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「Behind the Cape」Your Definitive Guide to: Is Batman Really a Superhero?, SuperMasturbation, the Most Craptastic Batman Accessory Ever & Other “Important” Mysteries of the Universe Explained~!~! ^^*

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~Gone Batty~   Getting up really early in the morning is no fun but one perk of being up so early is that the best radio program on earth airs live during these wee hours of the morning~. And that … Continue reading

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Site News: Yesterday’s new post snafu has been fixed! =)

You may have noticed that I had a bit of a posting~hiccup* yesterday when a new post here suddenly went missing. There were a few glitches that needed to been cleaned up and now with everything fixed the post has … Continue reading

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“My milkshake♡ brings all the boys to the yard”– 平野綾♥ (a musical novella)

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~ ~ ~Foreword~  ~ ~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   A day like today brings together everything I envisioned when it comes to composing a blog post, that is to say for me I find the … Continue reading

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