What’s Your Top 5? (All Superhero Edition)


So today I thought we’d do superheroes as everyone loves them right!



  1. Thor
  2. Superman
  3. The Hulk
  4. Batman
  5. Wolverine

Okay so it’s all guys and no girls here but really what’d you expect =P Maybe on another occasion I’ll have a separate list for each gender perhaps? But for today this one was really easy!! Thor, a god with a hammer only he can wield and okay I’m always and forever more picturing Chris Hemsworth as being Thor so it was a no brainer!~! =P Powerful, built like amazing and sexy too, now who wouldn’t want all of that manliness coming to save the day! Superman is a close second and you may say he’s a bit vanilla for a superhero but honestly the man of steel could pretty much just pick up an enemy and simply throw him into space I’d imagine…make that a win for Superman. Okay so he’s “allergic” to that greenish stuff kryptonite but every guy has his weakness right? Whether it be a girl’s legs, her eyes, her butt, her boobs..or hey! eyes up mister! =) And the Hulk, are you sensing a pattern here with my list? xD Okay so it’s all about the brute strength which attracts me! So he’s mean, green and cannot always control his temper but the Hulk is like unstoppable right? Only drawback being just imagine how may new shirts shirts and pants you’d need to buy if the Hulk were your guy?? =O Rip Rip Rip…and then we go shopping again ^^*. Well Batman surely had to make the list as he’s gritty, handsome, drives a ultra cool car (shallow me speaking! xD), is the master of utilities and I bet he’d be the handiest man alive and just imagine you’d never be home looking through the Yellow Pages for household help like ever! I mean your Bat~guy would be ready for any domestic disaster or otherwise =P. Seriously though, Batman is like the the coolest you know with his ever dark persona and he’s uber~smart!!!!!!!! Imagine the conversations you’d have with him late at night when it’s just the two of you alone…♥! It was a toss up @ #5 between Spiderman and Wolverine but in the end all that titanium or something like that….skeleton and those menacing claws within him won me over! =) He’s the definition of tough! Poor guy though as it hurts him every time he uses those but that just further acts as a testament to Wolverines tougher than tough aura! Okay so I really picture Wolverine as being Hugh Jackman….only one of the most sexy and handsome men to walk planet earth like EVER!~!! Gotta a problem with that “bub?!” =P So there you have it, my dreamy all man power superhero team! Just imagine all of the butt they’d kick!! ^^

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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3 Responses to What’s Your Top 5? (All Superhero Edition)

  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    1. Astro Boy. The black-and-white cartoon I loved when I was 5. Fueled a lot of my fantasies. I discovered existentialism by comparing my hand viens to a stain on my bedroom wall. I always liked to pretend I was Astro-Boy on this one carnival ride that swung one around on a chair. It felt like I was flying.

    2. Batman The comic books in the mid 1960s. The TV show was pretty good too. Everyone in 2nd grade took it pretty seriously. The barbershop had this one issue where Batman and Batwoman (yes there was one) kissed. Also Robin kissed Batgirl. This was my first exposure to pornography.

    3. Spiderman. You don’t want to know how many of the first 24 original comic books I bought at the store on release week in the 1960s. Thousands of dollars thrown away.
    He was a very cool hero, but then I fell into a doughnut hole for this type of thing.

    4. Luke Skywalker if that counts. It was a comic book too. He was a hero I guess. (Ok, how about Deckard from Blade Runner? )Ha. Where I grew up, everyone I knew hated Star Wars. If my town was the test market, there never would have been any sequels. Most of the hicks would drawl: “I saw that there star war … I didnut like it … it look like sumtin’ from outer space”.

    5. Bilbo Baggins – although I cannot condone being a thief. I read all the Tolkien novels THEN went to college (instead of the other way around.)

    … too much information?

    PS: You validated my existence by choosing Thor as your top one.


  2. Matthew says:

    Awesome list. Here is my 5:
    1. Spider-Man: he was my first hero as a kid and I like webbing and Spider powers.
    2. Captain America: I like how he fights for his country and he is incredibly strong.
    3. Batman: he is a strong fighter with money, technology and scary skills.
    4. Hulk: a big green monster thst can get stronger with rage.
    5. Wolverine: I like his claws and his violent nature. He also knows how to be tough and scary.

    These are my five. I actually have superheroes to name but I only gave you 5. 😀
    This was a fun post to read.


  3. djv124 says:

    Thor eh? Nice selection overall of super heroes! Wolverine is so amazing and he’s on my list as well….great minds think a like it would seem!

    1. Gambit from X-Men
    2. Psylocke
    3. Jubilee
    4. Wolverine
    5. Nightcrawler

    Kind of an x-men guy, I guess, as I grew up reading their comics a lot.
    Time to check out the next episode of LV! WOO HOO!


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