~It’s The Masters, well sort of… it’s Yuukorin♥ vs. Airiin♥ (*≧▽≦)♪


THE EYES HAVE IT Yuukorin golf!

Tiger Woods THE EYES HAVE ITWell Augusta is upon us again and as Tiger may be even beyond his career “back nine”, the new guard of youthful players such as Jordan Spieth who’s current atop the leaderboard is filling the role of got “next on” this green earth’s most challenging of golf courses.…

..Oh Dear!! and here I’m trying to sound all serious and yet I know not much about golf technique and I once “scored” an “Ernie Els” or rather much worse on that ugh!!! volcano~like miniature golf hole!!!! I mean seriously who invented that evil golf hole (ノロ≦。)!!!It’s torture and humiliation, nothing more, well it’s funny just to see your ball climb atop that volcano top only to see it roll back down over and over and over again…(^q^)! Or is it??? =O

Well I guess miniature golf isn’t actually golf is it?? (*≧▽≦)♪ So this is just a bit of neither here or there when it comes to golfing and myself =D. On a few occasions I’ve actually helped out at a local driving range and had gotten to drive that caged cart all over the place picking up golf balls then returning them to “home base” and do you know that people actually aim for that caged cart all of the time? It’s true!!! And boy is it noisy and equally startling when you’re inside of it getting hit from all distances it seems!~!

So anyway you can see atop here that Nike “has signed an all new spokes~idol♥ for the upcoming ad campaign of Nike Golf cuteness!” …as seen in one of these two available for order imagined up design posters which I created =D. Awwuh aren’t they cute! I have a wild imagination I’m afraid, mixing Tiger, idols♥ and golf~* (。ーωー。)♪ ↓↓↓!!!

Seriously though wouldn’t these be some of the most awesome Nike posters ever?!!! Okay maybe it’s only me (*´艸`)!

But golf can be most adorable!

Okay let’s just take a look at a few sights and sounds from the game before we get to the “real” golf here:


(Cue seriously dramatic Masters music♪♪)。。。

Airiin golf

Airiin golf..

Yuukorin golf

Yuukorin golf..

Airiin golf, the mastery

..no wait Airiin’s just eating =P.

Airiin golf....

WT#?! (。ーωー。)笑!

Yuukorin golf....

Ehhhh (・c_・;)???

Airiin golf......


Airiin golf meets scary food!

OMG (・д・`*)!!!

Yuukorin golf get in the hole!

ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!!!!

Airiin golf the search for the ball...

Yup! we’ve all been there right (*>ω<) !

Airiin golf the rock in your way

Huh.. (´⌒`。) 。

And so…

Yuukorin vs.



Yuukorin golf!

…@ “The Masters”, OK so whom who you rather go 18 holes with? And guys I’m speaking of golf…(^q^)!

~An idol~tific♥ poll is just below and there are two video clips to help you decide^ ^。


I’m pretty surprised that Youtube didn’t eat my videos here… oh crap (*>ω<)  and now they probably will… =P. I created this YouTube account before I got WordPress Video capability here so while this YouTube account isn’t active anymore, there still are a few videos there from a long time ago =).







~Ogura Yuko Golf~

~Suzuki Airi Golf~

NIKE golf ball

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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5 Responses to ~It’s The Masters, well sort of… it’s Yuukorin♥ vs. Airiin♥ (*≧▽≦)♪

  1. djv124 says:

    Yes, please Ogura, you can go 18 holes with me anytime. Soooooo frickin hoooot!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ehh LOL you didn’t even vote for her (。ーωー。)笑!


      • djv124 says:

        Lol, I actually DID vote, but I forgot to press the vote button :(.
        Fixed that just now though. Go YUUUUUUUKOOORIN!

        Liked by 1 person

        • OMG you’re too funny =D! Okay, may be tough for Yuukorin though as there’s an armada of C-ute fans for sure ^^. I especially loved how they injected in all of those batsu game aspects with the food and well then there’s those oddly placed obstacles which you’d never find on any normal golf course =P. Miniature golf is fun well if you don’t care about the score that is! When I was little we’d go play all the time and suffice to say I didn’t get any better over time xD. Real golf, only at a driving range and it’s awkwardly embarrassing when you completely swing and miss the ball and then there’s those poor tees which I had regularly destroyed =P. Any golf for you? If you actually played 18 holes of golf with Yuukorin you do realize that you’d be at the disadvantage of being overly distracted by her and whatever sexy thing she happens to be wearing as idols inevitably will not dress for the course =D.


          • djv124 says:

            So Yuukorin would probably beat me at golf because I think anyone can beat me at golf. I’ve only played maybe once or twice in my life actual golf. I’ve done miniature golf a lot when I was younger, but wasn’t much better at that either. And yeah, if I were to play with an idol, I think my mind wouldn’t be on golf but other things completely lol! Please God let me play 18 holes with Tani Marika and she wears super short hot pants! I would have to try to win so I can get her to play me in like a best out of three scenario! Or maybe you know who would be awesome from my perspective to play golf with, in said hot pants? Tomochin! Or maybe Jonishi Kei? Or maybe Milky, or maybe Yukirin, or maybe…
            Ah, better stop. yeah, um, golf is fun. The end lol.


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