, no worries about the comments from last week. I don’t expect anything. I’m just grateful you’re even putting LV up on the blog so we can share it together. Take your time, okay?

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            • Oh no I love hearing your thoughts and reactions and there is plenty on the previous episode to respond to, I must not go delinquent on our drama watching commentary.

              *Hugs*…. I think you’ll really be into her rock songs which are aplenty but still her anime tie in songs and her J-pop~py songs are catchy and then there’s “Hoshi no kakera” and maybe going with the studio mp3 may be better first before her live performance but there’s something about this one song that gets to me I mean even beyond the lyrics as I would’ve loved it if there were some magical means where I met my husband for the very first time and this song was somehow playing and it would be our song~♥, haha sounds sappy I know but I’m that way ^^*.


              • djv124 says:

                ha ha, classic MB comment right here. Love it.
                Anyway, I’m going to check it out…can’t wait to hear them all. I’ll get around to them probably this week.

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                • Really early in the morning here but I just had an epiphany at 4 am, you mentioned using your Chrome browser and it just hit me! Philip was using his Chrome browser too awhile back and he told me that he too had been having issues with my WordPress blog loading slowly and videos not playing properly. I don’t know why, but for whatever reason the Firefox browser is the most compatible with my blog when using a pc or laptop, not so much with a mobile phone which I also don’t understand. But in any case please try the Firefox browser for this blog, I can’t explain it, but for some reason everything loads faster and plays better with it. Just had to write this otherwise my brain won’t allow me to sleep.


    • Denny Sinnoh says:

      Definitely will have “GOTF” in my top 5.

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  2. Matthew says:

    Great list of on animated movies. I love the Iron Giant. I remember seeing the Giant being like Superman. The ending really made me sad but then happy. Here is my top 5 animated films:
    5. Shrek
    4. The Iron Giant
    3. The Prince of Egypt
    2. Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
    1. The Lion King.

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    • Wow thank you for sharing~♥ Matthew!

      Soooooo awesome we both love “The Iron Giant!!” A friend turned me onto it and I was like woh why haven’t I watched this earlier! And Shrek is up there too for me, so so funny and well done! Ohhh The Lion King is another one that could’ve easily made it into my top 5 also, just gets so tough to choose when it’s only five, really the challenge and fun of it =).

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      • Matthew says:

        You’re welcome :). I saw the Iron Giant on TV years ago and after seeing this, I was like “I wish I had friend like the Giant.” Shrek is another great movie. I love the humor the movie makes. As for The Lion King, I grew up watching it and I love the songs. Maybe a top 5 is too tough haha. Maybe next time you should do a top 10 or 15. XD

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        • It’s such a moving story about trust, being true to others and friendships and how the fear of the unknown can hurt us all in some cases. Wow that’s awesome you got to see it on TV!! I don’t think it’s ever been broadcast here on network TV. The Lion King teaches us so many values in life too, love that about Disney!

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          • Matthew says:

            Yeah I agree with you. The Iron Giant did teach us about trusting others and how fear can affect us. The Iron Giant was Superman. He was indestructible and he protected the ones he loved. The Lion King made a huge impact as a kid. Disney has a way to teach us important things.

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  3. Denny Sinnoh says:

    OK, these are my top 5 favorites. I’m not saying that these are the BEST anime films ever, if you are going to argue with me like some snotty film school student who has seen everything. These have made an impression on me for good or for bad. One’s that made me think for several days after.
    The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. It stuck with me for a long time. It introduced me to Hanako Oku (Oh, Sorry, MB … for telling that story or putting you to sleep…) I am embarrassed to say that I cried like a chick during this one. My emotions hitting all these giggle-highs and sad, helpless lows. Is this what being a girl feels like? Wait, I just have allergies …

    5 Centimeters per second. I HATE this movie. Wait. It is a FAVORITE. I hate what HAPPENS in the movie, which is very good movie. Act 1 is very compelling storytelling. I really did not know what whould happen. Why do I love/hate it? It is a WARNING about NOT TO WASTE YOUR LIFE WAITING FOR SOME SHIT THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Beautiful. Just b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.

    Heavy Traffic. All Ralph Bakshi films are all worth seeing. I was going to put “Wizards” up here, but Heavy Traffic made me sick for several days, so it must have been good. So many great lines I repeated to friends and drove them away. “Hey, this chick has a hard-on!” for example. Oh, feeling nauseous just remembering it …

    The Grave of the Fireflies. Took a long time to shake it off. I dropped out of Facebook because I tried to share my feelings, but no one could understand my pain. Those heartless bastards.

    My Neighbor Totoro. (I can see why so many would want “Spirited Away” as their Miyazaki fav though. It may have been the first of his I saw) It is another emotional roller-coaster, and a lot of good clean fun.

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    • Hahah! Hey wait!!!!! Okay “maybe” some of it’s true =). Oh whenever an all time fave comes to light through another means, that must rank highly for certain and Oku Hanako is very dear to you so having that anime here is a must and most validated. Movies that can bring out all of those emotions in even a guy, I like men whom aren’t afraid to show their true emotions even crying at the movies…but then it’s usually just me all red eyed and sniffling getting funny looks in the theater lobby xD. Centimeters per second is totally new to me and you make an appealing inner argument =)! OH The Grave of the Fireflies and OMG Totoro!!!!!!! I sooooooo love these too!~! I used to have one of those Totoro’s which you stick on your car window and he looks out at everyone….think Garfield as he may have been the original having such a car accessory created after his likeness! My Neighbor Totoro is legendarily iconic in every sense! I mean you probably will be hard pressed to find a child or an adult whom doesn’t know of the magic of Totoro~!~ ! ^^

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