Watanabe Mayu alarm clock


Sure an iPhone5 case would be both practical and cute and particularly when it features none other than my Oshi~♡ Mayuyu in all of her multi~talented~glorious idol-perfection~* that she truly is!!

However, I do not own an iPhone きゃぁーっっっ(/∇\*)!I’m an Andriod-Girl =).

Still, it’s quite okay as through HMV you can also find an assortment of equally cute and collectible alarm clocks all done AKStyle!~! And they’re all there to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of what has now grown into the Mothership franchise that is all things Family48♥.



(BIG and extremely expensive towel anyone??)

And for these limited edition goodies there are sixteen AKGirls whose images are cuti~fying (today’s made up word =)!) the likes of these iPhone cases & clocks!…so hopefully your Oshi or perhaps another most favorite girl of yours is present ^^.

So here’s the description break down for these special LE alarm clocks:

About 180 × 120 × 60mm
Material: iron, ABS resin & paper.

Stock is extremely limited and it’s possible that products may sell out even before the end of the open sales period. So in other words if you’d like an AKB♥ iPhone5 case or alarm clock…TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE TO GET YOUR ORDER IN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!~!

Okay now here’s the most fun aspect of these AKAlarm Clocks as it’s noted on the site that there are not one, not two, not three….BUT FOUR ALARM CLOCK MESSAGES RECORDED ON EACH CLOCK WHICH FEATURES OF COURSE THAT PARTICULAR GIRL’S VERY OWN VOICE!!!! Now how cool is that!

Awhile back I bought a Hirano Aya voiced alarm clock but her voice wasn’t captured as well as I had hoped, and so I do anticipate that these AKClocks will do the trick much better this time….hoping!

Tentative release date for all AKAlarm clocks is set for March 28th, 2016, and so while I’ve already jumped at the chance and pre-ordered my Mayuyu♥ alarm clock in hopes~* of her oh~so~adorable voice awakening me each and every morning….you too can choose from this assortment of 16 =):

down arrow

Limited edition AKB48 goodies by Lawson can be ordered @ HMVJapan~

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“Just” about three months until Mayuyu’s most adorable voice awakens me when her alarm clock finally arrives!! And she does sound not unlike the cutest of anime voice characters like EVER!~!


About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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30 Responses to AK♡Time!

  1. Very cool and fun! My oshi is there too! Hope you had a great Christmas and have a great New Years!

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  2. Matthew says:

    Pretty cute clocks. Have a great New Years! I am an Android user myself 😀

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  3. Ivan says:

    oh i want one of this clocks or lot of them kkkkk

    you know day 25/12 is my bday right ?? maybe a clock as a gift ?? hahaha joking

    Have a nice new year MB 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy New Year Ivan!! I’d forgotten you’re a Christmas baby…that’s so cool! Hmm curious to know which girl’s clock you’d choose. =)


      • Ivan says:

        happy new year again 😛 o wokedup so late today @.@ h hahaha

        ah dont worry i forget lot of things all the time hahaha

        hmm give some guest(i wrote correct ?) guest is someone you invete to a place no?) try and i say if u get correct

        Liked by 1 person

        • Gosh I think I most likely won in the getting up late category today xD!! Like I awoke REALLY late as in it was already deep into the afternoon. Last night we were up till past four am and I was just so drained today from all of the fun and excitement!

          You meant “guess?” Like you’d want me to guess which girl’s clock you choose? “Guest” is just how you’ve used it above =) If that’s the case then I’ll guess you’d choose Mukaichi Mion’s clock =), my second guess would be Iriyama Anna’s clock. How did I do?


          • Ivan says:

            ahhh wow, but sometimes is cool stay up till 3 or 4 am :P, sure with friends.
            i do it sometimes in the weekends hahaha

            yah “guess” i really get in trouble forgeting how to write hahaha
            yah to guess what one i get or more than one 😛

            ahhhhh no and no 😡
            so you dont remember my oshi ??

            ok try again chose more 3 girls 😛

            Liked by 1 person

            • Gosh I couldn’t do it very often as I’d be soooo knocked out each following day xD.
              Mmm… you know I can’t remember =P…. luckily you have Mayuyu wallpaper here to remind you of mine’s =). Yui? Mutou Tomu? Oh wait how about Yuria? LOL I’m just going to end up naming them all =P.


              • Ivan says:

                hahaha, drink some coffe or energetics \o\

                hahaha so yes i can remember ur with the mayu wall

                ahh finally you remember, yes its yuria my oshi 😛
                or dont hahaha you get it now 😛

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                • Oh too much caffeine makes me nauseous for some reason, the most I can usually handle is a single cup of coffee, and I just say no to energy drinks!!

                  I was just looking at my Yuria PB post:


                  …and you did comment there =)! I’m sure you’ve mentioned her being your Oshi~♥ but for some reason I can’t remember it =P.


                  • Ivan says:

                    oh understand… i stoped drink coffe to

                    oh that pb <3… send me the poster hahaha ?? ❤

                    so im not the only one with memory problems now \o\ hahaha

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                    • Maybe a bit of caffeine-free would be good for a change? I do just like the flavor of coffee so I’d still totally drink it.

                      LOL it may then become one of the most expensive “free” posters ever! =P

                      Haha I feel as if you change your favorites often, or maybe it’s a total misconception xD.


                    • Ivan says:

                      yah i drink sometimes too 😛

                      hahaha maybe or maybe not… if we have luck we only go pay the sending 😛

                      hmm i think my 1 oshi go be always yuria 😛
                      like reina is for me in mm and yet out of mm is my oshi before every idol hahaha


                    • Yuria is sweet~♥! Reina was such a dynamic idol for Momusu for all of those years, just thinking back to her GREAT Generation with my favorite Kamei~♥ and Sayumin!~! How they developed into such diverse personalities for the group and H!P over the years was most fun to be witness to, sadly the group just lacks that right now well for me personally speaking of course.


                    • Ivan says:

                      and look like she always have child face haha

                      i see her generation like the one i liked more reina kamei and sayu, 3 nosense gilrs together haha
                      i really wanted to know how kamei stay now :\ but dont find much things about her after she go.

                      kamei found a personalitie ?? hahaha joking because in the song joshi kashimashi (i think is like this to write hahaha) she talk in her like about what personality chose to her

                      Well the group really lost good personalities, but i thinked like you too before start to follow they (when reina get out the group i stay really sad, because i remember she saying she only go out after become leader, so when she grad i really stoped follow MM) but if you try look close to the group you can find good girls again, they get growing again not like before but worth follow the group

                      And reina get out but leave a seed there, try follow sato masaki, is completely her daugther hahaha

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Really they became one of Momusu’s strongest and most personality-diverse Generations I thought. Un, Kamei has moved to a very private life and her idol retirement, she used to appear on some blog entries from other ex-Momusu girl’s blogs but not too often. Well as far as the last time I saw an entry with her I can say with 100% confidence that Kamei♥ is still as adorable as EVER!~! ..and that will never change I believe. =) LOL, Joshi Kashimashi!! i haven’t listened to that song in years!!!!! I loved both versions and that original music video was simply priceless fun!! What a great concept that song was, such genius by Tsunku. Well I was an instant fan from their very beginnings going back to their debut single which I purchased in curiosity back then from an actual REAL record store that you could walk into! LOL! I miss record stores =(. Just to be able to browse in them was such a nice experience on any given day.

                      Oh, I do like Fukuchan a lot!! I was shocked that Riho decided to graduate, so soon really =O. Hmm interesting, Sato Masaki is very Reina-like you say? Worth looking into…..


                    • Ivan says:

                      i agree with you :).

                      yah rare time i see something in other girls blogs too but is really rare, i really wanted to know if she is “safe” and all :), you know she quit idol because her skin problem?.

                      True probably she go always be that cute and baka girl hahaha, u have that pic somewhere ?? wanted to see her face again :P.

                      Well now have lot of versions if i remember hahaha but the old ones is the best ones for sure.

                      bad he have lot of problems and need quit his position :\… but i think from somewhere he go continue creating things for H!P. 🙂

                      Fuku is amazing beauty and gentle girl 😛
                      i think riho have lot of plans to decide to grad so soon too

                      yah if you get some videos when masaki gen start reina is in the group yet and she never leave reina alone, so i think she absorbed reina caracter and all this things, she really look and do things like is reina kkkkk well not so reinaich but is close like masaki is she daughter
                      take a look in some videos and u can take prove of it :P, one the points i start follow masaki now hahaha

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Hmm.. the comment thread has become so narrow, I’m going to reply below in a new thread. =)


  4. @Ivan

    She hasn’t made any mention of it recently as far as I’m aware but she looks happy =). I posted here awhile back a photo of Kamei from I think it was Aichan’s blog…. ? I can’t remember which post it was in, I’ll need to do a bit of searching. If you know of any good Masaki videos please do share here since now you’ve gotten me most curious! Graduations include Riho and now Kanon is the most recent announcement, so many graduations all in a row which of course means an upcoming audition for sure.


    • Ivan says:

      i really want know why the blog do this with the msg hahaha

      i think i see this pic 😛
      hahaha she have lot of good videos

      <– this have another part

      yah kanon get me surprised too @.@
      true probably they are organizing a new audition now
      hope no one get out unti 2019 hahaha

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sorry I’m watching these videos so late =/! If I could make a bit of a comparison in Momusu itself, Masaki or rather the way she says things (not the sound of her voice) reminds me of Gakisan =)! How she trips over words and in explaining things it all gets so jumbled up in a funny way =D. She’s really a fun and outgoing personality~*!!!!! There was this time on I think it was Music Fighter where Gakisan was attempting to describe a family vacation of hers and it just funnier and funnier by the moment as she created quite the odd visions in everyone’s minds =p!…..Masaki reminds me of her in this way. Great videos!!


        • Ivan says:

          dont worry about the time to answer hehe

          yah i know u go like her tooo 😛
          she is a disaster girl too kkkk

          look like they dont know much how describe the things to others :P.

          Well if you watch other videos of her you go see she stay all the time together with reina (until reina grad) and after this she start to use that neko tail that reina always use in her clothes.

          Liked by 1 person

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