~ 「TGIF!」 Idol♡s Unzipped on way back Fridays Presents Ribbon’s Complete Music Video Collection (volume 116)

Idols unzipped...

Happy Aloha~♥ Friday!~!

CAVS WIN!!!!! (okay just needed to get that bit out of my system as we now return to our regularly scheduled post =) ).

Tonight’s Unzipped♥ post is a most special one as I’m covering an idol group of yesteryear which I hold most close and dear to my heart. I hope you will indulge in the music and visuals fully as I assure you it will all be very well worth your time. And great music is timeless …so let’s begin!~!



Nagasaku Hiromi UK. ASAGAN shashinshuu

Ever had a crush~♥ on a celebrity? And that celebrity just happens to be a member of a most popular band? Well for Nagasaku Hiromi who’s best known for her modeling and award winning acting in both movies and dramas, that celebrity/ band member crush came rather in the form of celebrity crush on celebrity as Nagasaku herself is pure celebrity! And that band member I’ve mentioned? Well it was none other than Mr.Children drummer Suzuki Hideya!! And this coupled relationship was happening way back in the latter 90’s and into the early millennium and from an interview from back in those days I read Nagasaku Hiromi expressing the details of just how they happened to meet originally. Well it seems that Nagasaku had a crush on the man bashing the skins for Mr.Children and actually went to attend a concert which just happened to create the venue of their very first meeting! And while Nagasaku Hiromi’s now happily married to another, it’s still nice to reminisce of just how thrilled I was back then to learn of such a chance encounter which began with just a crush but became so much more in a sort of fairy tale aura of ways….as you just never know as your crush may indeed return those feelings you’ve secretly had till then and being cute like Nagasaku, all she needed to do was show up~. Just a little sweet memory that I thought I’d share with you as you most likely already know of my insatiable Mr.Children♥ appetite and it’s also a perfect reminiscing for leading into tonight’s Unzipped♥.

Nagasaku Hiromi UK. ASAGAN shashinshuu

The photos atop and just below are scans from my copy of Nagasaku Hiromi’s “UK. ASAGAN” shashinshuu which I imagine is a bit of a rarity these days and that in finding a new copy. This photo book published by Bunkasha which is known for their let’s just say…spicier style photo books was released on May 1st, 1997 and that coming just a few years after the break up of idol group Ribbon.

Nagasaku Hiromi UK. ASAGAN shashinshuu

Nagasaku Hiromi UK. ASAGAN shashinshuu


Ribbon Ribbon was the sister group to CoCo dating back to the origins of the legendary Otomejuku idol projects as both groups debuted in 1989 becoming two of the most popular idol groups into the early 90’s.

Through auditions Otomejuku was born and from it expanded the creation of both groups and solo acts and while CoCo was indeed the cutesier produced and presented of the two main group acts, Ribbon became known eventually as the much edgier and rock~n~rollin’ of the two as many of their singles and album tracks moved from pure~j~pop into pure~j~rock into the latter years of the groups’ discography.


Ribbon was a trio of whirlwind talent with Nagasaku Hiromi (above center), Satoh Aiko (left) and Matsuno Arimi (right) creating a tour de force of vocal talent which saw equality on all levels as each could easily hold their own and appropriately the vocal lines distributed very much in the same manner with none being a central member for that matter. Hiromi, Aiko and Arimi also possess such vastly unique tones and nuances in their voices that identifying each of their solo lines becomes quite the simple affair after learning just a few of their songs over a short period of time and speaking of vocal ability, the trio of Ribbon till this day I believe remains as one of the most talented and impressive.

~The Music Videos~

Ribbon Be my Diamond! 3 inch CD single cover scan

~Ribbon “Be My Diamond!” (music video)~

“Be My Diamond!” was released on April 7th, 1993 and was the second to the final single the group released. This song is within my all time top 15 J~pop favorites♥, really I think it’s that perfect and memorable and of course that catchy! And while I did mention the central member format being a non factor for Ribbon it does appear in a rarity for this song as Nagasaku Hiromi takes the chorus solos throughout the song and Yes!..her voice is the most sultry of the trio as you can clearly hear in this single performance! I’ve always loved the way this video was edited and shot with each girl on the outer reaches of the circular stage facing outwards and the inclusion of the play footage is pretty priceless too! “Be My Diamond” is one of the sweetest melodies you’ll hear complete with a nostalgic wink to the past in its shoo~bee~doo~bee~doo~wops♥ backgrounds and just the way that this chorus builds up so gradually and melodically perfect, it’s not unlike a musical~note orgasm* when Nagasaku Hiromi starts hitting those ever so strong and heartfelt lyrics “….itsuka kitto….”


~Inoue♥Mao music seal of approval~

And Yes! these first two Ribbon songs here without question have received the ‘coveted’ =P Maochan Music Seal of Approval ^^。

Ribbon Sensational Wind 3 inch CD single cover scan

~Ribbon “S”ENSATIONAL WIND (music video)~

“S”ENSATIONAL WIND was released on September 2nd 1992 and was Ribbon’s 10th single release. “S”ENSATIONAL WIND is also a member of my all time top 15 J~pop favorites♥!..and for all of the very same reasons mentioned just prior for “Be My Diamond!” This song’s composition structure is just awesome!!! Love the classic ‘beach’ styled guitars and the way the bass thumps and jogs into a perfect driving rock cradle beneath it all, and as always with Ribbon, the girls’ voices here so immaculate in both harmonies and solo throughout! This video’s really cool too as it was shot with a camcorder look for much of it and you can really learn Hiromi, Aiko and Arimi’s personalities as this music video is pure candid fun all the time x’s ten!

my Ribbon singles collection complete….

Ribbon singles collection complete

..and my Ribbon album collection complete~.

Ribbon album collection complete


~Ribbon “Yappari Ribbon wa yamerarenai” (MV)~

A most candidly fun mv and the Ribbon girl’s are surely getting their rock on throughout this out of the box composition!! “ROCK’N’ROLL RIBBON” was released on March 18th, 1994.

Ribbon Taiyou no yukue single cover scan

~Ribbon “Taiyou no yukue” (mv)~

And another cutely candid MV by Ribbon, here the girls go on a road trip and the song itself ….there’s a bit of caliente goodness happening here! “Taiyou no yukue” was released on March 3rd, 1991.


~Ribbon “Merry Hurry de aishite” (mv)~

Polished Ribbon at their very best here as there’s a great suave~vibe to the girl’s vocals no question! Also from their album “ROCK’N’ROLL RIBBON” which was released on March 18th, 1994.

Ribbon Do You Remember Me single cover scan

~Ribbon “Do You Remember Me?” (mv)~

The nostalgia of a smoky nightclub of yesteryear serves as the perfect set for Ribbon’s single “Do You Remember Me?” …complete with those ultra cool mics and this is easily one of Ribbon’s very best harmonized songs which gives us the J-pop take on the doo~wop era gone modern. “Do You Remember Me?” was released on December 2nd, 1992.

Ribbon Deep Breath single cover scan

~Ribbon “Deep Breath” (mv)~

The complexity of the pre-chorus harmonies which overlap beautifully speak for themselves as Ribbon presents even a tad bit of swimsuit gratuities here ^^. “Deep Breath” was released on February 21st, 1992.

Ribbon Silent Summer single cover scan

~Ribbon “Silent Summer” (mv)~

Gotta love pvs from early 90’s as first it’s mysterious face-slapping =O, then an outdoor barbeque with shades of a concert performance all tidied up with a bit of hanabi play =). “Silent Summer” was released on June 26th, 1991.

Ribbon Virgin Snow single cover scan

~Ribbon “Virgin Snow” (mv)~

A gorgeously melancholy melody makes for a love at first listen song here! And just as sweet are the girl’s vocals which harmonize with the best of them and the vocal arrangement here is superb!! It’s notable that even at this early stage of their careers, vocally …Ribbon was quite superior in the realm of J~Girl groups. Truly one of my most favorite ballads of all~time easily!! “Virgin Snow” was released on November 14th, 1990.

Ribbon Anoko ni yoroshiku single cover scan

~Ribbon “Anoko ni yoroshiku” (mv)~

Such a cute~cute and catchy song which reassures us that the 80’s visuals of music video making was alive and well in Japan into the 90’s =)! Sure the keyboards and drum styling may have the essence of being dated, however it’s this song’s genki melody which screams golden age J-Pop as it hits with hook~line~and~sinker upon the arrival of the pre~chorus into the great chorus itself!! “Anoko ni yoroshiku” was released on July 25th, 1990.

Ribbon Little Date single cover scan

Ribbon Soba ni iru ne single cover scan

~Ribbon “Little Date”/ “Soba ni iru ne” (mvs)~

Here’s Ribbon’s very first two singles back-to-back and do note the golden age of J-pop dance choreography as it appears from time to time within AKB48’s choreography likewise, a true testament to AkiP’s love and planned resurgence of this era in J-music. These music video clips are pretty short so I ended up combining them together here as they rather go seamlessly together musically. “Little Date” was released on December 6th, 1989 while “Soba ni iru ne” was released on April 11th, 1990.


~Ribbon discography/ mv credits (clip)~

And fittingly we end here with the mv credits rolling plus an additional song! …as Ribbon’s discography scrolls down your screen.

And I hope~* you enjoyed this J-pop walk down memory lane as you’ve just heard/watched some of the most celebrated songs by Ribbon, a definite landmark group and in that age of J-music …..the premium placed upon vocal talent was held to such a high standard as you’ve just witnessed, this idol trio leaving their mark, one that can still be very much loved and appreciated today~. ^^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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35 Responses to ~ 「TGIF!」 Idol♡s Unzipped on way back Fridays Presents Ribbon’s Complete Music Video Collection (volume 116)

  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    RE: the “Deep breat” video. Was it their intention to make the viewers heart leap out of their chest and then explode?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha back in the day I guess this would have been considered a bit racy? =P Yup those camera angles coupled with the cascading water flowing freely down ….well you’ve already seen it!


  2. Denny Sinnoh says:

    I love the music and video for S”ENSATIONAL WIND. That “home movie” stuff kills me. Were they trying hard to be so endearing, or is that just the way they are?

    (Warning: a crazy person talking here): It takes me back to the past which I never had. Sweet nostalgia and slipping sideways in time, visiting the places where I should have been.

    So that’s what those feelings were back then. I was missing them terribly without even knowing that they existed. If only there was a way to send a message back to the 90s to tell them that they are beautiful and that I love them.
    … trying to keep one foot in reality … slipping sideways …damn that Einstein …

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhhh that is one of my favorites~♥!!!! Yup I love these candidly shot mvs too! lots of love for them as you really get to see the girl’s personalities come out naturally more so than with anything directly scripted so they’re always enjoyable this way! Oh yes they are sweet idols for sure and they had quite the fan-base back then supporting them. The song too is so so addictive and that “surf music” vibe going on is perfection~* here riding with an idol song! Great verse, great chorus what’s not to LOVE =).

      Mmm…. music for sure connects us to our past lives and the way we were at exact moments and days in time, wonderful how just hearing an older song can readily trigger those memories and it just reminds you of everything back then in an instant. Did you get a chance to check out “Be my diamond?” It’s an amazing song!! Catchy and their voices so polished and perfect~* …one of the very best -music melodies ever I think! Of course I recommend them all =D.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Denny Sinnoh says:


    If you have ever seen the cute cartoon “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” there is that scene near the end, when the Grinch has his epiphany. There is the line “They say his heart grew 10 times in size” and show his heart swelling in size and it breaks the monitor.

    Something similar happens to me when I see these Jpop videos. Watching the “Sensational Wind” and others with my coffee this morning it has filled my heart with a lot of happiness. It is a difficult feeling to describe. I don’t have the poetry to describe how much it expands my heart with love …

    Liked by 1 person

    • Un! music that moves one in this manner is BEST!~! Denny you have very vivid visuals, thank you for that! =D “S”ENSATIONAL WIND is addictive and I must say again just one of the very best J-songs like ever!! ^^ Those guitar riffs, those drums …somehow Ribbon has this live feeling for much of their latter catalogue as in it’s like a live band with them and not an in studio recording sort of feeling if that makes any sense at all =P. Love their energy and of course each girl’s vocals are just plain immaculate! J-idols back then just had so much more placed on them in terms of vocal ability, I mean there are awesome idol vocalists today but it’s not so much across the board as it was during those golden years of the craft. I’m still pushing for Ribbon’s “Be my Diamond” to enchant you Denny….! ^^

      Liked by 1 person

      • Denny Sinnoh says:

        The lyrics to BMD started getting to me this morning as I had cofffee. Day 3 is it now?

        Ha: I thought that I might watch the HKT48 clips you shared. Turns out I came right back to Ribbon. If you only have 20 spare minutes in the morning, you would want to be happy as happy can be made right?

        I’m not making one of my jokes here: If you ever ask yourself if you make a difference, … well you made a difference to this guy.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Oh, yes, Diamond is a great song. I wasn’t sure what was going on with the Theatre-in-the-Round. I would still love to see it even f I couldn’t understand a lot of it. The song is wonderful. Like the others it pulls at my alternative selves in the multiverse.

    Ha. I could not wait to play “Sensational Wind” again while I have that first cup of coffee. Forget instant coffee. I brewed a Starbucks Sumatra. Forget “Instant Karma” Mr. Lennon, this music video is INSTANT HAPPINESS.

    I have to watch “Deep Breath” in a small window, while I have work open in other windows. You know what’s funny? Me trying to look like I’m not really paying attention to it when my wife enters the room.

    Liked by 1 person

    • For years a few friends of mine would debate on whether this was an actual Ribbon musical tied into their own songs or if it was of another story-line out there. Still makes me smile though just seeing all of the wild costumes and drama take place in that ring of theater =).

      Haha yes have the good stuff~*~~* in the morning! I love Starbucks’ iced coffees, it’s been getting much warmer here so I’ve gone with the iced brew lately! Your play on words with a John Lennon classic made me smile too ….one day I actually heard his song playing to a NIKE cm years ago, it was sort of surreal ….in a good way. “Sensational Wind” is definitely one of those feel good songs if there ever was one …play, rinse, repeat as necessary!! Sorry I just got out of the shower and had shampoo on the mind =D.

      Aww it’s innocent enough with just a “bit” of wet idol sexiness …haha that just sounded dirty* =O.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Denny Sinnoh says:

    “S-Wind” and coffee day 7 straight days now I think.

    If you go outside and hear some big grating sound coming from the mainland, that is just me gnashing my teeth. I was on YouTube, found a user who had a long Ribbon playlist. Clicked on “Deep Breath” etc, got “Owned by PONYCANYON – not available in your country” on all of them.

    … staying positive though … punching the wall would not do any good …

    I am depending on blogs like yours MB —
    hope that did not sound too “clingy ”
    : )

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cling on! =) not to be confused with Klingon =P.

      I do own Ribbon’s complete discography, so maybe I could do something special with all of their albums for next Friday? I could mp3 their songs album by album, just an idea as I’m never sure if anyone actually listens to them on the site as WP doesn’t keep track of mp3 plays, they only keep track of video plays. What do you think of the idea?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Denny Sinnoh says:

        Super! I’ll just have to figure out a way to work my desktop computer in the car until my Ribbon CD arrives.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hi Denny! And because I have this knack for needing to do things all the way, I’ve decided to add all of Ribbon’s album booklet scans so I’m not going to post their songs up until then. I apologize so much and plan to have it completed hopefully by next Friday’s Idols Unzipped ♡ post.


          • Denny Sinnoh says:

            Nice. I received my ribbon CD on Tuesday. No “Sensational wind” on it however however.

            You will get to hear how great the new re-mastering will be with those new headphones. Sounds will be heard that have not been noticed since the recording studio.
            (You will pick up stomach growling from when they recorded that take just before lunch)
            : )

            Liked by 1 person

            • Haha it will certainly be that kind of listening experience!!~! I’ve lived with cheaper headphones for far too long it seems =/. There should have been labels on CDs saying something like “If you don’t listen to this on quality headphones you will be missing out on the complete music experience we’ve created for you.” =) So happy that your Ribbon CD arrived! Oddly “S”ensational Wind” wasn’t included as its one of their very best single title tracks. I was looking for their Ribbon Singles Complete CD but haven’t found one for sale yet. That album should never have gone out of print! =(

              Liked by 1 person

              • Denny Sinnoh says:

                I did find a YouTube user that posted a number of live performances, and S-wind is one.

                Liked by 1 person

                • That’s wonderful! So awesome that amazing J-music from yesteryear gets so much love online. If you’d like the mp3 maybe there’s a way I can get it to you, not sure how but perhaps you’d know a way?

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • Denny Sinnoh says:

                    A “friend” of mine who I don’t know the name of once “heard” of a way to create mp3 from YouTube videos “theoretically”.

                    Although I would not dream of taking food out of the three “cutie pies” mouths …

                    I think my email is on my blog if you ever accidentally mismanage your files. (wink, wink)

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • Oh but I do own all of Ribbon’s albums and singles so I could create an mp3 easily, but can you really send such a large file in an e-mail?…. may be the dumbest question you hear all day xD.


  6. Denny Sinnoh says:

    They STUN in that last shot in “Do You Remember Me”.
    It is hard not to think about that when I’m driving around playing the CD.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Denny Sinnoh says:

    I don’t have any tattoos, but I might have to get one for this post’s URL.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Denny Sinnoh says:

    I have kept my S’ensational Wind streat going. I still have to have it everyday. Even when I could not access this post, I still play the song on my cell phone. The song does not start until 2 minutes in. In my delirium I was able to meta-physically transport myself into the music video. At time 5:33 there is this crazy-guy flailing his arms around in the center-right side of the screen. That is me in disguise.


  9. Denny Sinnoh says:

    When I fall in love with a woman. I think that she gets more and more beautiful everyday.
    Same for this collection of music videos. Oh, happinnes, your name was ribbon …
    (reverie …)

    Liked by 1 person

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  12. Greyfox says:

    Great post, it is getting increasingly more difficult to find info and videos online about these groups. Is the ‘Ribbon Discography’ something that is still issued on DVD or has it long since gone out of print? (Like all these things it seems).

    There are four photobooks that I am aware of that Ribbon released (or are there more?) missing from your comprehensive Ribbon collection. The first photobook, a rather less quality looking release, contains profiles from what I assume are other Otomejuku members at the time of its release (1989). There is a profile of Sachiko Imai contained within, as we know ended up in ‘Qlair’, another great group of the time. One of the later photobooks (1993?), called ‘Vitamin’, is a high quality photobook. It has a hard cover acting as a folder, when opened it has three separate books, one for each member of Ribbon. The other two are the typical format hard cover photobooks with a large amount of great pictures, I found those two for 200 Yen each in Bookoff!

    It is worth noting that ‘Do you Remember me?’ is a cover song, it can trace its origins back to Yuki Okazuki in 1980. Apparently quite a hit, covered by Keiko Kimura in 1988 on her ‘Style’ album, and Florence Haga(?) before that in 1984, along with other covers after Ribbon gave it a go. (which, lets face it, Ribbon did the best cover of this song, sonically and visually. The MV is fantastic.)


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