Morning Musume Love Machine commemorative figures & stage (5)

Morning Musume Love Machine commemorative figures & stage (1)

It’s now headed back into storage so I thought I’d have one last look for now.

This is Morning Musume’s “Love Machine” figure & stage set which commemorated the groups’ landmark achievement in single sales and basically ruling all of the idol world~♥ all those years ago during the ground-breaking/ golden era of the group!~!

Originally sold as a FC item the girls are all posed in their iconic opening stances while the stage itself is simply comprised of two-parts, a base and a windowed overhead roof which houses the stage all around. The stage base includes pre-made “foot holes” to place the figures into for a sturdy fit and that’s pretty much it, a most clean and simple design. And so now before they’re packed up neatly into storage for a slumber,  here I thought how about one “last” look for now for sentimental sake~ ♥^^.

Morning Musume Love Machine commemorative figures & stage (2)

Morning Musume Love Machine commemorative figures & stage (3)

Morning Musume Love Machine commemorative figures & stage (4)

Morning Musume Love Machine commemorative figures & stage (6)

Morning Musume Love Machine commemorative figures & stage (7)

Morning Musume Love Machine commemorative figures & stage (8)

Morning Musume Love Machine commemorative figures & stage (9)

Morning Musume Love Machine commemorative figures & stage (10)


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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19 Responses to モーニング娘。「ザLOVEマシーンフィギュア」

  1. Ooh, my, that is very neat indeed!

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    • I was surprised that a fan in Japan was willing to part with them as these were fan club exclusive figures ….and they’re remarkably well made to look really like Morning Musume as often times figures aren’t very “life like.” ^^

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  2. Ivan says:

    ohh so cool 😛
    want one with the new members pls 😛

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    • They really should produce a current set! I mean this one was meant to commemorate their incredible sales achievement with “Love Machine” so it’s quite unique and momentous and they did a really awesome job with its overall presentation and the appearance of the girls’ figures, and yet a set of some sort with the current group would be so so cool and I bet fans would buy them up!!


      • Ivan says:

        yah love machine is one of the most played songs from they and the one where get more “covers” from other groups in live and this things
        well i mean i see some lives and programs where other idol groups appears and sometimes they do a little cover

        is a good model there to put in your room 😛

        well i think go explode in sells if they make one 😛 the new gem is amazing good too
        you follow they too ? or only some news and this things ?

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        • Morning Musume’s crowning achievement, and most iconic song ….says a lot when many other groups pay tribute to “Love Machine” by doing a cover performance. The ‘new gem?’


          • Ivan says:

            to say the truth is geN (wrong key pressed hahaha)
            generation 😛

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            • You often surprise me with new groups so i was thinking it could be one =P. Ah okay new Gen. Momusu …got it =). It still feels odd calling them Morning Musume15 with the number added on, everything’s so different now with even Tsunku graduated from the whole of Hello! Project. =/


              • Ivan says:

                oh, but have a idol group called GEM 😛 and their songs are really good too :P.
                And if you like korean groups try listem the girls band TWICE :P.

                yah i think this to realle strange put the year in the front, next year go be mm16 hahaha
                its the worst news about tsunku… but is the best for his health i think
                but i doubt he go be full off from the H!P(i think he go work there yet from underground :x) hahaha

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                • Haha that’s a funny irony =D! Oh speaking of Korean Pop I just received a few mini albums by IU, awhile back Philip here introduced me to her music and her voice is incredible with so many catchy songs in all sorts of genres! I guess they’ll have to keep on changing the number though ….I thought it was a bit odd doing that to the group’s name. I do hope Tsunku’s recovery goes well and that one day he can return to composing, something he’s amazing at that’s truly part of his heart ^^.


                  • Ivan says:

                    ohh i listened to her song sometime ago, its a good singer 🙂

                    well at least with this we know they dont plan stop MM anytime 🙂
                    i never say the number, only MM hahaha

                    yah he is really good in all the things he do about music :), and a great person
                    i think he go do underground work for H!P yet :P, if u get what i mean

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                    • Oh cool! you know IU =). I’ve yet to load her new songs onto my ipod but will do so soon. Some of the K-Pop packaging is really wonderful as they make it all so extra apealing.

                      I guess the years will just keep going onward, still I preferred it when they were simply Morning Musume without any year attached.

                      Hmmm I do wonder ….? No doubt there’s got to be lots of music left in his mind and heart as Tsunku’s a total writer/producer at heart …not to mention a great performer you know during his SharanQ days =).


                    • Ivan says:

                      for some reason i dont like this extra sexual apealing they do hehehe

                      same, is a little confusing for the new fans too… “oh what how much MM have?” hahaha

                      yes… but if i remember he do lot of works in the last years on sharanq yet no ?

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                    • Interestingly though, Sharan Q hasn’t released anything new since their single “Aruiteru” back in 2006 but they haven’t disbanded. You may recall “Aruiteru” was a single title track Tsunku originally wrote for Momusu …one of their very best all-time songs I think. Perhaps Sharan Q was still doing live shows? I’m not sure.


                    • Ivan says:

                      Ahhh sorry late answer @.@

                      yah i see they doing some works around(not new releases)

                      i remember the song :P, i loved that song too 🙂

                      i see they appears in some tv programs and this things, but i dont watched to see if they play something or if its only talk show


                    • Absolutely don’t worry about late replies =), I for one have been notorious in that regard over the years here xD. I’m guessing they were doing live performances? Un! that was such a great song!!! Really a shining single for Momusu back then I thought and as far as their songs of late I just can’t get into them much =/. They just don’t have that catchy~allure about them anymore, for me personally that is.

                      Between us, I’m seriously considering this being near the ending of this blog for real this time. I’ll most likely finish first at least the drama “Hyoten” posts I’ve just begun doing on Fridays which probably no one is watching xD. I mean it really was meant for Philip and I to watch “together” each week here but now he’s vanished =(. I’ve tried e-mailing him but have gotten no reply so I’m just hoping that he’s gotten busy and most importantly he’s okay =). You see in all truth Philip was the real inspiration in continuing to blog here as of the past year or so as he’s really the only one who shares a LOT of similar interests here as he would regularly watch, listen and comment on nearly every post I write here and I really don’t hear from anyone else on any regular basis. And so naturally it gets a bit boring spending so much time creating these posts only to have them turn up empty with others being mutually interested =/. So now Philip is gone and PHR has disappeared and I mean no offense to you Ivan as you’ve been a constant friend here over the years, it’s just that you have to admit that we don’t share a whole lot in common when it comes to things I post here. I mean take a look at the last 50 posts I’ve written here, not many have gotten your interest enough for you to comment on any of them with the exception of a couple or so. And it’s of no fault of yours of course =) ….we just don’t share that much in common with our interest, the things I write here. And that’s 100% okay =). It just gets boring after awhile as if I were writing to no one. But REALLY there are a lot of visitors who come here daily as according to my WordPress stats the blog averages around a 1000+ visits daily, but everyone is so quiet with never a thing to say …it’s like they like what I’m posting but have no thoughts on any post one way or another, good or bad, just silence. And so you can understand what I’m saying right? In any case, please enjoy what’s left as far as posts go as I’m really feeling like it’s time to stop blogging here for good. You have to feel a level of inspiration in what you do, otherwise there’s no real point to any of it …something I’ve realized over the years of being here. Anyway, just my current thoughts.


                    • Ivan says:

                      Maannnnn the msg geting more and more skinny up there hahaha soon go be one letter per line @.@
                      sometimes i really forget to look my mail @.@
                      sorry again the late one answer

                      maybe they perfom in programs but with lipsinc.

                      well i think this is because the girls of MM back to be the young ones, the one more old there i think is mizuki and ayumi with 18 years, so the songs get more “happy” “funny” and “childsh”
                      but try look more into it, they have good songs yet ^^

                      ohhh i stay so much time without seeing some asia movie @.@
                      talking about it have you watched the one called Tag ? with mariko and mano erina?

                      oh maybe he was soving some problems before come back ?
                      i think hes ok, only solving things, i always see him posting here 🙂

                      hmm have you thinked on share the blog in other places to call attention of ppl ?

                      well i have a youtube channel and i know how is it.. but have some ppl view my videos so i continue posting it ^^ someday maybe i get more ppl viewing it ^^.

                      its ok, and yes i know that have sometings we dont share, but lot of posts i really look on it, but sometimes i dont have much what write in the coments so i only look and read it :).

                      and my life stay so confusing and hard this year i was without know what to do to get it better….hope you understand me.

                      why u dont try do a thing so, make a post to encourage the ppl to write a comment, a msg with something like “when you guys comments make me want write more things to you all so lets chat” or something like this 😛

                      you know lot of ppl really dont comment its normal, its not you fault(or foult? dont remember the correct)…lets put this like this way, its not facebook, ppl are so vicious in that and with when they like something they dont comment but only click in the like button. this broke the thing “i need comment to show i like it” so with the button is only click O.o

                      yah i understand, but you know i like come here right ?? and talk with you

                      so if you go stop here, i really dont want lose contact with you, how we go talk ?
                      the email i have from you, you never answered the msgs i sended there ;|
                      have other ways to us talk ? skype, facebook ? something that make we stay in contact ?


                      oh let me ask a thing, you know draw ?


  3. philipleslie says:

    Fabulous artefact! And yes, the song is great, one of the most addictive of Tsunku’s huge and dazzling output! For a few times now it’s been that ‘song on the brain’ that I wake up with and can’t shake out of my head. (Sadly, ‘The Macarena’ was the song on my brain the other morning. I’d rather it had been ‘Love Machine’.) The video’s wonderful too.

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    • When they made that 10 minute version of the music video, I wonder if somehow Tsunku knew how mega-huge “Love Machine” was going to be …and then there was also the introduction of Gomaki adding to its prominence. When these first came out as fan club exclusive, I never imagined I’d ever get one as I didn’t think a fan would be willing to part with it. Ah the Macarena, I remember when that song was everywhere, haha how did you get it stuck in your head? ^^


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