A day of Purple Rain. 「ザ モーニング卵」



The day was February 17th, 1996 and although I was way too young to attend a concert on my own or with my friends… I still managed to beg my way into getting to see Prince!~! ..well with adult accompaniment of course! Funny my sentimental heart even at that age had me saving my <~~ticket stub for sure and I have powerful memories of a night filled with incredible music and musicianship so much that those notes and highs still manage to linger today whenever I call upon them.

Imagine my shock and disbelief today in hearing that Prince had passed away =(. He was just 57 and although no details on the cause have been reported as of yet, there were perhaps tell tale signs leading up to today as Prince had recently made an emergency landing in Illinois where he was subsequently hospitalized and following that incident there was also the cancellation of two concerts in Atlanta. Gosh it feels just like a month ago when I was watching a Golden State Warriors basketball game on television and there was Prince in attendance looking most well and stoic as always.

Albeit I own most of his albums up to around the point when he became “the artist formerly known as Prince” and not too much afterward, for me Prince was like this uncompromising musician whom reached the highest of highs among his peers, fans and the media alike all by doing it his way always. His flashy wardrobes, amazing hairstyles over the years!!, unique song writing skills and style all made him this larger than life icon and yet I’ve always felt that Prince was so undervalued as a guitarist. I mean play through his albums and you’ll readily realize just how amazing his playing has always been! And Prince is equally amazing on numerous other instruments as well!

And speaking of Purple Rain, how about Mother Nature’s absolute gift which coincided with Prince’s Super Bowl XLI halftime show~!!

Prince, thank you for the memories, your words, your music …your heart as you’re a treasure truly gone way too soon.

Prince “the most Beautiful Girl in the World”


my Prince concert ticket stub from all those years ago!

I had kept my concert ticket stub in this ↑↑↑ very CD jewel case all of these years saving it as that was a night and concert to remember, my youthful heart soaking in all of the Prince that I could on such a momentous occasion. And what a gorgeous song this is!!!! Mind you it was this very song that inspired not once but twice, as I had used it fittingly for post headings for two Fukakyon shashinshuu posts here in the past ^^.

Off the top of my head, my Prince playlist would go like this:

  1. Pop Life
  2. I could never take the place of your man
  3. Nothing compares 2 U
  4. Thunder
  5. Diamonds and pearls
  6. Money don’t matter 2 night
  7. Strollin’
  8. I would die 4 U
  9. When doves cry
  10. Let’s go crazy
  11. 7
  12. I wanna be your lover
  13. Raspberry beret
  14. Kiss
  15. 1999
  16. Cream
  17. Little red corvette
  18. Erotic city
  19. U got the look
  20. If I was your girlfriend
  21. Take me with U
  22. Adore
  23. Paisley Park
  24. The most beautiful girl in the world
  25. Purple rain

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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2 Responses to A day of Purple Rain. 「ザ モーニング卵」

  1. djv124 says:

    Beautiful tribute to a musical genius. Seriously amazing mb. Lets party tonight like it’s, well, you know the rest 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Matthew says:

    Nice tribute. I still can’t believe he is gone. It happened too fast.


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