~THE HELPFUL HOTTIE ENCORE aka: No bra-Friday, Mom’s BIG Book of Urban Legends, Knowing When the Frozen Foods Section is Off-Limits! (・д・`*)!& Nakamura♡Shizuka’s 2016 Wall Calendar (complete preview)!~! =D

2016 calendars...

Just in case I forget what day it is….

Nakamura Shizuka 2016 wall calendar (1)

Continuing with the sharing a few more 2016 idol calendar previews:

But first to reiterate, this calendar preview comes from the second batch of wall style calendars which I’d pre-ordered a couple of months back and as per usual these wall adorning goodies are B2 sized as in VERY large, like poster large! And really these style of wall calendars are basically a poster with the accompaniment of the rather tiny calendar date area which typically adorns atop or at the very bottom in most cases. As you probably know a few years ago Japanese wall calendars moved away from having that metal bar atop which used to bind all of the pages together to now a thick cardboard atop which makes the pages now much more removable~friendly as they’re also perforated atop.

Here Nakamura Shizuka’s 2016 wall calendar is a bi-monthly one and it does include an extra (non-calendar) photo page which is always a much appreciated sweet extra =).

down arrow

~Nakamura Shizuka’s 2016 wall calendar can be ordered @ Cdjapan~

up arrow

As I’ve previously already described in yummy detail just why and how Nakamura Shizuka is my girl~crush♥!!!!! …and how a dream of mine would go if Yup! we were in an alternate universe where I was totally 100% into the whole Girls X Girl “thing*! There’s really no need for me to get all biological and sweaty with the details here once again right! =)

In any case getting her calendar this year as a collectible was a no brainer =P!

~Oh but first.

Remember that one time

Shiichan wore that…

..well you’ll just have to see

it for yourself:


Shiichan knows...

Well I’m not even sure if what’s left of Shiichan’s shirt actually constitutes an actual shirt anymore but anyway she indeed does know what you want* so let’s see what we have here:

(Psssst! the following little post detour “may” seem out of place “at first”, however it will all make perfect sense when all is seen, listened to and done =)!~!

So this one had me in awe thinking, I did not know that you could do that with a cello. Now follow along very closely or you’ll miss the “connection” here =P!

Hot cellists (1)Hot cellists (2)Hot cellists (3)Hot cellists (4)

~AC/DC “Thunderstruck” (mv)~

Okay to really appreciate (*´∀`*) ♪ the following clip just below one really needs to familiarize themselves with the original hard rock version as performed by AC/DC embedded just above and albeit it’s a music video and not live you can surely not only hear but also see the heavy raw energy this song generates right from its start!! I for one am guilty of not previously knowing this song “Thunderstruck” but I was quite immersed in it readily and I do have to say that the singer here sounds as if he’s just eaten 24 grit sandpaper and then washed it down with a nice bottle of Jack Daniel’s finest or something to that matter as he’s not just projecting this raw vocalism at 110% but he’s most likely also shredding through the airwaves and cutting down a few trees while he’s at it =D. The guitar player here, his name is Angus Young and he plays amazing guitar as his sound is mesmerizing in this song with all of those rapid notes in perfect rhythm and interestingly I’ve realized that he also holds an idol connection in a sense as whereas many idols favor seifuku. Angus here is favoring the male answer to what to wear while attending class and it’s such a unique look for a rock artist…very cool =).

~AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” performed by 2 cellist hotties~

Okay and now that you’ve watched AC/DC do their thing it’s time to see/ hear what two hot cellists can do in light of this song “Thunderstruck” being so awesome!

Once again, a very special thank you~♡ to my wonderful friend Philip here on WordPress for sending me this amazing!! video =D!

Talk about taking the Renaissance to an entirely new level of even beyond Amadeus being rocked ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ !!!So both guys are extremely hot although I do give a slight edge to the cellist on the right although at the same time the cellist on the left made me especially happy when he glanced those intense looks every now and then and it must be pointed out that he also receives extra points as he’s the one whom took his intense performance to the ground spinning and such which was ultra sexy and so unexpected and at some point I actually thought he was going to set his cello on fire…you know like..

Jimi Hendrix

..although that would have been financially devastating =O.

This is just so amazing!!! and if you’re like me you needed to click replay a few times as once was just not enough! And this is one of those woW clips where many a girl’s trifecta of a perfect evening come together with hot guy(s) present, hot music and of course a hot performance (‘performances*’ I’m speaking of do vary though of course!! but we won’t get into any of that as this is a “G” rated blog for sure…..wait I lost that rating awhile back?? =O Oh crap (*>ω<)。 ) …oh and the audience’s reaction and their collective loss for words when it’s all finished.

Priceless right =)!

Hot cellists (5)Hot cellists (6)Hot cellists (7)Hot cellists (10)Hot cellists (9)Hot cellists (8)Hot cellists (13)Hot cellists (14)Hot cellists (11)Hot cellists (12)Hot cellists (15)Hot cellists (16)Hot cellists (17)Hot cellists (18)Hot cellists (19)Hot cellists (20)Hot cellists (21)

Shiichan asks...

Shiichan proposes...

No~bra Friday, who knew?? Well sometimes it’s just a whole lot more comfortable going in the buff-atop although just like your mom once said to you when you were little via her “Big Book of Mom’s Urban Legends Which Must Be Told” that if you keep on crossing your eyes that they’d eventually get stuck that way and likewise that if you insist on running around bra-less all the time after you’ve developed, that sag-gravity syndrome was going to get you the very next morning when you awoke =O and then you’re suddenly reminded of all of those images in National Geographic and then again even while I didn’t listen to my Mom all the time God did get the last laugh as he played a funny trick on me as mines have yet to grow out of their ‘current’ B stature so the whole going bra-less in the privacy of your own home or while going to the grocery store late at night is not such a bad thing and TOTALLY feasible, well as long as one stays far far away from the frozen foods section that is (。ーωー。)笑。

Nakamura Shizuka Kiss BOMB mook (71)

Ricchan says.....

Okay the helpful hottie’s got time for



more question….

Any questions?


Ricchan asks....

Shiichan wonders...

Well whether you’re donning the latest in shower curtain liner fashion or making a shrink wrap statement, hmm…well I’m seemingly in the minority at times as I’ve never thought it as being okay really but for what it’s worth let’s go to the handy checklist of truths:

~When is it okay to wear see through clothing?~

Not Okay

  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Slumber parties
  • Your prom
  • Your first date
  • Your second date
  • Dating in general
  • Birthdays
  • Family get togethers
  • Chuck E Cheese
  • Anywhere where there’s pizza
  • Concerts
  • Movies
  • At your local ice skating rink
  • To the tennis court
  • During a pick up game of basketball
  • To the amusement part, although that would be amusing for some spectators
  • Generally anywhere outside of your own bedroom where others can see you


    • On a supermodel fashion runway =DHave-a-nice-day.jpg

Oh and here’s Nakamura Shizuka’s 2016 wall calendar preview as promised =):

Nakamura Shizuka 2016 wall calendar (1)

Nakamura Shizuka 2016 wall calendar (2)

Nakamura Shizuka 2016 wall calendar (3)

Nakamura Shizuka 2016 wall calendar (4)

Nakamura Shizuka 2016 wall calendar (5)

Nakamura Shizuka 2016 wall calendar (6)

Nakamura Shizuka 2016 wall calendar (7)

Nakamura Shizuka 2016 wall calendar (8)


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5 Responses to ~THE HELPFUL HOTTIE ENCORE aka: No bra-Friday, Mom’s BIG Book of Urban Legends, Knowing When the Frozen Foods Section is Off-Limits! (・д・`*)!& Nakamura♡Shizuka’s 2016 Wall Calendar (complete preview)!~! =D

  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    RE: bottom photo
    Quoting Woody Allen in “Love and Death”.
    “Disappointed? … No, but I wish you would have worn something SEXY…”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. red says:

    i never thought you were a fan of 2 Cellos(the two are former rivals in cello competitions).I’ve been playing cello since October 2015 and violin for almost 8 years but going for the classics. I’ve seen a lot of people imitating their work on YouTube but those two are original.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow! that’s so cool!! I love the sound of the cello and the violin truly! You’ve been playing for a long time now, an intimate instrument which takes so so much to learn and master…i can’t even imagine how difficult it would be to play. These 2 Cellos guys are mesmerizing!!!! I mean they’re both good looking and their playing is out of this world eye opening and just so so engaging! Never thought the day would come when a hard rock tune got cello~ed this way! My introduction to AC/DC’s Thunderstruck” LOL =P.


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