Thank you #18


Thank you for four amazing seasons, for leading the Denver Broncos to four winning seasons and two Super Bowls and in your final season a championship, your second. Thank you for revolutionizing the way the game is now played, for transcending the quarterback position reading defenses like no one has ever done before you. Thank you for your never tiring dedication in your preparations, your leadership and heightened professionalism. You’re the league’s only five time MVP, and among your countless monumental accomplishments you hold the all time league records in most passing yards, most touchdowns and the most wins by a starting quarterback. You’re also the only quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two different teams. And defenses now have to disguise their formations and intentions all thanks to the way you’ve made the quarterback position much more cerebral at the line. Thank you for four unforgettable years. And now you’ll ride off into the sunset~* ala John Elway with nothing left to prove, your all time greatness firmly cemented into the game both on the collegiate level as well as the professional stage.

Thank you for bringing your all to Denver.

And now Canton awaits =).

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5 Responses to Thank you #18

  1. djv124 says:

    I have to respect Payton for what he has done, like everyone else who loves the NFL should do, but I am a die hard Steelers fan, so I have to do this with a bitter taste in my mouth. I am proud of him though. It was fun to watch him put NC in their place in the SuperBowl this year.
    By the way, going through the Zard post slowly but surely…. there are no words I can even offer right now… it’s too emotional…..but more on that later.

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    • Oh at least they weren’t division rivals during his years =D. It was four amazing years having such an accomplished and capable quarterback, and with the Steelers your team has long been in the upper tier of greatness!! Ben is a top notch quarterback and I don’t know why he doesn’t get mentioned as much as he really should, I’d put him up there with the likes of Brady. Well now we have Mark “Butt-Fumble” Sanchez at the helm, so feel my worries!! LOL =P


      • djv124 says:

        I had no idea the Broncos got Sanchez. Uh oh. You guys are in trouble lol. I don’t know why they wouldn’t just keep Peyton’s back up guy… he did well last year and was one of the main reasons the Broncos made it to the Superbowl, in light of Peyton sitting out a lot of the games.
        And yeah, Ben is the all time best for the Steelers. I wish he could get another ring too before he retires. That’s my hope for him.

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        • I can’t tell you how many times I cracked up watching the “butt fumble” over and over and now it’s like…. uh oh he’s on our team =D! Oh with Brock he wanted out as there was no way he was staying in Denver…. as it came out later during his press conference in Houston. Seems that he was bothered that he got benched for Manning and more so that his contract talks didn’t go as he wanted them to. He got paid a lot of guaranteed money out there something like $37 million? Hope he doesn’t turn out to be “Matt Cassell” xD for them.


          • djv124 says:

            ah, so Brock went to Houston? I am so far behind on my NFL news. As much as I adore watching my Pens play Hockey, Football is so much more intense for me lately. I feel like I’m watching a season of a television show every year, with all the drama and storylines surrounding the actual players and games. Anyway, I hope Brock can do well wherever he has landed, as it’s not easy to be a rising star in the NFL.
            Oh, and a girl talking about football? HOOOOOT! Why couldn’t you live here so we could grab a few beers and sit and watch the games! It would be so much fun!


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