C-ute Calendar 2016~♡!~!

C-ute 2016 desk top calendar

C-ute 2016 desk-top calendar

YES!! it’s already that time of year albeit C-ute’s 2016 calendar did have a bit of an earlier release date than most other group/idol calendars which are set to release later this month into the days of November and even December for some.

C-ute and other H!P artists are offering two version types, here the one I’ve purchased is their “type A” version calendar and basically for me it came down to the preferable design here which features atop a wire binding with an all sturdy cardboard base which folds out simply so that the calendar may sit sturdily. Note the type B calendar does appear to feature an entirely different photo shoot, type A’s being of the glamorous style while type B features a much more casual styling. It’s also most notable that the type A calendar’s individual month pages are constructed of VERY VERY thick and sturdy pages with a slight gloss to them and that there are indeed 12 pages here! 12 pages being a pretty big deal as typically Japanese calendars in general whether they be of the wall type or desktop type usually only feature 6~7 pages as months are doubled-up per page w/ the addition of a bonus non-month page. The calendar measures approximately 8” across & 6 1/4” in height.

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~C-ute’s 2016 calendar can be ordered @ Cdjapan~

(note: Type A had just 5 left in stock while type B had just 6 left in stock as of the moment of this posting. Calendars typically aren’t restocked once they sell out so if you’re a C-ute fan and would like one or both of them, then time is of the essence in getting your order in ^^.)


Here I’ve scanned all of the type A pages and they’re full sized scans so if you click ~* double-click ~* on them they’ll get pretty large =) ……

C-ute calendar 2016 (desktop) (1)

C-ute calendar 2016 (desktop) (2)

C-ute calendar 2016 (desktop) (3)

C-ute calendar 2016 (desktop) (4)

C-ute calendar 2016 (desktop) (5)

C-ute calendar 2016 (desktop) (6)

C-ute calendar 2016 (desktop) (7)

C-ute calendar 2016 (desktop) (8)

C-ute calendar 2016 (desktop) (9)

C-ute calendar 2016 (desktop) (10)

C-ute calendar 2016 (desktop) (11)

C-ute calendar 2016 (desktop) (12)

C-ute calendar 2016 (desktop) (13)


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to C-ute Calendar 2016~♡!~!

  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Perfect for the office. Just be prepared to use the excuse:
    “Oh, those are my wife’s niece’s … they always send us a calendar every Christmas. Such great kids, and doing well in college, we couldn’t be more proud.”

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  2. jmsabbagh says:

    Exceptional Japanese Beauty.Have a wonderful week.Jalal

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  3. philipleslie says:

    A very stylish calendar indeed. There’s only 3 left now on CDJapan. There’s 9 of Juice=Juice, and I see the AKB48 Group Official Calendar isn’t released until Dec 18th, which is okay if you live in Japan, but if not, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to hang it on the wall on Jan 1st!

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    • I love that they used wire bindings too with this year’s or rather next year’s design! Type B has C-ute in casual wardrobes while type A has a sexy glamour to it buy I don’t think type B is bound the same way.

      I’m an automatic sucker for AKCalendars so I’ve got it pre-ordered and YES it may indeed be some time in 2016 before it arrives depending on the speed of the postal service! I haven’t seen any individual AKMember calendars as of yet but I imagine they’ll be listed soon also …..wonderful that in addition to ex-AKB girl Yuko getting a calendar this year, but also ex-NMB girl Nana is getting one too =).


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