~Takahashi Hikaru 2016 wall calendar (complete preview =)

2016 calendars...

Just in case I forget what day it is….

Takahashi Hikaru 2016 wall calendar (1)

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays~*~~* with love & aloha! mb♥

Now that the Christmas shopping has been wrapped up both literally and figuratively, it’s time to continue sharing a few more 2016 idol calendar previews.

So here’s the second batch of wall style calendars which I’d pre-ordered a couple of months back and as per usual these wall adorning goodies are B2 sized as in VERY large, like poster large! And really these style of wall calendars are basically a poster with the accompaniment of the rather tiny calendar date area which typically adorns atop or at the very bottom in most cases. As you probably know a few years ago Japanese wall calendars moved away from having that metal bar atop which used to bind all of the pages together to now a thick cardboard atop which makes the pages now much more removable~friendly as they’re also perforated atop. Here Takahashi Hikaru’s 2016 wall calendar is a bi-monthly one and it does include an extra (non-calendar) photo page which is always a much appreciated sweet extra =).

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~Takahashi Hikaru’s 2016 wall calendar can be ordered @ Cdjapan~

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Takahashi Hikaru, blood type O, born September 22nd, 2001 ……Eh?? 2001? Woh! do I feel mature =P! And NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE VERY VERY GRAVURE IDOL of the same name!!!!!!!!!! No this Hikaru~chan is best known as the adorable CM girl whom hails from the Shiga Prefecture with her modeling celebrity being additionally spring-boarded by her notable crowning in the 14th Japan Bishōjo Contest Grand Prix! Basically she beat out a whole lotta other very adorably cute and aspiring girls =). Her hobbies include shopping♥, dance & volleyball watching …which reminds me (speaking of volleyball!) that our very own Hawaii Rainbow Wahine volleyball team are just about an hour or so away from their regional!! Go~Bows!!~!!

Also Hikaru~chan’s set to appear on the big screen as her acting career gets a very notable boost as in January 9th of next year she’ll be appearing in the film “Jinsei no yakusoku” (“Promise of Life”) …and do check out! this all-star cast!!!!!! which includes: Takenouchi Yutaka♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sexiest man alive!!!!!

The sexiest man alive!!!!!

(Yup! that very guy whom I wish I was somehow destined to marry =P!), Eguchi Yosuke, Matsuzaka Tori, Yuka,  Koike Eiko,  Muroi Shigeru, Emoto Akira, Takeshi Beat, Nishida Toshiyuki ….with of course you guessed it! Takahashi Hikaru as the movie’s lead heroine!~!

And just how adora~cute is Hikaru~chan?

Too adora~cute for words really:

Takahashi Hikaru

Takahashi Hikaru...

~Takahashi Hikaru 2016 Wall Calendar~

Takahashi Hikaru 2016 wall calendar (1)

Takahashi Hikaru 2016 wall calendar (2)

Takahashi Hikaru 2016 wall calendar (3)

Takahashi Hikaru 2016 wall calendar (4)

Takahashi Hikaru 2016 wall calendar (5)

Takahashi Hikaru 2016 wall calendar (6)

Takahashi Hikaru 2016 wall calendar (7)

Takahashi Hikaru 2016 wall calendar (8)


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13 Responses to ~Takahashi Hikaru 2016 wall calendar (complete preview =)

  1. Matthew says:

    Christmas is almost here. I can’t wait >_<


  2. Ivan says:

    she really have only 14 years ?? dont look like she is so yong

    but she is cute 🙂

    you have a list of her movie/dorama works ?
    want take a look

    Liked by 1 person

    • Un she is quite the youthful actress! You can find her mainly doing CMs so far but her big movie debut just occurred this month with the theatrical release of “Jinsei no yakusoku” which btw also stars a VERY hot guy!! =)


      • Ivan says:

        hmm what is the them of the movie ??

        Liked by 1 person

        • So far I could only find this one synopsis of the movie here:



          • Ivan says:

            look like a life drama… i dont like much movies like this

            i started to watch black sails(its a serie) really good 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

            • Oh I just watched two GREAT movies this weekend!!! “The Intern” is hilarious and it has a LOT of heart in it!!!! I’d also highly recommend “The Martian”, amazing movie in every way!!!! Intense!!


              • Ivan says:

                i go try find it on netflix 😛

                2 days ago i watched “47 ronin” is a good one action movie :P.. some points of magic and mosnter on it but really good one

                Liked by 1 person

                • Oh the one with Keanu Reeves? I’ve seen it. I mean there’s an original 47 Ronin but with your mention of magic I’m thinking it’s this much more recent rendition of the legendary ronin. I’ve probably mentioned this way back but some other highly recommended favorites of this genre would include: “Azumi”, “Shinobi~heart under blade~”, “The Warrior” (Zhang Ziyi), “The Hidden Blade”, “Musashi” (Kimura Takuya), “Sword of Desperation” ….and I could go on and on. ^^


                  • Ivan says:

                    yes this one, i forget his name in the time im writing hahaha
                    oh so have an original version (without be the original tale they said in the end of the movie)
                    i think is 2014 / 15, i dont know have an old version before this one.
                    oh so muc titles i go search for they 😛
                    musashi i read the book :3

                    you read the “romance of three kingdons” ? i started but dont end :\ (but i know somethings because the game dinasty warriors that we propably talked about before hahaha).

                    But long time i dont watch asian movies, i remember i need watch fatal frame @.@.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • I too thought it was a fun take on the original making it a bit more fantasy =). Oh yes the Musashi novel is amazing!!!!!!!! A few years back NHK broadcasted “Musashi” based on the novel and it was a drama which ran for an entire year! Every week, once a week for an entire year, it was one of their Taiga Dramas, you’ve probably heard of those? They always cover historical figures in these incredibly in-depth year long dramas and they always feature stellar casting with many well known actors and actresses!

                      Ah I have that game for the original PS! I haven’t thought about it in ages!!!! Oh but I haven’t read its novel, truth be told I wasn’t aware that there was a novel that it was based on.

                      OH and one more highly recommended film would be “The Legend of the Shadowless Sword”, its a Korean film…. just amazing with great action, good strong story and wonderful actors all around ^^.


                    • Ivan says:

                      Looks good sad here i need pay to watch nhk 😐

                      about that dramas in nhk i heard about it, look good

                      ahh its a amazing game, bad i cant play the last ones i dont have a console anymore :\.

                      yes but have and now you know, i only found it in english, for you dont go have much problem 😛

                      ok putting it in my list “to watch”.

                      i go hunt they after i end the S2 black sail serie

                      Liked by 1 person

  3. @ Ivan,

    Un the NHK Taiga dramas in particular are really amazing productions with incredible casts always, would be crazy long to stream so many episodes! At least the PS2 was backwards compatible with older games, too bad all consoles aren’t made that way =(. Really all awesome movies I’ve mentioned above!!… if I may say so humbly =P! Definitely all worth your time I promise ^^.


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