~ 「TGIF!」Idol♡s Unzipped on way back Fridays Presents sexy cuisine! (volume 108)

Idols unzipped...


I for one am admittedly not a very good cook to the extent that I used to believe that it would lead to and have direct negative implications upon the likeliness or rather unlikely~ness that I would one day find a mate♥ whom would still love and adore me despite this shortcoming (・_・).Makes me wonder what have I been doing all my of life so far (・c_・;)?。。。!、 and now my progress in the kitchen has continued to sprout~* as I have a yet tiny array of recipes in heart~♥ but more importantly they’re now today completely edible っo(*´∀`)o!。。。although it’s be known to have happened on occasion but I promise~* it’s only occurred very very rarely that the reaction of……


…has been heard nearby to something* I’ve cooked (´⌒`。)。

So I know I’m heading in the right direction ( ̄▽ ̄)!

Sorry I haven’t had much bloggy-time here lately (gosh it’s been a week already since I last was here? (-∀-`)!)、… and while I spent much of the past day with Paruru on the brain and if you happened to see the previous post done here just a bit ago you’ll fully understand =)…. and so for tonight’s Idols♥ Unzipped we’re going to re-visit a most adorable!! idol’s adventure in cooking ^^*. Really it’s idol specific cooking that we’re talking about…(^q^)!


One of life’s joys surely is cooking!…and whether it be the artistic touch of fine dining, preparing something special~* for a loved♥one, the occasional odd snack or just out of pure necessity the food we prepare and enjoy defines us as much as anything else in our daily lives~.

So today’s post is going to be most interactive as there will be an open poll!! Recall your very first time trying to add a poll here? I sometimes can’t help myself from creating most random ones it seems over the past years (´-ω-`)。。and as you know your first time* can be so awkward where you’re really nervous and you’re not sure where everything should go and if the results will be satisfying or end pre~maturely and if you’re doing it right to begin with (・д・`*)??!!!。。you know the end dates of polls and where it would be best to insert it* so that you’re satisfied with the results. Mmm….I’m sure you weren’t thinking that I was speaking about something* else now were you lol (。ーωー。) ♪♪。。。?!

So please watch closely the following idol♥clip so that you may know the answer to the quiz which appears afterward at the very bottom of this post or just because idols + cooking = cute~♥!

Pssst! If you “know” the correct answer please don’t spoil it for the others ^^.


~Idol Cooking “101”~

And on a final random note it’s so cute when she adds potato chips to her omelet and says she’s “Americanizing” it (<–gosh* I didn’t think that was a real word but those red squiggly lines didn’t appear below and you should see one of my posts in its editing stage as there are always lots and lots of red squiggly lines beneath words all over the place from top to bottom :P)….as I’m Japanese but American born and I’ve never had potato chips with an omelet…(^q^)! Also reminds me of how pizza eateries here have declared a pizza with pineapple on it as being “Hawaiian” and while on some level it could be true in my personal experiences I’m yet to meet any friends whom 1) like pineapple on their pizza or 2) think it’s Hawaiian style that way XD……but now I’ve just opened up an entirely new can of pizza or um…..box of worms so I’ll leave it at that and no offense to any pineapples or pizzas out there who may be reading this as I like both of you…but just not at the same time together and then there’s also the problem with cheese on pizza as I’m lactose intolerant with a capital “L”, makes me feel badly but I won’t elaborate any further I promise (´-ω-`)。



The correct answer will be revealed in an upcoming post, and you thought I was going to ask a completely normal question ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ。。。。

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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19 Responses to ~ 「TGIF!」Idol♡s Unzipped on way back Fridays Presents sexy cuisine! (volume 108)

  1. Matthew says:

    I say that the staff will eat the omelet. She is cute and I wish I had a girlfriend that can cook for me :p. When I first ate pizza as a kid, Hawaiian pizza was favorite topping. I also like Hawaiian bread with my mashed potatoes :).

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi~hi Matthew! Said idol will be revealed on the next TGIF! =)… oh that’s so cool you know of the Hawaiian pizza! Hawaiian sweet bread is pretty legendary too here! No doubt you’ll meet your one and only…. and I hope she cooks way better than I do LOL =P okay I’ve gotten much better over time for sure but I’ve yet a lot to learn from my Mom =).

      Liked by 2 people

      • Matthew says:

        Happy belated TGIF t you too ^^! I can’t wait for next Friday. Hawaiian bread taste really great :P. I depend on my mom to cook our meals. I just know how to warm things up in the microwave XD.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. djv124 says:

    hahahaha, I actually watched this way back edition! It was kawaaaai! And I think she will drop the omoraisu! Though americanizing it? All the omoraisu I’ve ever had, and never once did I have them with potato chips lol. Omoshiroi!!!!!
    Good one MB!

    Liked by 2 people

    • LOL @ the “Americanizing” =O!~! Cultures sometimes have odd perceptions of other cultures and it was like Ehhhh? (・д・`*)!!!Really she is adorable and good luck with your answer!


    • I once gave away a photo book of hers on this blog o(*´∀`)o゛。


      • djv124 says:

        eeeeeeeehhhhh? That’s cool of you to do! Very cool! If you are, uh, every going to give away anything that has to do with Tani Marika or Yukirin, let me know lol.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Will do! Gosh I haven’t done one in ages but I really used to be into it! I even gave away AKB48’s very first dating simulation game, the one for the PSP …the deluxe edition. LOL I was a game head too back then! Now a dAAAYS WHERE IS THE TIME to play?? =P That actually was for my WordPress “housewarming”…..

          Things got pretty wild at one point with that prize in mind but anyway while I so wish I had saved all of the chat room finale, here’s a look at the way the giveaway for that AKB48 PSP game went…. haha I do assume you know of my love for fast cars?? NASCAR? I have an entire category dedicated for this sport love interest… J.J.~♥!!!!!! Gordon!!!! Jr.!!!!….

          Only in case you’re interested:



          • djv124 says:

            I agree, no time to play, right? But if you do end up doing anything for Tani or Yukirin, I will be gunning for that prize with all that I am! YOSHHHH IKUSHOO! hahahahaa.
            So who won? I didn’t see in any of the posts… was it Mina or Mousoufest? That giveaway sounded like a blast. Wish I had been around for that! Also, I did know you were into Nascar but I have never been a huge fan of Nascar so I guess just kind of went over the top of my head. BUT very cool!
            Your legend continues to grow….

            Liked by 1 person

            • Oh Mina won the AKB48 PSP giveaway =D. We held the final in a chat room so that the questions I’d ask could be replied to in real time so then it was matter of knowing and speed in getting it typed in. Sadly Google does make quizzes not quite as fun as they should be as Googling isn’t really knowing… well readily knowing at least xD.

              Oh the race track in Las Vegas is amazing!!!! I posted my pics of my trip there somewhere here and it was at first a bit odd feeling as it took me awhile to realize why so many people were looking at me but then it soon dawned on myself that I was quite possibly the only asian girl there out of like 250,000 other crazy NASCAR FANS =P!! It was oddly freezing the first year getting into the low 30’s with the wind chill and snow just away from the track in the desert and come the same time the following year when I went again it was like in the high 80’s and silly me didn’t bother to check the weather in Las Vegas before packing my suitcase so there I was with a ton of layers of warm clothing and a heavy jacket which never saw the light of day the second trip xD. Biggest thrill was to meet by chance Jimmie Johnson~♥ himself at the Wynn hotel where we were staying!!!!!! I had just literally placed a bet on him to win the next day and one of my friends tugs at me saying LOOK isn’t that J.J.??!! And he was soooooooooooooooo nice and sweet in person and he was just there hanging with some of his friends as I didn’t see his gorgeous wife there and yet he wasn’t bothered one bit and really SWEET to us! He even autographed a shirt!~! and then proceeded to win the next day!!!!!!!!! Great memories!


              • djv124 says:

                Ah, you ARE a NASCAR fan lol! Wow. I can’t get into it, as much as I would want to. But I’m happy you are. And you got to meet somebody you like, so that’s great. That is a huge thrill, so I’m happy for you in that regard. You went with a friend, you said? You were the only Japanese girl probably… I could totally see that, but did you bring a friend, or did you have a friend you met here in the mainland? I’m jealous! lol.
                Great memories indeed. Are you sure you don’t have a redneck hiding inside of you someplace lol. Jyodan!

                Liked by 1 person

                • I do know it’s really not for everyone in the biggest of ways =D. My ex used to get bored and then I’d “have” to sit on his lap for those hours that I watched otherwise no NASCAR for me… was an oddity but during those days my naive mind thought it to be not unlike a cute and cuddly thing to do (。ーωー。)笑!OH meeting J.J. the highlight of my celebrity meeting life!!!!!!!! I was able to take photos of Jeff~♥ too which was GREAT! My then boss and wife as well as a couple of cute nephews took me for two years straight =D… he literally paid for everything like where we stayed, food, the tickets…. he said the only thing I needed to worry about was my souvenir purchases…. he was way too generous and kind for sure. Yep there wasn’t another Asian girl anywhere in sight at the track and that track is HUGE!!!!! I mean afterwards we got stuck in the parking lot for hours as it was sold out with an attendance of some 250,000 fellow race fans there… the next year we parked much more strategically ^^.


                  • djv124 says:

                    Ah, so you went with your ex… I see. You dated somebody who was into NASCAR, I take it? Sitting on his lap and watching? Sounds like tons of fun to me lol. Your ex is way too lucky.
                    Still, I’ve been to big events where getting out of the parking lot took almost as long as the actual event itself. Parking strategically is one to do it, I suppose, but I think walking a little bit outside of the parking lot area and just taking an UBER might be a much better idea, so this way you don’t have to deal with driving at all.
                    Or I guess you can just find a Nascar driver and ask them to drive you out of there… I’m sure they would find a way!


  3. Denny Sinnoh says:

    RE: “not a very good cook to the extent that I used to believe that it would lead to and have direct negative implications upon the likeliness or rather unlikely~ness that I would one day find a mate♥ whom would still love and adore me”

    Ha. Denny rubs chin, sits back in fantasy reverie: Had we been similar-aged college friends in the early-eighties, I would have learned to eat your cooking and express enjoyment, no matter what it tasted like. … as in my eyes, you could do no wrong.
    Although after a while you would probably catch on that I was faking, then you would think up all kinds of disgusting food combinations that you would spring on me, knowing that I would always say “its great”. You and your friends would laugh knowingly.

    Cut to scene of MB standing over the passed out Denny after testing her fresh coconut-herring-soufflé: “I think I killed him this time.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL omg you crack me up…(^q^)! You’d really need to love salmon, all things miso and curries as they’re my easy to prepare go to dishes =D. Of course I wouldn’t be wearing a bikini in an apron while doing such things… (sigh…) the life of idols ^^.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Denny Sinnoh says:

    As much as I like the tomato, and I can have ketchup on anything, there is no way I’m going to put ketchup on eggs. I would take the photo, then work around the ketchup.

    Although if I can pretend I’m not staring at her butt, I can eat the eggs with ketchup.

    Liked by 1 person

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