A Tackey & Tsubasa Travelogue. (Fan~girling ….inevitable!!)

Tackey & Tsubasa TRIP & TREASURE TWO (1)Tackey & Tsubasa TRIP & TREASURE TWO (2)

While I’m sure that countless Tackey & Tsubasa fans have made their latest album “TRIP & TREASURE TWO” a regularly heavily rotated listening choice for the past five or so months ….as this album is quite unique as it breaks wide open the musical genre barriers with a very cool array of songs which were penned by some very VERY special and most diverse artists/musicians acting as guests here, that’s not what I have in mind when it comes to sharing this awesome album release!

You see if you’d gotten either of the Limited Editions (A/B) which includes each with an additional DVD, here’s a real scrumptious visual GEM~* to fan~girl over to your heart’s content!~!

Tackey & Tsubasa TRIP & TREASURE TWO CD plus DVDalbum version

As you can see above I went with the type A LE and here’s the first of two-parts (the latter being on the type B LE DVD) as Tackey & Tsubasa deliver what can be compared to a travelogue of sorts as they ventured into Hiroshima taking in much of the need-to-see sights, eats, shopping and culture which is unique to this region of Japan.

Sure I totally thought that Tackey got the long end of the stick when it came to their omiyage exchanges =P …that “stick” being a most cool katana replica!! And it was fun to see them dine, drink and even travel from point A to point B as us mere mortals do on a daily basis ….

Tackey & Tsubasa.. (1)Tackey & Tsubasa.. (2)Tackey & Tsubasa.. (3)Tackey & Tsubasa.. (4)

~Tackey & Tsubasa “Takitsuba burari futari tabi-

Hiroshima~hen” (5 minute excerpt)~

..HOWEVER. Today’s sharing~♥ is all about fan~girling and just what inevitably occurs when the likes of a Tackey & Tsubasa suddenly appear in front of a large class of school girls =D!! It’s extra amusing as Tackey confirms that they’re indeed headed towards the very same attraction, that locale being most famous and a must visit if you ever happen to be in the area. Now also notable is just how amusingly adorable Tsubasa suddenly becomes as he has a moment of “hiding” as the ensuing “event” of school girls fan~girling in full volume and force surrounds them! Now the girls show amazing restraint I must say!!!!!! I mean, if I were somehow transported into one of their little bodies at that exact moment of Tackey & Tsubasa “impact”, I don’t know if I’d be equally as obedient in containing myself emotionally and YES physically as I’d probably end up being restrained by their security personnel while attempting to hug~♥ either of them or in a perfect world …both of T&T @ the same time!!!!!!!! =P So the clip just above is actually a short five or so minute excerpt which isolates said fan~girling occurrence for your convenience ^^.

Now if you’d prefer to enjoy, drool and then enjoy some more as in the entirety of the “Takitsuba burari futari tabi- Hiroshima~hen” video,  your wish~* is granted just below as the complete 30 minute Pt. 1 can be viewed here ^^.

Tackey & Tsubasa.. (5)Tackey & Tsubasa.. (6)Tackey & Tsubasa.. (7)Tackey & Tsubasa.. (8)

~Tackey & Tsubasa “Takitsuba burari futari tabi-

Hiroshima~hen” (complete part 1 clip)~

Tackey & Tsubasa.. (9)Tackey & Tsubasa.. (10)Tackey & Tsubasa.. (11)Tackey & Tsubasa.. (13)Tackey & Tsubasa.. (14)Tackey & Tsubasa.. (15)Tackey & Tsubasa.. (16)Tackey & Tsubasa.. (17)Tackey & Tsubasa.. (18)Tackey & Tsubasa.. (19)Tackey & Tsubasa.. (20)

Tackey & Tsubasa TRIP & TREASURE TWO (3)


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