~Maggy 2016 wall calendar (complete preview)

2016 calendars...

Just in case I forget what day it is….

Maggy 2016 wall calendar (1)

Continuing with the second batch of wall style calendars which I’d pre-ordered a couple of months back and as per usual these wall adorning goodies are B2 sized as in VERY large, like poster large! And really these style of wall calendars are basically a poster with the accompaniment of the rather tiny calendar date area which typically adorns atop or at the very bottom in most cases. As you probably know a few years ago Japanese wall calendars moved away from having that metal bar atop which used to bind all of the pages together to now a thick cardboard atop which makes the pages now much more removable~friendly as they’re also perforated atop.

Here Maggy’s 2016 wall calendar is a bi-monthly one and it does include an extra (non-calendar) photo page which is always a much appreciated sweet extra =).

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~Maggy’s 2016 wall calendar can be ordered @ Cdjapan~

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Maggy 2016 wall calendar (front page)

Released on the fourteenth of last month, it’s Vivi/CUTiE model Maggy’s official welcome to the world of gorgeous wall calendars!!

But first, a tiny Maggy~recap just in case you’ve missed it earlier: Maggy is half Japanese and half Canadian or hapa as we say here ^^ although truly her father is of Scottish descent as he immigrated to Canada and of course you can figure out her mother’s side from there….and talk about those hapa genes working their magic!~! Maggy was born in Hyogo (Amagasaki to be more specific) but the very early part of her childhood from two years old was spent living in Canada but only until she reached kindergarten. And then from age four to nine Maggy resided in Kyoto (Fushimi Inari to be more specific =) ) and later to present has lived in Yokohama and a fun little tidbit is that she speaks English with her father (although he does speak Japanese) and Japanese with her mother so that’s most cool! And being a model you’re probably most curious about her height albeit the idea of models being tall as a requirement is really dated and no longer true for the most part but in any case Maggy is 171 cm tall or about five foot seven…well about seven inches taller than I am as random as that sudden thought may be =P.

Maggy 2016 wall calendar (1)

Maggy 2016 wall calendar (2)

Maggy 2016 wall calendar (3)

Maggy 2016 wall calendar (4)

Maggy 2016 wall calendar (5)

Maggy 2016 wall calendar (6)

Maggy 2016 wall calendar (7)

Maggy 2016 wall calendar (8)


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  1. uni says:

    your maggy please 🙂

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  2. uni says:

    Happy new year!!

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