~ 「TGIF!」Idol♡s Unzipped on way back Fridays Presents the 2001 drama series “Hyoten” (volume 102)

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In tonight’s final episode….

“I think everyone wishes to love and be loved. Even if one makes mistakes and commits sins in that process. They must be forgiven. It’s difficult to ask for perfection in forgiveness. The only thing that can surpass imperfect forgiveness… is the power to love. Because what’s left after life is not what you were given but what you have given.”

Can you feel that Valentine’s~♥ Day vibe coming from the new Mayuyu~wallpaper here? ..and now just a few weeks away! But just as I tend to leave Christmas decorations and such still up around the house long after the holidays have past…. this particular Mayuyu~Valentine’s wallpaper theme may just stay for a bit even after the most romantic day of the year. ^^*

~The Finale~

“Regrets, Scars & Redemption”

For what is the heightened price and social consequence of a vengeful heart which has played out the darkest of plots against their loved one? After Natsue’s unspeakable revelation to Yoko of her true father’s past, Yoko loses her will to live and thus sets to end it as this final episode of “Hyoten” will bring to light all of the aftermath brought on by countless acts of deeply rooted jealousy and hatred. We learn if a sorrowful heart’s will to love may still be able to enlighten with forgiveness and redemption and if a family’s lifelong bonds can somehow yet mend. As Toru sets out determined to discover the truth of Yoko’s birth father, Tatsuko offers to adopt Yoko as she plans to move to Paris. You know they say that the ‘the truth will set you free….’ well this final episode will, hmm well I’ll just leave it at that.

~Reminiscing a favorite Suenaga Haruka drama series (continued one last time…)~



Hyoten (1)Hyoten (2)Hyoten (3)Hyoten (4)

~Hyoten (episode 10)~

(English Subtitled)

Perhaps a rarity on the internet? I’m not sure but I haven’t been able to find it streaming anywhere so I’ve decided to share this drama directly in these posts. “Hyoten” also known as “Freezing Point” is a 10 episode drama series, this being the 2001 drama …not to be confused with the 2006 two-part “Hyoten” or the original drama series which aired way back in January of 1966 by TV Asahi which starred Aratama Michiyo and Naito Yoko and is noted as having been a success. This 2001 drama series aired here in Hawaii from September 21st, 2008 to its final episode which aired on November 24th, 2008.

So I’ll be posting each episode singly, one episode per week every Friday …all 10 episodes here, and this being “Idols♡ Unzipped” on “way back Fridays” makes it a perfect match for this series of posts as former Jr. idol Suenaga Haruka starred in this drama series waaaaaaaay back many years ago. Due to the large size of this video file and my encoding program therefore not being able to omit parts of the video in a desired manner, I’ve chosen to leave the episode as it originally aired here with CMs included.

~A most brief “synopsis” as I don’t want to spoil any of this drama;s intrigue~

“Hyoten”, a drama which delves into the human psyche revealing the very depths of humanity’s darkness, jealousy’s scars …its dire consequences and to what lengths does emotionally charged revenge speak of? The young daughter of Tsujiguchi Keizo, a respected physician who runs his own hospital, is found murdered. Keizo secretly blames his wife Natsue because he suspects her of having an affair with his colleague Murai, and having been too distracted to keep proper watch over the child. Being a proud man, he does not accuse her directly, but concocts, instead, a twisted revenge against her. Pretending it is to comfort his devastated wife, Keizo arranges for them to adopt a baby girl. What he hasn’t told Natsue, is that the baby is the orphaned daughter of the murderer, a tragic day-laborer who has hanged himself while in police custody. He plans to reveal the child’s origins after Natsue has given her heart to the child when it will cause the greatest possible hurt, however…..

Hyoten (5)Hyoten (6)Hyoten (7)Hyoten (8)Hyoten (9)Hyoten (10)Hyoten (11)Hyoten (12)Hyoten (13)Hyoten (14)Hyoten (15)Hyoten (16)Hyoten (17)Hyoten (18)Hyoten (19)Hyoten (20)Hyoten (21)Hyoten (22)Hyoten (23)Hyoten (24)Hyoten (25)Hyoten (26)Hyoten (27)Hyoten (28)Hyoten (29)Hyoten (30)Hyoten (31)Hyoten (32)Hyoten (33)Hyoten (34)Hyoten (35)Hyoten (36)Hyoten (37)Hyoten (38)Hyoten (39)Hyoten (40)Hyoten (41)Hyoten (42)Hyoten (43)Hyoten (44)Hyoten (45)Hyoten (46)Hyoten (47)Hyoten (49)Hyoten (50)Hyoten (51)Hyoten (52)Hyoten (53)Hyoten (54)Hyoten (55)

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