What’s Your Top 5? (T.V. Shows/ J-Artists & Groups)


So I got to thinking about a new series here where favorite lists here roam free, that is to say a vast array of favorite top 5 lists which will occur as inspiration goes. Sometimes I’ll be doing just a single top 5 while at other times perhaps a two~sie may be in the calling. And why a top 5? Well with a shorter list it lends to a surefire means of keeping things simple,  you know like creating your own “Mt Rushmore” of (best of the best) favorites where one won’t have the need to ponder and struggle too much as a longer list may induce much needed thought over a much longer period of time. Still, to be sure these top 5’s will inevitably come with the occasional regret of having left something/someone out and just completely forgetting what should have been included. So I’ll be doing these 100% guilt free as if in a rapid fire brainstorming where I won’t be spending a ton of time debating with myself, as I’ll be going with my initial gut feelings and that way keeping the whole thing spontaneous and fun where redo~s are most warranted and just may end up in the comments afterward ^^.

And so with this maiden post I’ll begin with….

~Top 5 t.v. Shows~


  1. Friends
  2. Party of five
  3. Seinfeld
  4. Modern Family
  5. Cheers

I began taping and watching Friends from their pilot episode then watching each and every episode when I got home on Thursday nights from work. I remember their promo as it was only comprised of text on the screen with various sayings about what friends mean and will do for a person and on a good vibe hunch I just taped it without any further knowledge of what to expect. Also this was way before the internet and Google explained it all, so you really had to go with those promo teasers as it was all you had to go on back then. I’ve now watched this series from beginning to end more times than any other show and it never gets old! Best writing, best characters and a most amazing cast!~! I really grew up with Friends and along the way gathered countless memories and countless laughs always! Simply the best sitcom ever.

And likewise with “Party of Five”, yup the age of early adolescence I could relate to the Claudia, Julia, Bailey and Charlie was like a father, only in a t.v. land kind of way albeit he was thrust into it all at still a very young age. I would watch this show religiously episode to episode through all of the triumphs, the heartbreaks, the goals, the loves, the loves lost and pretty much every aspect that life has to offer us. It made me feel, think and see life differently as the show evolved and grew with the family.

Ohhhh is there any funnier sitcom than “Seinfeld?” You’d be hard challenged to find one! ingenious plots, plotting, characters with flaws and quirks galore! And they celebrated these quirks and flaws to the absolute fullest from opening dialogue till end!~! So many classic episodes that you can readily make a Seinfeld reference and it’s really also a pop culture reference all in the same.

So “Modern Family” for me is like the second coming of a Seinfeld level sitcom, I mean it’s not quite Seinfeld but it does strive to come awfully close! Love the style of having characters speak directly to the camera in an offbeat sort of way and those couch dialogue scenes aren’t unlike those seen in “When Harry Met Sally”….I’m sure they were inspired in some way. Quirky family and characters abound and so many pee in your pants funny moments in this show over the years!! And much like Seinfeld it’s a sitcom that readily pokes fun at itself and its characters all the time, like having comedic humility….what’s not to LOVE ^^.

A friend turned me onto “Cheers” and it didn’t take long to get totally hooked on this classic sitcom! Amazing it almost exclusively takes place in a bar and you really find it to be that cozy place where everybody knows your name =)! Coach and Woody really lead the charge with those dunce comedic moments but everyone here has their roles imprinted on this series so much and what of the romance between Sam and Diane and then Sam and Rebecca and Sam and pretty much every woman in the Boston area =P. I totally got how this show was on t.v. for so long as the dialogue is as witty and humorously snobbish as they come! And let’s not forget Frasier, but of course he got his very own show which says so much on its own. =)

~Top 5 J-Music Artists/Groups~


  1. Mr.Children
  2. Sakai Noriko
  3. ZARD
  4. CoCo

In the future I’ll probably break down the genre into more specific categories but for this first run I thought why not just include every Japanese artist and group in the running for an extra wide category. Just outside would be the likes of Princess Princess, Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, Miura Rieko, Hirano Aya, Matsuura Aya, Morikawa Miho, Mochida Maki, SMAP, Ribbon, Tanimura Yumi, Matsu Takako, Ozaki Yutaka, Moritaka Chisato, Fukuyama Masaharu, Every Little Thing, Nishida Hikaru, Qlair, SPEED, C-ute, Amuro Namie, aiko, AKB48 (in no particular order of course) and a host of others ahhhh let’s stick to the top 5 =P.

Mr.Children’s long been my most favorite all-time J-group without question so making them #1 was a no brainer, like filling in that free Bingo space each and every time! No better songs, melodies, lyrics, voice (Sakurai~san!), band and they pretty much are Beatles-like in the sense that Mr.Children genre wise has pretty much gone full circle expressing their music with all the colors in the crayon box leaving no shade behind =).

Sakai Noriko was one of my earliest of J-music discoveries in the solo category and through time I’ve managed to collect her entire album and single discography save for a few redundant collections and she’s really an inspiration coming directly from the career of Matsuda Seiko. What I mean is that Sakai Noriko really embraced not only her style of vocals but also her means of transcending the female idol from pop to mainstream and back. Even her oh so sweetly cute and uniquely stand-out vocals give regards to Matsuda Seiko with nuances such as phrasing and tone, and yet they are all her own very much. Songs, so so so many beloved songs and I’d love to post about her music here one day, it’s just such a daunting post to take on as her music collection is the size of a small village. ^^*

ZARD, really you need only visit my tribute post here to understand =)!

CoCo was the very first idol group I got into in the mid nineties!! A~h youth…..they are the definitive idol group imho and there’s lots to present their case and as a matter of fact I do currently have a CoCo post which has been in the words for some time now, it will post here as my final post for this blog as it only seems fitting to bookend the blog with my idol love beginning =).

And ARASHI seriously could have been much higher on this list, no not #1 of course but right there beside the top. For years it was SMAP with the top spot in my heart and really they’re still there, only ARASHI has taken this love next level now and along the way there is also V6, TOKIO, Tackey & Tsubasa and the Kinki Kids too! Music, charisma, hotness and humor all wrapped into one amazing tortilla! =)!

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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17 Responses to What’s Your Top 5? (T.V. Shows/ J-Artists & Groups)

  1. Matthew says:

    Nice top 5 choices. I haven’t seen FRIENDS but I heard it was a funny show. That and Seinfeld sounds good too.

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    • Aww no list to share?

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      • Matthew says:

        Oh, sorry about that. Here is my Top 5:
        1. Full House
        2. George Lopez
        3. Fresh Prince 0f Bel-Air
        4. Everybody Hates Chris
        5. Malcolm in the Middle
        These are my list of shows I like to watch besides anime.

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        • Awesome list of t.v. favorites!! I soooooo love the George Lopez Show!~!! They released the first few seasons on DVD and then it took several painstaking years for the rest of the seasons to come out on DVD xD…..so happy that its now complete. I used to love watching his late night show too, so funny! Really a diverse list and the Fresh Prince is a most beloved show too! Chris Rock is one of the most hilarious stand-up comedians ever!! Thank you for sharing~♥ =)!

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          • Matthew says:

            You’re welcome. Sorry for not sharing it earlier. I really like these shows because they are funny and it’s also funny to see shows like George Lopez and Everybody Hates Chris joke about stereotypes. It took a long time for them to finish making the DVDs for George Lopez? My family likes these shows. They used to show them at Nick at Night.

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            • They released the first few seasons and then it took several years to release the rest of them. Oh a sitcom that could have totally made my list would be “According to Jim” I so Crack up and love that show!! The characters are so hilarious and some of the very best dialogue episode to episode not to mention I’m still waiting for the rest of those seasons to be released onto DVD xD. The humility and just how everyone makes fun of themselves is a joy to laugh with and watch!

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              • Matthew says:

                That show sounds familiar. Any show that can make me smile is what I enjoy. A friend of mine showed me a sitcom of “Everybody Loves Raymond.” It was a sunny show. These shows are really great. It always feels good to smile and laugh. 😀😂


  2. djv124 says:

    This is fun! Something very spontaneous from you, no doubt! I love your top fives for sure. I think also your explanations of why Friends is your all time favorite is very touching. I was like you…couldn’t wait to watch every episode Thursday night, back when NBC had their MUST SEE lineup of Friends, Will and Grace, and ER on Thursdays. Those were my three shows I lived and died for at the time. Of course, when I started watching The Sopranos at some point while all those shows were still running, my whole perspective on what it means to be a great TV show changed drastically. Not to say that Friends doesn’t hold up still…it certainly does. The chemistry between all the cast members was wonderful, and I watched a lot of the behind the scenes on making the episodes, and it was very clear to me that the people writing Friends really had an intense passion for what they were doing. That’s why, I think, it ultimately succeeded as well as it did, and could even be considered a timeless TV series.
    So yeah, my top fives, though if it were me making these lists, I would make top tens because you know from reading my blog that’s my thing ha ha.

    Top five favorite tv shows, guilt free:
    1. The Sopranos
    2. Band of Brothers
    3. Game of Thrones
    4. Curb Your Enthusiasm
    5. The Wire

    Top five J-musical acts
    1. Perfume
    2. AKB48
    3. Toriena
    4. Namie Amuro
    5. Kumi Koda

    So there you go. Enjoy!

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    • Oh yes the legendary NBC Thursday lineup!! I was maybe too young to get into a show like ER but I so loved Friends and Seinfeld. Hard to imagine that they once had that lineup on one night….it’s pretty much a battle for the other major stations to get viewers as NBC owned Thursdays back then. So happy you liked Friends too, it’s simply the best and I crack up at the same episodes over and over and in fact I have the original DVD seasons but also got the Blu-ray when it came out as redundant as that is =P. And a show like Seinfeld was writing genius!! Thank you for sharing~♥ your lists of favorites as these are meant to be easy lists to do you know with the no guilt idea behind them =) Heard a lot about The Sopranos but never had HBO to see it and the genre I really get into with movies especially, no doubt that show has quite the fan base. Oh my Mom likes Game of Thrones!! One day I was walking by and I was like are you watching porn? OMG…=O. But then it was Game of Thrones and not porn thankfully!!!!! =D Have heard you mention Perfume a lot so it’s one I would have guessed right off ^^.

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  3. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Food for thought. I might have to think about my own post.


  4. Denny Sinnoh says:

    TV Shows. These are a lifetime of favorite shows, which were influential, and help shape me as a person. Hoo boy.

    Lost in Space. When I was about 5. It was the first weekly show I would ask when it came on. True, it is pretty bad by today’s standards. I can remember the space monsters would scare me.

    Hoolihan and Big Chuck. Great sketch comedy show. When I was 12. I wanted to BE one of their crew. Later I lost my respect for them because they complained about my friend’s band at this Boy Scout event. My friends played the “The Star Spangled Banner – THE WAY JIMI HENDRIX PLAYED IT AT WOODSTOCK, and it was deemed disrespectful.

    Star Trek (original series). I would watch it on re-runs throughout the 1970s like so many other science nerds. Star Trek – the best “girl repellent” ever invented.

    Mystery Science Theatre 3000. (Original cast). They were reading my mind? Why the heck didn’t I think of that? (Denny smacks head).

    The Sopranos. Where I grew up, most older men talked and swore like this. Plus, my hometown was run by the Mafia. It must be why I turned out to be a tough guy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah thank you for sharing~♥!! And your additional memories are most wonderful to hear! I do know of a movie for Lost in Space, it’s a bit of an oldie too but I liked it a lot but I’m not sure if it really captured the t.v. series quite the same as I’d not watched it before. Jimi Hendrix was like this wild man on the guitar, I’ve seen clips of him playing and it’s almost surreal to witness what he was doing there. Ohhhh yes everyone knows Star Trek! Mmmm…must make it a point to watch some of the t.v. series though as I mostly know Captain Kirk as that guy with the rental CMs and such xD. LOL it was a girl repellent?? Funny thing is that now don’t the nerds get the girl for real! =D I’m a dork so I do love my own kind that way =). Ohhh and you and Derek~kun have a mutual t.v. all-time favorite!~! in The Sopranos!! I like tough guys!..well you probably noticed that from my top 5 superheroes list =).


      • djv124 says:

        Yeah, the list is something I’ve actually thought about a long time ago, and it hasn’t really changed much over the years. And I remember you telling me about your Game of Thrones experience before with your mom watching it and all. Too funny, though honestly, it’s so complex and vast and yet rewards the meticulous watcher. I think it would be a show you could really appreciate because of the insane amount of details that go into every scene, all of which come from the books of course. It’s been a truly thrilling ride so far.
        Anyway, glad you liked the Sopranos too! My all time favorite show for sure. There is simply not a bad episode in the entire series and I can watch it any day of the week and never be bored with it. That’s saying something.


  5. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Japanese Popular Music List: I don’t know the language, so I don’t know what I’m talking about. Why do I like Japanese Music? Well, to quote Duke Ellington “If it SOUNDS good, it IS good …”
    Here is my sausage-free list.

    One. Hanako Oku. (The Little Great One) I fell in love with her songs. It feels like my heart is breaking at the same time it feels like it is swelling with love. I was NEVER, EVER a big, blubbering idiot until her. She turned me all hormonal – with all these conflicting feelings and emotional highs and lows. Damn, she practically turned me into a GIRL. It was Oku Hanako that first cracked the dam, and then this great love for Japanese popular culture (and love for a lot of all Japanese culture really) started gushing out. Thus, here I am. Oh, what she has done for me. I will be out working in the yard, a butterfly will float by me, and I will have a Zen moment.

    Two. AKB48, but I will also have to add JKT48, HKT48, NMB48, SKE48 and NGT48 which I haven’t really followed too much yet. What about all the sub-units, WH7, etc. These all might round out my top 10.

    Three. Iwasa Misaki. Okay, only one record and some singles. I’m not sure this counts, but she is a solo artist now.

    Four: I will say ribbon as I was on a kick there for a month. I can do that because I am an amateur music HISTORIAN. It is ok if it is a few years old.

    Five. Five opens up a lotus blossom of at least eight more artists. 16? 32? 64? All these anime themes by RoundTable, LiSA, Luna Haruna, Ai Maeda, Mikuni Shimokawa, Nanese Aikawa. so many I lost track

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