~Fuzzy Memories reminisces Music Station’s SPECIAL Super Live ‘97!

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It’s time for another edition of Fuzzy~Memories, where I stumble across an old VHS tape filled with old gems lying in wait. Today’s fuzzy gem goes all the way back to the year 1997 which was a most awesome time for J-music in general and after a bit of tape ~~> digital transferring topped off with some additional encoding voila! ….we now have 10 hand picked performance faves♥ from Music Station’s Super Live Special ‘97 !~!

~Consider each of the following music gems as culturally profound signs of the time~

SharanQ Power Song single

~SharanQ “Power Song” (MS-Live ‘97)~

Next to “Zurui onna” and “iiwake”, … “Power Song” is easily my most favorite SharanQ song! The entire song has this deep in melancholy sound to it, lyrics not withstanding, and it’s simply a really moving song where I love Tsunku’s conviction throughout. On a sad note a short while back Tsunku “graduated” from Hello! Project due to his health concerns and just needing to move on from what is undeniably one of the most important and landmark idol/music franchises in J-Music history. Still the genius, originality, daring and innovative ideas of his musical catalog will forever live on in music history, thank you Tsunku ^^.

Sorimachi Takashi Message album

~Sorimachi Takashi “Forever” (MS-Live ‘97)~

Sure you’ve long known Sorimachi Takashi as the iconic teacher with a most unique set of teaching skills in the series “GTO”, the super hottie in “Beach Boys” and longtime husband of the beautiful and equally talented Matsushima Nanako …and so speaking of the sexy drama “Beach Boys!!” here’s Sorimachi Takashi performing its theme song “Forever” and while the studio version features the incomparable Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi on both guitar and back-up vocals ….here even without his guitarist wingman Sorimachi Takashi is plenty sexy to command the stage himself!~! ^^

GLAY REVIEW best of album

~GLAY “However” (MS-Live ‘97)~

Don’t mind my sadly cracked CD case above =( which is irreplaceable as the case is all blue with the title directly printed upon it …but who doesn’t absolutely LOVE GLAY!! I mean countless amazing songs over the years with a musicianship and charisma capable of separating a girl’s underwear from her body at any given concert moment =P! Seriously though, just from this era alone there’s “Beloved”, “Winter Again”, “Be With You”, “Yuuwaku”, “Kuchibiru” and so many many others!~! If you’re a J-rock fan then surely GLAY is on your playlist ^^.

SPEED White Love single

~SPEED “White Love” (MS-Live ‘97)~

Has there ever been a J~foursome as perfectly timed, influential and successful as SPEED!! Since their debut with “Body & Soul” it was mega-hit after MEGA-HIT one after the other and their albums are each in their own right profoundly incredible experiences. SPEED was truly a J-phenomenon turned forever J-Legendary ….and theirs is a brand which far overgrew that of the music landscape as they truly conquered and endeared J-culture itself. And don’t you just miss those awesome 3” singles? I have all of mine in jewel cases and they add just such a unique look to your entire collection. For me those 3” CD singles were rather symbolic of J~Pop, which further made their distinctness from Western style music. “White Love” in many ways symbolizes this generation ….not to mention what an incredible song it is filled with hook~line~and~sinker! ^^

Moritaka Chisato Snow Again single

~Moritaka Chisato “Snow Again” (MS-Live ‘97)~

Sure some may consider this to be just a lovely Christmas song, but really it represents a wonderful gem from the J-Icon herself Moritaka Chisato as she was playing on the back-nine so to speak. Moritaka Chisato’s career helped wholeheartedly revolutionize the late 80’s sound into the modern era of J-music and her repertoire of songs is indeed the stuff of music legends …a catalog so deep and diverse it transcended the music landscape time and time again during her illustrious career. Easily one of my all-time-favorite♥ artists, so much that I’ve over the years collected her complete single discography (sweet that they’re all of the 3” single variety!! =)!), her complete original album discography as well as about 90% of her visual concert and MV works ^^.

Kahara Tomomi Hate Tell a Lie single

~Kahara Tomomi “Hate tell a lie” (MS-Live ‘97)~

During Komuro Tetsuya’s legendary run in the 90’s he was not only the go-to producer for numerous artists but he himself the artist bloomed within the likes of TRF and GLOBE, both of whom were mega-successes!~! ….and one such artist that he helped take to the top of the charts time and time again was Kahara Tomomi, an (idol) model turned J-Pop star. “Hate tell a lie” drips of Komuro’s trademark style and sound of the decade, a decade that he pretty much owned.

Le Couple Hidamari no uta single

~Le Couple “Hidamari no uta” (MS-Live ‘97)~

If you’ve watched the beloved drama series “Hitotsu yane no shita” (“Under One Roof”) from way back in the day, then surely “Hidamari no uta” along with Tulip’s “Saboten no hana” are staple favorites♥ of yours! The former here being likened to as the “theme” song for Sakai Noriko’s character in the series which ran for two addictive seasons! “Hidamari no uta” is a pure lullaby, sweet and gentle and arguably the most memorable release from the duo Le Couple.


~SMAP “Yozora no mukou/ Peace!” (medley) (MS-

Live ‘97)~

Firstly you have to forgive my blurry photo above of SMAP’s landmark single which held those notable marks in terms of both sales and pure culture popularity. And if it’s any indication, “Yozora no mukou” was SmapxSmap’s ending theme song for like forever it seemed!~! …and no one was complaining a single bit ^^. Simply put, easily one of SMAP’s best known and beloved from their massive catalog of hits ^^.


~X JAPAN “Forever Love” (MS-Live ‘97)~

One of the most influential and important groups of all-time period.

Amuro Namie Can you celebrate single

~Amuro Namie “Can you celebrate?” (MS-Live ‘97)~

On any other night X-JAPAN would have brought the house down on this momentous occasion, however on this night it was Amuro Namie’s honor to close the show. “Can you celebrate?” (aka: beloved drama theme~♥ song!) topped the two million mark in sales making Amuro Namie tops in female single sales and who can forget her triumphant return to the stage which occurred after her one year hiatus where her tearful performance at the following year’s Red & White Songfest left not a single dry eye out there. “Can you celebrate?” will forever remain cemented in time during those many months of Amuro Namie’s personal tragedies, however what it really represents is her perseverance ….her inner strength to power over adversities in life. Truly something we can all relate to and celebrate alike ^^.

So that concludes today’s “Fuzzy Memories” walk down memory lane. I hope you enjoyed the diversity of music which was happening back then and more importantly I hope you experienced “new” music to embrace or if these were familiar ….much nostalgia to hug ^^♥.

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