Sasshi, coming soon to a bookstore near or far from you (*´∀`) うれしー♥♥♥!

Sashihara Rino shashinshuu.....

Tentatively scheduled for March 22nd, our current reigning Queen of idols Sashihara Rino is all set to grace the shashinshuu world once again \(^o^)/~!~!

~You can click~* here to pre-order your very own
copy right now @ HMV Japan

Sashihara Rino shashinshuu....

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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17 Responses to Sasshi, coming soon to a bookstore near or far from you (*´∀`) うれしー♥♥♥!

  1. Ah, right before the Sousenkyo too. How smart of this girl!
    Also, you didn’t pick THE picture… you know the one, right? I seriously can’t believe she posed like that, and I’m loving every second of the fact that she did! If the rest of the book is going to have pics like THAT one, this might turn out to be an easy win for Sasshi come Sousenkyo time! It’s like the Bikini Concert promise x10!!!!

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    • Mmm…. a provocative photo?? LOL I’m just trying to guess a guy’s mind =P. Or am I way off base? ^^ It’s wild to think that the general election is upon us again… just feels so fast like where did an entire year go??


      • You didn’t see it? That’s crazy that you didn’t! It’s the one with sasshi pretty much showing off her Oshiri and wearing what looked like a one piece about two sizes too short for her body lol. Totally. Awesome. Stuff.
        So yeah, you aren’t just on the base, you hit a homerun. It’s, uh, REALLY provocative!
        And yeah, can’t believe the Sousenkyo will be upon us in a few months. That’s beyond crazy to even think about.

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        • Oh no previews for me just yet! I like the suspense of unwrapping the unknown =P. Ever wonder if some girls drop things on purpose? ^^. Guys LOL albeit we can fixate too, however just not quite on your level =P.


          • lol, Good one MB. Good one.
            Well, let’s just say Sasshi is already going to come to you, uh, partially unwrapped.
            It’s pretty epic.
            Good to talk to you. Haven’t done so in awhile. Miss ya MB.

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            • Yup! Even if a really hot guy showed up at my doorstep wearing just a bow. I’d be like where did Christmas go?? =/ Two exceptions: Takenouchi Yutaka and Tackey ♡~♡~♡~. ^^ I now await Sasshi’s arrival… funny awkward story: a girl friend of mine once thought I was bi you know because of all of my idol interests and so she became a bit touchy feely =O. Me being ticklish just about everywhere didn’t help things and then I realized =O.

              Truthfully I thought we were having issues, you wouldn’t respond and well…. I meant to ask but I didn’t want to overreact =(. We can talk later if you’d like. I do think that we may not have very much in common outside of Family48, just an assessment from the posts at which we speak. Sorry I’m blabbering ….missed you~♡ too, we’ll talk ^^.


              • Thank you for the kind words about my photo. Yeah, When I get all Space Invader with my icon, it’s not as good right?
                Also, the reason I didn’t respond a lot was because, and don’t laugh at me, I never had confirmed my subscriptions to your posts! I just realized I didn’t do this last night. When I respond to your entries, I get a notice from WordPress saying TO CONFIRM, so I just click that button and it takes me to a WordPress blog page that shows all your posts on it that I’ve commented on. I just assumed that when I had hit that button, it confirmed that I was following you, and to make sure I did, I also clicked the two buttons to let me know when a comment is placed and when you put up new entries whenever I fill out a comment like this one.
                BUT then I saw in the top of that page last night that there was another button to CONFIRM, and when I did, I clicked that and realized that I hadn’t actually confirmed ANY of the blog entries I had commented on. So long story… I thought you weren’t commenting on any of my responses and thought you had forgotten about me :(.
                As for having common interests outside of Family48, I think we might have things that we would like that are similar! I enjoy Football, and clearly you do too, judging from some of your other posts. That’s one thing off the top of my head I know we mutually appreciate, but I definitely know I like you on all kinds of levels because you are really intelligent, you write extremely well, and I never miss a single post you put up. I tend to not comment on your way back Friday posts, but anything 48 family related I usually do or want to discuss. You’ve given me a huge appreciation of AKB, but I’m willing to bet if I ever sat down and talked with you face to face, we would never shut up lol.
                And uh, yeah, if you ever WANT that guy wrapped in a bow fantasy to come to real life, just let me know! lol.
                Can’t wait for more posts from you. And sure, message me anytime as well. You got my e/m.ail, if there is more you would like to say. I’m so very happy you exist in this world MB. Truly.

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                • Thank you Derek for explaining everything as a lot of what I was wondering now makes perfect sense. I guess we both were thinking much the same but I didn’t know if I should have pried into things but in hindsight I would have been very mistaken and happily so. You’re equally a treasure to talk to and I love your expressiveness always as you never hold back. Just keep being you~♡! So… now the important question is whom are you rooting for in today’s big game. Also do you have a favorite team that you follow? My sports fandoms, others have said to be a bit interesting but I attest that to Hawaii not having any sports teams here. =P LeBron fan, Kyrie fan…. but I’ve always only rooted for the Broncos since I was little. Fun fact: I have to admit that my original reason for liking the Broncos was because of their mascot/helmet emblem…. I mean what little girl didn’t adore and so want a horse or pony ^^. Of course I root for the team now LOL =P.


                  • Glad we could clear things up, so to speak.
                    As for who I’m rooting for, well, I’m a die hard Steelers fan, since I was born and raised in Steeler nation, so I’m bummed that my Steelers aren’t in the Superbowl. However, if I was going to root for somebody, it’s definitely the Broncos. I don’t like them for the reasons perhaps that they are close to your heart, though my Aunt does own a horse ranch and I do love to ride the horses out there when I have a chance. I actually just really respect Peyton and think it would be nice to see him go out with one more ring on his finger. The guy’s incredible. Truly. So I’m rooting for them. I don’t like NC all that much, though I think they are really hungry to win this year. It would be honestly a shock I think if Denver pulls it off.
                    As for LeBron… where my city is located at in PA that I grew up in, LeBron grew up about 40 minutes away from me. So I definitely support him and the Cavs because I would love to see LeBron Bring Cleveland a championship. That city is so poor and trashy and they could use a boost like that. So I support him fully, though I don’t watch much B-Ball. I am mostly football, I’m a huge Hockey fan(go PENS!), and when the Olympics are on, I never leave my TV (Huge fan of Kim Yu Na!!). So yeah, that’s me in a sporty nutshell.
                    Are you excited for the Olympics? I know I am! Can’t wait!!!!!

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                    • Haha that was a long time ago with the horses/ponies thing =P! Was an amazing Sunday for sure!!!!!! I think it was the most excited I’ve been about any sporting event like ever! Defense was incredible and Peyton did just enough, I guess sort of like how Elway rode off after his second Super Bowl win as he finally had that great running game with Terell Davis. I’m thinking Peyton will retire as it would just be so much the perfect~* way to end his incredible career… on top. Oh that is a great personal connection you have and I’m really hoping they can get that championship albeit with Golden State it’s going to be so difficult =/. That whole Golden State team may become like the Michael Jordan Bulls during their 6 championships =O. That Curry guy scares me he’s so incredibly GOOD! Oh YES I love the Olympics both summer and winter! We get in on a delay mostly here so it’s always a fight to keep from hearing any of the results prior to each day’s broadcast. Kobe playing his last game vs. LeBron in Cleveland, going to watch that soon!


                    • Enjoy Kobe’s last game. I know here in LA that’s a huge deal against LeBron.
                      And agree, Curry is very scary, but I think Cavs can do it if they really want to. It’s really a matter of LeBron stepping up and being the powerhouse that he is.
                      Glad you like the Olympics too! So good to know and so good to talk with you again! Can’t wait for your next posts!

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                    • Should be a fun game as they have so much respect for one another. It’s wonderful to converse with you too!! Working on a Kouhaku post right now but it may take another day to complete.


            • Oh and glad that your photo is back as you looking like some random WordPress generated space invader just wasn’t as cute ^^.


    • Denny Sinnoh says:

      Ok, now I’m interested. I had to look at another blogger’s post to see the photo in question.

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  2. Denny Sinnoh says:

    That top photo is a very elegant one, probably one the best I have seen of her. It brings out her humanity.

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