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~Remember that time Tanpopo’s music set “imploded??” (・д・`*)!!!

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~Tanpopo vs. Air (Utaban)~ And because you can never have too much of Utaban~♥ and the antics of Taka-san & Nakai-kun ….however on this classic episode (once again dug up from an old VHS rental-dubbed tape recently rediscovered in storage … Continue reading

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~Fuzzy Memories Reminisces Morning Musume vs. Utaban …. “The one with the gigantic hydraulic slide game, “favoritism” & ecchi~Nacchi =O.

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It’s time once again for another installment of Fuzzy Memories♥ where a “fuzzy” visual from years past is rediscovered, then making its way from an old VHS of mine into the digital world. ~Morning Musume vs. Utaban “The one with … Continue reading

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