AKCalendar~♡ 2016!!!!!!!!!!


Miyawaki Sakura!AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (2)

The absolutely without question GREATEST~*~~* idol calendar ever created!~!

And I’m speaking of this year’s official 2016 group version calendar here as unlike in year’s past, the solol 2016 AKGirls calendars were not being offered through second party store sellers (ex: Cdjapan)…. but rather they’re exclusively being sold through the Idol-Mothership itself aka: The official store of AKB48 =). And while I’d surely been tempted to pay the extra middle man charges for the likes of a solo 2016 Mayuyu, Kitarie, Paruru or Sakura calendar I instead opted for the official group collectible instead ^^.

Now just recently Cdjapan began selling said solo B2 sized wall style AKCalendars for a few of the girls, however if you check them out you’ll notice that oh so HIGH middle man fee =O!… which echoes the sentiment along the lines of YIKES!!

Now if you’ve been collecting AKB48 official calendars for a few years now, you’re most accustomed to their usual format, that being of a nicely packaged box set which has varied a bit over the years with the inclusion of such calendar goodies as a glossy wall hang up, clear files, poster, randomly inserted member photos, stickers and MORE! Oh! and let’s not forget that one time they included an actual piece of idol clothing as in idol-pants =)! No no NO it wasn’t of the previously worn nature….(sigh*) “thank you” Ivan for that everlasting thought of men actually collecting girls’ used underwear, and for WHAT?  (・д・`*)!!  please never tell!!!!!! LOL =O.

So first let’s take a quick little memory lane visual of these calendars from years past:

~AKB48 2011 Official Calendar~



Yup! this was the year of the 3D Acchan x Yuko special card!


~To view the complete AKB48 2011 calendar post click~* here.

~AKB48 2012 Official Calendar~



And this was the year of the cute uchiwa!


~To view the complete 2012 AKB48 official calendar post click~* here.

~AKB48 2013 Official Calendar~



Here’s the aforementioned “idol-pants” which the girls are sporting in the sticker images just below…


~To view the complete 2013 AKB48 calendar post click~* here.

~AKB48 2014 Official Calendar~



And the 2014 calendar featured what is officially still the longest thing I’ve ever scanned!~!


I did it in sections and while it’s not perfectly lined up I got it pretty close =).

AKB48 2014 Official Calendar wall scroll (9)AKB48 2014 Official Calendar wall scroll (8)AKB48 2014 Official Calendar wall scroll (7)AKB48 2014 Official Calendar wall scroll (6)AKB48 2014 Official Calendar wall scroll (5)AKB48 2014 Official Calendar wall scroll (4)AKB48 2014 Official Calendar wall scroll (3)AKB48 2014 Official Calendar wall scroll (2)AKB48 2014 Official Calendar wall scroll (1)

To view the complete 2014 AKB48 calendar post click~* here.

~AKB48 2015 Official Calendar~



2015 was the year of the AKB~Post It! =)

Of course they’re much too cute to ever actually use =P.


To view the complete 2015 AKB calendar post click~* here.

down arrow

And now we’ve finally reached what this post is actually

about, this year’s 2016 AKB48 Official Group



AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (6)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (1)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (1)While the previous box set designs were certainly nice!….. I do believe that this year’s calendar design certainly takes the cake!! To begin it’s an all new desktop design and from the very moment you hold this massive desktop calendar one thing is immediately notable, that being just how HEAVY it is! And why so HEAVY? We’ll get to that in just a moment.

First though are the dimensions which are approximately 16 1/2” x 12”!! making it pretty much the LARGEST desktop calendar I’ve ever seen in this type.

Secondly is the style of this desktop calendar as it’s the type which utilizes a  cardboard backing stand which then is slipped through a thick clear plastic protective casing which holds all of the calendar pages in place.

Now you may have notices atop that the cover indicates that there are thirty one AKGirls in all being represented inside which then hints at the possibility that this isn’t your normal run of the mill bi-monthly calendar where two months occupy a single page. Nope. You see, read a bit further across the bottom of the cover page atop and you then realize that this desktop calendar actually has thirty one calendar pages (front & back) inside!!!!

That is to say one AKGirl per calendar page per DAY! YES day!! So you won’t be lingering onto a single page for a month…. nor a week as you’ll  be changing up the images each and every single day of each and every month of 2016!! Not too shabby wouldn’t you say? Now there are indeed a couple of other goodies inside to speak of beforehand and so let’s check on those first and then I’ll be revealing which AKGirls made the cut for this year’s official AKB48 Group Calendar.

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (2)

Above is an image of the calendars backing sheet which shows all of the ingredients for this year’s gorgeous “what day is it?” planner =).

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (3)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (4)

The first extra are the three randomly inserted member photos which is pretty much a staple for Family48 as they’re regularly included in their single releases, concert releases, books and collectibles.

Here I was particularly excited to receive Sasshi’s~♥ photo!~!

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (3)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (4)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (5)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (5)

The other extra goody is this adorable poster, suitable for kissing…well you know if you’re into that sort of thing =P. Just saying as one of the girl’s quotes here actually is implying that you do just that =).

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (6)

So here’s the aforementioned pop-up/fold-out backing stand which is then inserted into the thick clear plastic holder (also pictured).

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (7)AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (8)

And now that you’ve gotten your calendar stand all set-up and ready….

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (9)

..it’s time to place your calendar pages into order, selecting the current day of the month. Now let’s say today is the 1st of the month, above reveals that it is indeed my most favorite day of the month as Mayuyu is represented =)!… not to be confused with “that time of the month” which may or may not coincide =P.

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (10)AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (11)

So you see each day brings an entirely new AKimage and thus the aforementioned thirty one girls being represented herein on individual (two-sided) pages as indeed the longest possible number of days in any given month is 31 =).

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (43)AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (44)

Think of this calendar as being your personal AKB48 daily slide show!

Now let’s take a look at an individual day as there’s a lot of fun facts and info on each and every card!

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (37)

So here I’ve chosen “randomly” the twenty sixth day of the month, note the most adorable girl in the world is well represented with Sakura~♥.

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (7)AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (8)AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (6)

So each girl’s card (calendar day) also serves as a teaching tool for those interested in learning how each day of the month is pronounced in Japanese. Here the 26th day of the month is pronounced as “Nijuurokunichi” and it’s pretty simple as your actually just counting with the added suffix of “nichi” although there are a few exceptions such as the first nine days being uniquely pronounced: the 1st day of the month is “Tsuitachi”, the second is “Futsuka”, the third is “Mikka”, the fourth is “Yokka”, the fifth is “Itsuka”, the sixth is “Muika”, the seventh is “Nanoka”, the eighth is “Yoka”, the ninth is “Kokonoka” and the tenth day of the month is pronounced “Tooka.” Now after that it’s just basically counting with the added suffix of “nichi” as the eleventh would then be “Juuichinichi” , the twelve “Juuninichi”…. and so forth with an exception to the rule occurring on the fourteenth and twenty fourth which both exclude the “nichi” suffix (nichi means “day”) and the twentieth day of the month which is simply called “Hatsuka”. Simple, yes =). In any case each card of the month here has the day notated in its Japanese reading.

Below I’ve enlarged Sakura’s 26th day of the month card:

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (7)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (8)

Central to each card are a few fun facts about the AKgirl being represented including their nickname (always useful!), date of birth, birth sign, blood type, birth place and YES their hobby! ^^

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (6)

And so here’s all thirty one calendar days,

now these cards are way too large for the

scanner so I took snapshots of them instead:

(note: I had to turn the flash off as it was obscuring the images a bit too much)

Huh… and who knew that “ear cleaning” and

“sleeping” could be hobbies?? That’s so cute!

Thank you Paruru, Sae & Sasshi~♥!~!


AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (12)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (13)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (14)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (15)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (16)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (17)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (18)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (19)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (20)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (21)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (22)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (23)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (24)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (25)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (26)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (27)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (28)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (29)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (30)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (31)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (32)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (33)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (34)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (35)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (36)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (37)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (38)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (39)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (40)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (41)

AKB48 Official 2016 Calendar (42)

(*´∀`) ー♥♥♥!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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29 Responses to AKCalendar~♡ 2016!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Thanks to you, I think I need to get this calendar. Never got an AKB calendar before, but this is really, really wonderful. An incredible feat, though I’m sad I didn’t see Tani Marika on any of these. Still, it’s just beyond what you would normally think of when you hear the word “calendar,” you know? I am so happy you took the time to scan all of this and show us all what AKB is offering us for 2016. It’s so lovely! Thank you so much for sharing this MB, and it’s good to see you still get down with the AKB girls!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh I think it is a MUST HAVE!! I mean all of their previous official group calendars have been most well done but this 2016 version just takes the cake! I haven’t seen an idol calendar go to this extent, particularly with this one having an image for each and every day of the month and it’s soooo BIG! I mean for a desktop it’s huge! You’re gonna need a big desk =).


  2. Denny Sinnoh says:

    I almost lost it when I saw Sasshi’s choice of toe-nail polish, but then scrolled down through the rest of it.

    Sakura is a treasure … there are no words …
    … No kidding, I am at a loss for words.
    … my joke factory … broke down …
    … still gasping … at the beauty …

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ivan says:

    calendar i want one haha
    lot of girls saying about grad this days :X

    and my tshirt come… and my beloved country fuck country damn brazil, taxed a gift in R$120,00 reais….. hahahahahaha byby tshirt….. something like 40 dollars

    Liked by 1 person

    • Un with so many girls I guess it’s inevitable that AKB see so much more graduations than any other idol group. I say get this year’s calendar, it’s the BEST!!

      Eh? they’re charging you $120 in customs?? Gosh that’s terrible =(. I hope you did get your T-shirt…. ?


      • Ivan says:

        oh hell sorry late answer.. a little unmotivated this days

        yah its normal for g48 the grads

        i see the pics and liked it 😛

        yah, now you understand why i cant support the idols / groups i like :\
        i go try, i talk with the TGU ppl and they said when the package back they go send again and again until i get it


        not related but look my draws 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • A lot of people get the post-holiday blues for a bit after the New Year, but I do hope that things cheer~* up for you =).

          They did an amazing job with this year’s calendar! So fun you get to change the image/ AKMember each and every day.

          I hope you can receive your prize, I mean it’s such an awesome and unique T-shirt to win!! It’s really unfortunate that shipping is so expensive to receive there =(.

          Wow you draw amazingly!! Really you are quite the artist! Very very detailed and just perfect drawings, your snake drawings and the blade are very professional looking! And your cats are so cute!~!


          • Ivan says:

            i need stop sleep late @.@ hahaha

            yah i think look to a new one every day is a good motivation 😛
            i do this in my desktop wallpaper :3

            yah lets say it a rare iten too (dont have reina sign but have other i like there too :P)
            yah the governament here want get money from every place they can put tax and things
            is that why i cant support the idols and groups i like, now i think you really understand :\
            in a free – gift i win i get taxed :\

            well its new draws i get a long time without doing this, but now im trying to create a game i back to try draw hehe

            thanks MB ^^, the blade its to look more big, but for some reason when i send to instagran it dont put the full image so i have to make some fake spaces there to show the full draw @.@

            hahaha i have 6 cats (i think i have said it before too 😡 my memory 😡 hahahaha)

            Liked by 1 person

            • During my days of being obsessed with FFVII I was working a late shift all the way a bit past midnight and so when I got home each early morning after showering I would go straight to playing that game like every morning for hours until it was time to sleep again in order to go to work =). Fond memories for sure!

              It’s sad that even with something that’s won and free it’s taxed so much there =(. I do understand, must be difficult to have that circumstance.

              You’re very talented at drawing!! I’d be wonderful if you can make your talent into something more like you’re aiming towards with a goal! =)

              That is a lot of cats!!!! My gosh! We have just two and their a fun handful for us LOL =P!


              • Ivan says:

                hahaha some times is good do this 😛
                you see they doing the remake for ff7… but only for ps4 for now :\

                and now our beloved president said they go tax online things like downloads and digital games 🙂
                “i love so much live here” -.-

                yah, im using this in the game im doing and hope i have luck on sellingi t on steam later… but do all alone get so much time :\

                hahaha true cats are really funny :P, but its my mom fault, she see a cute one to adoption and want get it kkkkkk

                Liked by 1 person

                • I’ve heard about a FFVII reboot for the PS4 and that might actually get me to upgrade to that system just to have that one game!! Well you know, I just loved that series so much over the years and FFVII is one of their most memorable easily. Graphics will be beyond amazing I imagine!

                  That sounds terrible!!!! =( It sounds as if they’ve already got things taxed up way more than enough. =/

                  You have a great artistic talent!! Do stick with it!

                  Oh I totally know what you mean! There’s been a stray coming around here for a few weeks now each and every day and I have an inkling to adopt him too!….. although already having two cats can be a handful! ^^


                  • Ivan says:

                    hmm if you have a good computer u can wait the release on steam 😛 is what i going do
                    square is putting lot of games there

                    i think they go use the models from the movie 😛

                    haha they want tax everything to get money from ppl….this is brazil… that few people know about… is not only beachs and girl with big breasts and butts -.-‘… nowdays i see lot of internation tv programs making funny of the governament of brazil
                    and i think they are taking easy yet hahaha, brazil need more hard “bullying” to wakeup and see the things are wrong here

                    i want try to sell my works but dont know where to do this :|, if u get know of something ^^

                    hahaha so you have your bed yet, because sleep in mine sometimes is hard hahaha

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • Hey Ivan, quick question… with so many cats how do you get them to accept one another as cats can be very territorial? Like if one tends to hiss at a new cat, how do you help them to get along with one another?


                    • Ivan says:

                      i have one male and the other all female, they never have problem with this, only my male is a little “surly” but is because he is old now.. but one thing we noticed when get new cats is the others stay a little more “surly”… and i have one that is so envy of the other hahaha, everytime we play or give a little more care to one she come and try take the place of the other haha.
                      but with territorial never have problem, normally 3 or 4 sleep with me in my bed :).

                      you having problem with urs ??

                      well one of the female when i get have a little problem with other and always hit the other so to manege this we put water in a spray pot and everytime she do something we use the water on her, so she learned to dont do this, sometimes she do yet but we show the pot and she run away, but all the times look like she having fun running away from the water

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Cats are very territorial no doubt and wow how do you even fit onto your bed with so many cats there with you =O!! Well we’re adopting another male cat however our female is having issues with his presence =/. I’m hopeful that in time she’ll begin to accept him as a friend, fingers crossed! =) LOL cats can be quite mischievous like that, doing things that they know is wrong and possibly just for fun =P.


                    • Ivan says:

                      normaly when a lot of they sleep with me i dont have space to move hahaha so i “kick” they to other positions in process to move hahahaha

                      your cats are castrated? this help to make they more calm too
                      I think female is more easy to put together and if you get child cats make more sense the old one adopt the young one.
                      give some time to they, one of my female need 2 months +- to understand she need share the place and can live with the others

                      true, but i think know cats is more fun to have than dogs 😛

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • I can’t get over that you let them all onto your bed =O! I’d be worried about rolling over one of my dear kitties! =P But yes, space wise that must be most crowded!!

                      Un our male and female are both fixed, however their new friend we were trying to introduce to them isn’t just yet, but he will be. Our male got along just fine however our girl wasn’t having him in the house xD.


                    • Ivan says:

                      yah here they sleep anywhere they want hahaha, normaly 2 or 3 sleep in my bed, one in a playground i do to they, one in the kitchen and other with my parents 😛

                      sometimes i kick they :X hahahaha, but me is who more suffer in all of it, cant move a inch hahaha

                      the new one you adopt is child or adult one ?? adult ones get a little more problem to get to others, if it is a child one in some days they get good along side 😛

                      oh strange normaly is the male who dont like another male 😛
                      your cats are castrated?

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Gosh that’s a lot of kitties all around your home!~! I can’t imagine having that many!!!!! He’s about a year or so old, so he’s fully grown but still very youthful =). Un very true as our other two were adopted as tiny kittens so it was much easier for them to get along. Our male and female cats have been neutered and spayed… but it’s really cute as our male cat really likes to play with the other male =).


                    • Ivan says:

                      ahh but is really fun have lot of cats hhaha

                      soon you go get a lot too, is so hard to dont adopt one 😛

                      my first one when i get others dont liked much, but he acepted without much problem, he only dont like the other get close to him…. its something like Jhonny Bravo (the animation i think you know it) “you can hit me but dont mess with my hair” hhahahaha.

                      oh probably is because the way you “educated” him, so he dont have problem with other 😛
                      cats learn lot of things if you teach

                      i have one when she was hungry she come close to us and start give little bits in our hand or if we are close the “plates” they eat she start to push it close to us

                      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ivan says:

    and the wrong faces again O.o

    Liked by 1 person

  5. red says:

    that’s awesome,but i think the most valuable possession you had so far is the 3D Acchan/Yuko card since both of them are ace rivals and the busiest actresses today and having it signed would be way much more.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Un the 3D card was such a surprise back then! No doubt two of AKB’s all time most beloved members!~! And of course Yuko was my very first Oshi~♥ =). I’m happy to see them both becoming actresses now, I hope I can watch more of their dramas too! So far Acchan in “Q10” is my favorite ^^.


  6. Anonymous says:

    do you guys have the sakuratan 2016 wall calendar?


    • Sadly this year’s individual member calendars were not sold directly from retail, and so with middle man/proxy fees being so high I had to pass on getting any of them… unlike in the past where I’d always purchase a few.


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