Sword Art Online AsunaI’m new to all of this and it’s been out for years now, but bear with me please ^^…..

 A few weeks ago on a late Saturday evening then nearing midnight or so I had been in a daze getting ready for be when while mindlessly channel surfing I came across and paused upon an anime, and while I had no idea of what I was watching or even the context of what was happening, somehow the lengthy dialogue by the character which I now know as “Asuna” as this turned out to be the very ending of an episode …..became a bit mesmerizing as it had to do with our lives and meaning. Now a few sleepy minutes afterward I had fallen fast asleep and honestly none of this would have really amounted to anything as by the next morning it was all but a fuzzy memory. The only thing sticking with me was what I thought was a most unusual anime title in “Sword Art Online.”

SAO (1)SAO (2)SAO (3)SAO (4)

Flash forward a few days later, and a recently friended fellow blogger here @ WP Matthew (you can check out his wonderful WP site here!), had posted a very write-up on this very series Sword Art Online which I had just seen a glimpse of a short while ago. Call it destiny or something likened to it? Suffice to say as Matthew is deeply rooted in all things anime and with him being a true fan of the art of animated storytelling, his post(s) covering Sword Art Online featuring reviews and previews now had me fully invested in having a serious look!

SAO (5)SAO (6)SAO (7)SAO (8)SAO (9)SAO (10)


Now just above is the result as you probably know by now that anytime I get into anything I always invest in purchasing it as supporting the creative minds artists is a personal must ^^.  Now this being a “new” series to me saw the purchase of just this single DVD set so far titled “Aincrad Part 1.” The series appears to be done in “chapters?” and I’m just hoping to purchase them in the correct chronological order so as not to see anything not meant to be seen just yet as it would now only confuse but would also inevitably present some unwanted/ untimely spoilers =(. I’m going to shop for them a bit later as I write this up =).

SAO (11)SAO (12)SAO (13)SAO (14)SAO (15)SAO (16)SAO (17)SAO (18)

What really drew me into this particular anime initially was the entirely powerful and frightening premise of a virtual reality gaming experience becoming a person’s actual livelihood in reality where one ventures into a game with the anticipation of fun and excitement only to find themselves trapped in a virtual world and how if one were to “die” in this virtual world, where escape is impossible unless a player were to complete and conquer all of the game’s levels, they would actually die in real life outside. The genius in having everyone’s online/in-game appearance later resemble truthfully whom each individual is physically as a whole in real life is an underlying spark in how human behavior truly can at times hide behind an online mask, and likewise while online with your physical identity anonymous ….it speaks volumes on how every bit of that changes when you truly appear as your physical self in all honesty. What a person may do in an online world may be far from what they’re like in real life and there is much complexity to this topic alone but there is so much here to gush ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!! over so I’m just touching upon it here.

SAO (19)SAO (20)SAO (21)SAO (22)SAO (23)SAO (24)SAO (25)SAO (26)SAO (27)SAO (28)

The dynamics in human nature while met with crisis is an essence of SAO which cannot be understated. How we can become a product of our environment leads some to act out darkly targeting fellow players (lives really) while others will use every bit of knowledge and opportunity to create for themselves thinking of no one else, and yet there are surely those pure hearts like with our favorite hero and heroine in Kirito and Asuna respectfully. Just the way SAO is presented makes for a surefire allure particularly for fans of RPG as its graphics, battle scenes (all incredible!!!), player menu nuances and the like make for what I can only call a DREAM ~* anime. And further deepening that allure has got to be namely in how SAO reveals character development as it manages to seamlessly peel away at the “online layers” of numerous main/ secondary characters as we witness and learn of their real world lives behind their online personas and how it affects their decision making, correspondences and personalities as the episodes unveil. The actual nuances and rules of the game-play, special items, weapons and the levels themselves are revealed in at times cool or rather dramatic fashion as well keeping the viewer wide-eyed at all times and a tiny bit of humorous sexual nuances to lighten the mood couldn’t hurt right? …as a couple or so blush* worth instances have popped up so far ^^.

SAO (29)SAO (30)SAO (31)SAO (32)SAO (33)SAO (34)SAO (35)SAO (36)SAO (37)SAO (38)

And to think while trapped and living in this virtual world, your real life “outside” is likewise ticking away by the hours, days and weeks. And while I’m still very early into watching this amazing anime, it’s most interesting how some episodes surely turn out a bit more or less episodic, and how one just never knows of this as the story line and outreaching plots and character revelations all culminate in untimely endings for some with one such most heart wrenching and memorable episode being “Red-Nosed Reindeer” where surely I thought that Sachi would become a mainstay character in this series =(. OMG when her message crystal began, my tears were falling long before even Kirito’s hit the table. And now as each episode unfolds we learn so much more about Kirito and it’s always eye opening to learn of his ever deepening knowledge of the SAO game-world as a beta-tester and beyond, he’s just this most charismatic and attractive character and in Asuna I already favorite her character so much as she’s now quickly developed this almost militant~steely outer shell all the while there surely seems to be a much gentler and loving inner reality deep inside her which is yet to be fully revealed as I’m pretty sure of it being her true real world self! ^^

SAO (39)SAO (40)SAO (41)SAO (42)SAO (43)SAO (44)

So my eyes and heart are firmly glued to SAO from this day going forward as I’d just completed watching this first DVD set in its entirety in one sitting …..ehhhh seven episodes just wasn’t enough(´∩`*)!!!!So will anyone reach the final level completing the game conquering its only means of escape? And with that, how will the many eventually deeply rooted in-game relationships and newly found life-bonds play out in the real world when all is said and done? As with an online/ in-game persona one can choose to be whomever they want depending on how they want to be perceived, but on that same level of perception versus reality how will it transcend when and if their virtual reality world is no longer and one is truly thrust back in the real reality once again after so much time has passed? However I may be getting way ahead of myself here! But this SAO really does pose these questions through the underlying plot as well as with the character’s dialogue and there’s just so much to look forward to here!~!  And don’t even get me started about the opening and closing theme songs~♡!!!!!! As with dramas, theme songs can heighten the appeal level so much and here SAO has two most catchy and now firmly rooted in my heart songs (*´∀`*) ♪~♪。I’ve already ordered a couple of figures those being of, of course Kirito & Asuna, Kirito is just awesome beyond words!! and Asuna you just know she’s going to be this incredibly complex, powerful and YES already adorable girl! ….and so now getting those theme songs will without question likewise be on my to do list…_〆(・∀・@) !So next I’ll be ordering the rest of the DVD sets which are available and to say I’m absolutely hooked? Well let’s just say that that’s an understatement っo(*´∀`)o!So I see that there are 25 episodes in all? International titles confused me a bit with the term “arc” being used instead but all in all I’ve now ordered “Aincrad Part2”, “Fairy Dance Part 1” and “Fairy Dance Part 2” an “extra edition??” ….but I also see a SAO part II with episodes 1-7 and SAO Part II with episodes 8-14 which is releasing in just four days!! Am I a complete nut to be getting them all at once?? Okay! =)

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~Dynamic, well written & addictive!!~!! Get the “Sword Art Online” anime too available @ Amazon~

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Kinda pricey but I say OHHHHH SO WORTH IT!!!!!

SAO (45)SAO (46)SAO (47)SAO (48)SAO (49)SAO (50)SAO (51)SAO (52)SAO (53)SAO (54)SAO (55)SAO (56)SAO (57)SAO (58)SAO (59)SAO (60)SAO (61)SAO (62)SAO (63)SAO (64)SAO (65)SAO (66)SAO (67)SAO (68)SAO (69)SAO (70)SAO (71)SAO (72)SAO (73)SAO (74)SAO (75)SAO (76)SAO (77)

I honestly haven’t watched any “new” anime for some years now so SAO is a timely wave of fresh air getting me engaged once again in an art form of storytelling when done just right … as good as anything for your eyes, ears, heart and soul~ ^^.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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41 Responses to SAO~♡

  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    I loved Sword Art Online. It has its haters though, as I know from subscribing to several anime blogs on WP.

    My son and I both liked it a lot. I watched season 1 on Netflix, and then bought a subs to Crunchyroll just so I could see season 2. You are right. There are multiple story arcs within a season, so that might get confusing.

    The show has been criticized for its depiction of women as sex objects, which I have never understood. There are very few “jiggle” moments in comparison to most anime. I let my son watch it with me, and we use those moments to talk about things.
    Also Asuna and the other ladies very heroic throughout.

    I though SAO had very good storytelling. Much better than Hollywood.
    That one character who knew she would not make it, and would die in the game .. and how she sent Kirito a pre-recorded Christmas message … and he cries .. and I cried …

    The only complaint I have was when Asuna and Kirito were killed but they were not really killed. Look, their heath bars went down to zero. They should have been dead. The inventor/programmer brought them back, and ended the game, but that is CHEATING. Where is the drama if a character who is killed can be brought back? They had established earlier in the series that when one is killed they are gone.

    I might have to re-watch that part over.

    But I loved it. And loved your post!

    PS: I have a plush doll of Yui !

    Liked by 2 people

    • I totally cried too at that exact same instant in the anime!~! Oh I don’t think it a negative towards women in any way, in fact so many of the characters reflect strength in the anime and there’s nothing wrong with the cuteness and sexiness of a girl’s depiction I think. It’s inspiring ~* as I’d love to be beautiful like Asuna too =).

      A~h I’m trying to not remember what you wrote about Kirito and Asuna here LOL as I’m yet to reach that point in the anime =P. I’m still waiting for “Aincrad” part 2 to arrive along with the rest of the DVD sets =).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Matthew says:

    Nice post and thank you for mentioning me 😀
    I know that SAO has its up and downs but I love SAO. The story and characters are really interesting. It’s one of my top favorite anime.
    Another thing I like about the series is the op/ed music. LiSA and Eir Aoi are wonderful singers.
    I really don’t like how Aniplex of America over price the DVDs 😡

    Liked by 2 people

    • Denny Sinnoh says:

      Yes, the music was great, another component of what makes a great series.
      Someone create a post where we have all the SAO songs!
      This is one of my favorites. Trying not to cry … trying to hold it back … can’t help it …
      Look I’m not crying — I have ALLERGIES —

      Liked by 2 people

      • Matthew says:

        I love this song! I really like Tomatsu Haruka’s voice in this song. I am hoping to get the song “Yume Sekai” CD so I can listen all day. I remember this song played at the end of episode 14. Such heavenly voice.

        Liked by 2 people

        • A~h I really want the soundtrack or singles for these theme songs!! This is a wonderful performance embedded here …lovely voice and amazing song ^^. Anime theme songs just as with drama theme songs, they really do heighten the overall appeal so much more as you grow so attached to them over time as you hear them during each episode.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Matthew says:

            Yeah I agree. These singles are fantastic. I am willing to pay my money to buy these songs. Hearing them is the best parr of watching anime. Personally, Sword Art Online songs are captivating and amazing.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Always after watching a t.v. drama series, like when it’s all finished I totally get this lonely feeling if it was one of the great ones. Like you become so attached to the characters so much that seeing them on a weekly basis becomes surreal like they are part of you and then the shows over and it’s lonely. But then! ….you have the theme song(s) which you can listen to and it brings back all of those memories of the drama whether happy or sad ^^.

              Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for linking Denny! Such a lovely song~♥ and it’s the first time I’m hearing this artist, she has a really lovely voice!! ^^

        Liked by 1 person

    • OH it was totally your write-ups Matthew! ….which got me so interested and then I just thought why not go for it and check this anime out, and to my delight it’s every bit as good as I could have imagined!~!

      Love the theme songs too so far both opening and closing, it’s perfect how the opening theme is very upbeat while the closing one is a lovely ballad …works so perfect with the mood of the show ^^.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Matthew says:

        I am glad to hear that you enjoyed. If you ever want to chat about SAO, come by and visit, I am always here. Just hearing about how I influenced you to watch it was very rewarding to my heart; you made my day 🙂
        I also agree with opening, it gives me a boost of energy and the ending was soothing and elegant.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Ivan says:

    lot ppl like SAO

    i never read or watched the anime
    but i need do this look really good

    Liked by 2 people

  4. The Otaku Judge says:

    Glad to hear that this show has got you watching anime after many years. I have enjoyed SAO a lot and am looking forward to the new series/movie.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy to hear your endorsement for this anime \(^o^)/!~! And oh a movie too?! It’s been just the first DVD set so far but I’m absolutely hooked~♥ and already ordered season one sets 2 through 4, the extra edition and set 1 from the second season ….it looks like the set 2 for season two is coming out very soon also =). Only downside is just how pricey Aniplex truly is!!! =( Still it’s like I totally have to watch this anime as it’s got me so intrigued!

      Matthew definitely struck a chord with his reviews so I owe him for this new found love~♥ ^^.

      Liked by 1 person

      • The Otaku Judge says:

        Yeah, it sucks how Aniplex chop a series up into multiple releases and/or charge a lot of money. Some anime fans are so devoted to their hobby that they will pay any fee, but in the long run I think that sort of thing makes people pirate shows.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Really seems that they could have boxed up at least two “sets” into one if not all four into one for the asking price =/. I mean with television shows, with the exception of “Marvel Agents of Shield” (one my current t.v. addictions!!) which was ridiculously pricey for the second season ….you can typically get entire seasons for the price of just a slice of SAO =O. Most likely does cause fans to go elsewhere to get their favorite anime which is the downfall of such pricing, I totally agree. It’s amazing how many anime you guys watch!! Where do you find the time? ….I barely have enough time outside of work and babysitting my niece for much me time these days xD.

          Liked by 1 person

  5. First off, I’m overjoyed to hear that this show roped you back into anime, and hopefully you decide to stick around for a bit longer 🙂 And you bought the first set – Good for you! I keep contemplating on buying the series, or at least the first two DVDs of Aincrad, but the price irks me a bit. I’ll probably end up picking it up sometime, though. I’m Takuto, the host at my small little blog, and I just wanted to extend my hello!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hello Takuto o(*´∀`)o゛、

      It’s been years since I’ve been so addicted to an anime series!! And SAO just has such an amazing premise to it all and it’s so well written I think with already memorable characters that you really care about and well this story line’s just so intriguing!~!

      U~n Aniplex really appears to have inflated the price of this series =( …I do wonder though if it’s perhaps due to the English cast production and those additional costs? Still in any case it seems like an awful lot to pay for a few episodes on each DVD set =(.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I agree on both fronts. Such an amazing tale (at least the Aincrad Arc is), but it costs an arm and a leg just to show your pride for the franchise! As for your idea of the dub, I wouldn’t be surprise if that’s what’s fueling the monstrous price tag, but I still want to own the first two sets ^.^ Maybe one of these days . . .

        Liked by 1 person

        • U~n it could go on your anime~wish~* list =). Each episode’s ending has me so intrigued and wanting to know what will happen next! I ended up watching all seven episodes on the first DVD set in one sitting ….marathon~watching as I just didn’t want to stop and save them for later but now I’ll have a bit of a wait until the rest arrives ^^.

          Liked by 1 person

    • Hmmm …your link to your site may be down now? I tried clicking on your blog link above and WP says it doesn’t exist, or maybe you’ve moved to a new address since this one?

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