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Idols unzipped...

And a Happy Aloha~♥ (rainy here….) Friday to you ^^!~!

This posting of Unzipped♥ is a very very special one ~*as not only will we taking a look and listen to an idol’s music of yesteryear but also I personally will be taking you back to the very days of when I first encountered this particular gravure idol’s J-Music world so it’s a bit of double~nostalgia to begin your idol~lovin’ weekend ^^.



So for tonight’s Idols Unzipped♥ we’re traveling back to the year 2008 for an eye opening J-music experience of mine and I’m very happy to have you along =)…. but first what is the reason(s) that you visit here? Do you have this site bookmarked or are you subscribed or perhaps you’d arrived here one day by the means of a happy~accident, you know when you did a little Google search and clicked on a “relevant” link only to find something not quite as what you were originally searching for? In any case if you’re a return visitor then surely we share~♥ some thing(s) in common =). Could it be J-music or J~idols or perhaps it’s the whole J-Culture in general? In any case you may have on occasion been a bit hesitant to click ~* on a clip or music mp3 here …..however if there’s one “new” to you artist that you do venture to listen to today/tonight, make it this one as you’ll thank your finger for clicking ~* when all is said and done ^^.


It was the summer of 2008 in the latter days of May when for four days my musical attention had been placed firmly on an idol whom just a week prior I had had no previous knowledge of and when it comes to impulse J-Pop purchases it’s a definite weakness of mine (see numerous J-Pop adventures into the unknown I’ve written about right here over the years =) ) .

So a week prior during that summer of 2008 went kind of like this: Read a review by Ray @ IW covering said idol (sure you know of his numerous iconic sites!), saw some kawaii photos! Proceeded to order her entire available music catalog at the time @ Cdjapan. Whenever a “new” idol is introduced to me one of my initial curiosities is whether they’ve ventured into the music industry as it’s notably quite common even if some tenures are quite short lived still there’s always the hope of a glimpse right ^^!

Akiyama Nana...

Akiyama Nana up until then had released just four singles and one album between July ’06 and September ’07 and I may have perhaps acted hastily as I ordered all of these releases without hearing a single note or vocal (YES I can “sometimes” be even wacky that way!!!). This was actually a bit odd even for me as I would usually like to hear the artist/group first before taking the plunge into their works but call it wacky intuition but somehow I just had a good feeling, a happy vibe if you will that Nana~chan wouldn’t disappoint. Other memorable “blind” purchases that I’ve made in the past that worked out wonderfully were the debut of Speed, the debut of Morning Musume, Moritaka Chisato off a best of on the Oricon then…. , Sakurai Tomo, Nishida Hikaru, Tanimura Yumi whom enticed me @ our Book Off one fateful and wonderful day!!…. and Sakai Noriko to name just a few albeit most of these “blind” purchases were done while I was working at a music store which well gave me the possibility of a return if I didn’t care for them save for the Book Off venture… but Nah! I wouldn’t do that! =P I till this day have kept all of my Mission singles as proof of just that!  And in the tradition of the aforementioned said “blind” purchases, or perhaps call it blind luck…. Akiyama Nana is a keeper! ^-^

Akiyama Nana..

Now I did mention that Nana~chan’s modeling career was indeed of the “gravure” nature and so before we go any further here’s a visual which will pretty well sum up her gravure~ness (today’s made up word =)! ) and in under two minutes no less!…..

~Akiyama Nana in all of her “gravure” sexiness~!~! captured in less than 2 minutes~

Just the notion of an idol let alone a gravure idol turned vocalist, one may immediately dismiss them to a land of cutesy melodies and bubblegum pop which admittedly was my very expectation. One can never have enough cute J-Pop though!… so this “blind” purchase was done with that very notion in mind, however on this particular summer’s Saturday when I got home from a brunch date, the Akiyama Nana collection that awaited me in the post had something very different in mind from the very instant that I placed her first single into the player.

Here hit play before I go on and while first impressions I know are MOST important and lasting I’ve chosen this momentous song to be Akiyama Nana’s “Hashiru.”


~Akiyama Nana “Hashiru”~

Really one of my most favorite J-songs all~time!Hashiru”…a happy happy happy wall of psychedelic goodness and I really love Nana~chan’s vocals throughout this one ….fun, upbeat with just a touch of her wonderful falsetto (。ーωー。)♪ !You will so get hooked by this infectious melody, it’s really that GREAT ^^!~!

Next~up is her second single “Orange iro” which has an amazing piano driven melody which is sweetly complimented with rhythmic lyrical phrases all set over a beautiful backdrop of 60’s fuzziness (。ーωー。)♪!~!

~Akiyama Nana “Orange Iro” mp3~

~Akiyama Nana “Orange Iro” (music video)~

Interestingly Akiyama Nana didn’t release enough music videos to officially warrant a pv DVD collection back then  =( and here’s just one of two music videos which I’m aware of existing, here’s “Orange Iro”‘s pv ^^.

And note this next song ↓↓ has about a 25 second long intro which is a bit quiet but please don’t adjust your volume too much as the music will start soon!…

~Akiyama Nana “Futari nori”~

..initially “Futari nori” may sound like a typical J-Pop release but after a few seconds the arrangement fully kicks in and all of my false personal pretenses I mentioned a bit earlier were quickly washed away!!!! At first it was the accompanying musical arrangements that struck me as the writing is in-depth, with elaborate and deeply creative songs which draw deep roots of inspiration from periods such as the 60’s with an approach which is contemporary perfection~*.”Futari nori” was also released as the b-side to “Sayonara to hajimari” and the single version is presented without the intro which is on the album version (above). So if you’d prefer to go without the extended quite~ness then go with the single version ^^.

~Akiyama Nana “Hikari to kage no palette”~

And I’m also loving the jazz influences in “Hikari to kage no palette” as well! But Akiyama Nana’s vocals are also notably not of the cutesy idol genre at all and while her voice is indeed “cute”, her vocals are delivered in more of a sense of musical purpose rather than aesthetic lacing… hmmmmm I just don’t know how else to put that and I hope it makes some sort of sense! =P And some of the vocal arrangements are quite advanced pieces too! Initially you may not find her vocals to be particularly remarkable but give it some time and I’m thinking you will find hers to be pure ❤ !!!! Some of the songs are more straightforward but I think you will agree that many of the musical arrangements that will follow here are quite complex with a vast inclusion of various instrumentation and influences and I’d just been so so impressed by her!! Never in my wildest imagination had I been expecting this! I admittedly listen to a lot of cutesy J-Pop because I’m “slightly” addicted! …however Akiyama Nana’s releases had been somewhat of a breath of fresh air @ the time in a sense and this is mostly a state of self infliction, though I’m not complaining! =) ….though it’s just that I at the time had just rarely come across idol releases of this nature. And please do take note of the larger body of work here as a single song or two just won’t do Akiyama Nana any justice!! ….as her music is so varied and wide spread in gathering together so many different genres of music as you will hear over the next few track. Okay quite a bit of songs and I really wanted to upload them all but I must save something for your further intrigue into her RIGHT! ^-^ I do wonder sometimes if I tend to write too much and babble on aimlessly after awhile so instead of putting you through more of my possibly unnecessary words how about more sophisticated, well written, and inspired J-Pop delivered by Akiyama Nana (a then new “love” of mine!) and oh! yes more photos of course as after all she was a gravure idol putting that one lightly! ~♡ (*´∀`*) ♪~♪。

My Akiyama Nana collection during the summer of 2008!

~My then blind impulse ~* purchased Akiyama Nana CD collection during that summer of ‘08 ^^!

So here’s Akiyama Nana’s musical discography which had arrived on that wonderfully fated Saturday from many moons ago! ….and in all hindsight it turned out kind of ironic that after I had fallen so deeply in love with her voice and music it had then appeared as though Nana~chan may have moved on from her music career as her then most recent release was a single dating back to September 19th, 2007 which meant that she’d been inactive for quite awhile(´∩`*)。 Still a bit later in this post there did occur a resurfacing of Nana’s musical career albeit it was a MOST brief one.

Akiyama Nana single first press trading cards....

Some of these editions are first pressings too, so a few bonus cute trading cards were included which are designed with a cell phone appearance in mind. 🙂

Akiyama Nana♥

Ah I love this particular photo ↑↑ she’s just so adorable!! ….and you do know that idol + guitar = ❤ always! ^^

Akiyama Nana.....

Akiyama Nana~♥

~Akiyama Nana “Wakatte kureru tomodachi wa

hitori datte ii”~

Akiyama Nana’s debut song ↑↑ is a bright and cheery one and the musical arrangement will have you thinking clear skies and a joyous walk outside! ^^

Akiyama Nana~♥~♥

~Akiyama Nana “Yoake mae”~

“Yoake mae” is pure 60’s inspired! …with those wonderful dreamy tones and I just love the bouncy piano arrangement that kicks in @ about 45 seconds into the song!

Akiyama Nana...♥


~Akiyama Nana “Aozora”~

“Aozora” is probably her cutest song melody~wise but even in this context the verses are still casual examples of rhythmic complexity but it all pays homage to the chorus sections which are definitely written with an aura of cuteness! 🙂

Akiyama Nana♥~♥

~Akiyama Nana “tiptoe”~

“tiptoe” is the b-side to “Orange iro” but it could have easily been an a-side in its own right. I think you’ll love its infectious jazzy influence and Nana’s vocal phrasing is a delight in its own here ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ! ~!

Akiyama Nana....♥!

Akiyama Nana ♥

~Akiyama Nana “Kuusou Glider”~

“Kuusou glider” (“Daydream;fantasy glider”) combines ska rhythms with a well driven rock/pop sound as they blend seamlessly in this energetic track. This is another fine example of the diversity presented in her works as a whole, such a great~great song!

Akiyama Nana...!

~Akiyama Nana “Garasu no tobira”~

“Garasu no tobira” (“Glass  Door”) has Nana performing with a wonderfully sassy vocal to this 60’s flavored “alternative” rock tune! I love her phrasing throughout this song …as it’s strong yet cute! ~♡ (*´∀`*) ♪~♪。

Akiyama Nana....♥!!

Akiyama Nana♥...♥!

~Akiyama Nana “Sayonara to hajimari”~

“Sayonara to hajimari” is the title track of Nana~chan’s 3rd single and this one is a lovely ballad …pure and straightforward with a beautifully composed chorus which soars ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!

Akiyama Nana♥!!!!

~Akiyama Nana “Kaeri michi~

The 12th and final song that I’ve chosen to share makes for the perfect closing song for this post as “Kaeri michi” is not only the final track on her album but it’s melancholy melody of sorts makes for the perfect closer as it has a “winding down” feeling that’s a bit difficult to explain in words …Mmm imagine a wonderful lazy Sunday afternoon with nothing but you and your favorite MP3 player as “Kaeru michi” plays in the background (sigh*…) (*´∀`) うれしー♥♥♥!


For anyone interested in purchasing any of Akiyama Nana’s music her complete catalog can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.


Akiyama Nana ♥~♥...

❤ !!~!!

  Akiyama Nana!!!

Akiyama Nana!~!

Akiyama Nana!!~!!

Akiyama♥ Nana

Akiyama Nana....♥!!!!

~Akiyama Nana “Mini Live Tour 2006” Collage clip~

And lastly here’s a little bonus collage clip which is available as a bonus track on the first pressing Akiyama Nana’s 3rd single “Sayonara to hajimari” She’s even more adorable when moving right! …..and so here’s Nana~chan’s 2006 tour event all condensed into just under six minutes =)!~!

I had really hoped that Akiyama Nana would one day return to recording more music as I’ve totally fallen in love with her voice and the music written for her is so refreshing with well written pieces that sport individuality and a vast sense of diversity to them!! One can still dream ~* right! ^-^ as Akiyama Nana + MUSIC = pure ❤ ~!

But wait! There’s more =)!!~!!

Akiyama Nana ♥ continues…

Akiyama Nana Light Bright shashinshuu....

Flash forward to May 29th, 2008….

..as I was looking for Hirata Kaoru’s virtual date clip I came across an article covering Akiyama Nana’s first shashinshuu titled “Pupil” in the very same issue of UTB! It’s always a great surprise when I look at some of my older idol magazines and then recognize an idol whom I wasn’t familiar with at all when I had first gotten the issue only to know of her later and then retroactively recognize her in old issues! =) My Akiyama Nana “infatuation” was still very VERY brand new but seeing an article on her in UTB was nonetheless a wonderful sight and talk about timing~!!

~Akiyama Nana “Hashiru”~

Now that I’d had awhile to listen to her entire catalog many many times I’ve decided on this to be my most favorite songs by her as aforementioned however with a little more time passed to soak it all in meaningfully since I first heard it, I now can honestly say it’s not of the “Amelie” factor, you know like when you just walk out of a theater proclaiming “this” to be the greatest film you’ve ever watched like EVER!! Only to later realize you may have just over reached on that announcement =P. No this is the real deal, one of the best J-songs I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering no doubt about it ^^.

Hit play if you passed up on it a bit earlier (shame on you!! =O) I think you’ll like it too …it has a sort of happy walking on sunshine kind of feeling!! A song that’ll brighten up any day no matter what mood you’re in. It’s really tough choosing a best though as I really think that all of her songs are great and that’s kind of rare even with someone as easy to please as me =P!, to love every song by an artist.

UTB April 2006 issue....

So this is that issue.

The April 2006 issue of UTB was the first to feature their amazing DVD extra!!! ….and with Aichan♥ gracing the cover you really couldn’t ask for a better looking cover too! Both Hirata Kaoru’s virtual date and Akiyama Nana’s little feature covering the making of her debut shashinshuu “Pupil” are on this issue’s DVD which has an impressive running time of 90 minutes!!! Nana~chan’s got a very cute speaking voice too I must say. =)

A few days prior her PB collection also arrived from Amazon Japan but her “Pupil” shashinshuu seems to have suffered some sort of moisture damage although it was completely sealed and brand new. This is the first time that I’ve seen something like this and I hope it’s not too difficult to get a replacement from them! UPDATE: Happily Amazon replaced the book free of any additional charges and they didn’t even want the damaged one back, I guess what purpose would that have amounted to? =P And so I did also give that copy away here all those years ago as the damage was slight making for a still collectible piece of gravure idol history~.

My Akiyama Nana shashinshuu collection....

~My Akiyama Nana shashinshuu collection~

All 3 shashinshuu are beautifully shot and with Nana’s age difference in each being so noticeable despite their closeness in release dates, each has a really unique look in terms of Nana’s natural beauty.

Akiyama Nana Daydream trading cards....

~Akiyama Nana “Daydream” trading cards~

“Pupil” and “Daydream” also come with randomly inserted trading cards and the two that I got from the latter is pictured above. If you turn the cards over they look to form a larger photo of Nanachan but as 6 are required to complete the photo one can only imagine how many copies of the same PB you’d have to purchase in order to complete the photo! =O “Pupil” has four different trading cards available.

I really used to have a hard time bringing myself to scan hardcover shashinshuu as you just know that with each scan you’re damaging the book’s spine! Suffice to say I’ve since gotten much better at it =) However back then I only brought myself to scan a couple of images literally two =P which are just below:

Akiyama Nana PB

The above scan is from her third shashinshuu “Light Bright” and next one is from….

Akiyama Nana PB...

..her second shashinshuu “Daydream.” ^-^ Below is the complete Akiyama Nana article (haha okay it’s more photos than words! =P) from the aforementioned issue of UTB, isn’t she soooooooooooooo cute!

Akiyama Nana in UTB1

Akiyama Nana in UTB2

Akiyama Nana in UTB3

I love that photo of her sticking out her tongue! (^o^)

Akiyama Nana in UTB4

Nana~chan’s definitely my favorite gravure idol turned singer/performer!! ^^

Now if only she’d continue to release more music! Please!!! =)

But wait!

There’s just a bit more here =)!!~!!

「Akiyama Nana…

“Nothing’s gonna change my world.”」

And for one last time tonight we flash forward to now October 3rd, 2008.

Akiyama Nana Sora wo oyogu sakana single release with first press poster....

Akiyama Nana’s previous single “Onaji hoshi” had been released just over a year ago on September 19, 2007 and while all hope of more music from her seemed all but possibly lost, nearly to the day one year later she had finally returned with a new single release which was to my great delight! ^o^ I truly had begun to think that we’d heard the last musical release from this amazingly talented idol whom had so much more to offer I felt.

It’s so remarkable for a former gravure idol to release music of this depth and nature as I for one as aforementioned would normally expect something much more cutesy or bubblegum~my to say the least …and Akiyama Nana does neither, bringing with her attractive vocals, music deeply rooted and inspired by the 60’s, which just happens to be a decade I’m totally in love with and have been so for quite some time~, so much that my father once said that I perhaps should have been born in the sixties, you know me hanging Beatles posters all over my walls during my mid teens may have been a bit out of the box for my age and yet it all felt so SO right ^^.

Akiyama Nana Sora wo oyogu sakana first press poster from Cdjapan! =)

As evidenced just above, Sayu’s then new shashinshuu and DVD had arrived on that same day as well! Every now and then Cdjapan sends a quite large box and it usually means a poster is included! My only wonder was …Sayu or Nana? LOL actually in all of these years of ordering through Cdjapan (roughly since 1999) they’ve only sent me one Hello! Project related poster that being a live C-ute poster. So really I knew it had to be Nanachan in the box this time. =) The Akiyama Nana poster above is actually depicting the regular edition release of this single whereas I ordered the first press edition which also included….

Akiyama Nana Sora wo oyogu sakana first press LE trading card....

…one Nanachan trading card out of 5 random designs as well as a special fold out jacket. ^-^ It’s cute how they all depict a cell phone’s face. Back then I remember wondering what Nanachan could have been up to over the past year in her musical absence then ….? …well one thing was evident, that being she’d grown as an artist as the title track “Sora wo oyogu sakana” marked her debut as a lyricist! And with the same music composer back as well her infectiously wonderful breed of nostalgic pop continued as if she had never left us.

Akiyama Nana Sora wo oyogu sakana LE booklet scan

Something else that I that thought was wonderful was that Akiyama Nana was also credited in the liner notes as the “stylist”, now what could be better than being in charge of your own look? =) !~! A hair and makeup artist was on hand but from the sound of it Nanachan was directing it all.

 Akiyama Nana Sora wo oyogu sakana LE booklet scan2

~Akiyama Nana “sora wo oyogu sakana” mp3~

~Akiyama Nana “sora wo oyogu sakana” (music video)~

Really cute and candidly shot music video! ^^

“Sora wo oyogu sakana” is noted for its direct Elvis Costello influence while its coupling track “Start Line” (below) is heavily inspired by The Beatles. YAY!!!! The title track’s title alone creates a vivid and imaginative picture in one’s mind and neither track here disappoints. It was such a delight that Nanachan had taken that first step in furthering her musical career by penning the lyrics here herself as both tracks additionally represent such a high quality of musicianship and song writing and I just love these arrangements whole heartedly. There’s a different level of depth in Nanachan’s music catalog versus your average releases and these genres in particular lend themselves to a tried and true approach to music which will never go out of style. The Beatles in particular are responsible for influencing countless artists and groups over the decades (even in their own) and with such a well rounded and developed body of works left behind for us to treasure it seems that individually each and every writer is able to take an aspect of theirs and make it their own in a sense keeping the music alive and continuing its growth as new styles emerge and grow in time.

~Akiyama Nana “Start Line”~

Akiyama Nana Sora wo oyogu sakana LE booklet scan3

Akiyama Nana Sora wo oyogu sakana LE booklet scan4

I had been once again! really impressed by this her sadly final J-music release =( and while I had been most hopeful that Nanachan wouldn’t give up her musical aspirations as she had really shown the type of quality and true artist that an idol can become when coupled with the right type of direction and musical visionary.

She had all but vanished musically for an entire year that previous time…. and now in deep hindsight I just feel fortunate to have come across her music for it still stands as historically as some of idol’s very BEST ^^.

Akiyama Nana Sora wo oyogu sakana LE booklet scan5

Idols unzipped...

This has been a music is good for your soul production ^^.

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30 Responses to ~「TGIF!」Idol♡s Unzipped on way back Fridays Presents Akiyama Nana…. the J-Music Years (volume 89)

  1. philipleslie says:

    Wow, I’m a convert to all things Akiyama! What a wonderful package she is: beautiful, cute, intelligent, and I love her voice. The songs are really attractive. I’m not a great fan of 60s music (although I admire the Beatles’ contribution), but I do love when the sound of it gets re-worked, as by the great Tsunku and in several of the songs here. It’s in the guitar melodies, isn’t it. Back in Days of Yore the guitar used to play tunes, rather than riffs and the inevitable showing-off solos. Whoever arranged these songs gave the guitar that lyrical side and the ensuing 60s feel. I love the jazziness, too, as in ‘Tiptoe’. Akiyama’s voice doesn’t go particularly jazzy, but it still feels jazzy. I immediately think of Aiko, whose voice doesn’t vary much from song to song, but weirdly sounds different every time, depending on the context. How that magic happens I just don’t know. I love ‘Sora o oyogu sakana’. Really catchy. But what’s the title translate as, please? ‘Fish Swimming in the Sky’? although I’m not sure why ‘sakana’, if it is ‘fish’ isn’t a kanji. ‘Hashiru’ is wonderful.
    There’s a short biography on Generasia which mentions ‘Pupil’, and how it reached number 1 in the Amazon books chart. There’s also a link to her blog, but sadly she’s not updated it since 2006. Does the title of her only album mean ‘Palette of light and shapes’, or something like that? I’m definitely going to buy it. As you know, I can’t resist a new artist. One of my own recent ‘great finds’ was Hisakawa Aya, whose single ‘Sunday’ has resulted in my finger getting bent out of shape from hitting ‘replay’ so many times. What’s interesting about Akiyama is the difference between the bikini-wearing gravure idol in the short video and the Akiyama who introduces one of her songs in a completely serious manner. It reminds you (yet again) that never know a person until you’ve seen them in various situations. I guess Shizuka Nakamura, who’s a year older than Akiyama, is a very different person when she’s swapped the bikini for everyday clothes.
    Anyway, let me applaud you for such a wonderful post. It was good of Amazon to replace your water-damaged book, but the way. That’s very impressive. It would be interesting to watch the documentary about her becoming a singer. Not sure if that’s still available. Maybe it’s on the CDJapan link…

    Liked by 1 person

    • There really should be a love button in addition to a like button! Your thoughts and reaction here being so uplifting (*´∀`) うれしー♥♥♥!

      You’re such an amazing music enthusiast!~! And I was so hoping you’d come to love Akiyama Nana’s music too!! You’ve hit the head of the musical nail as YES it’s totally the guitar’s role in these compositions and how many songs are constructed around it and I’m wondering if you had headphones on for these songs and videos? If so you can really appreciate the individual instrumentation so much more and just how well produced these songs truly are. Like the hard panning to the left and right for particular instruments at particular times in various songs, it’s all done so awesome! For instance when you listen to “Orange Iro” ….. that psychedelic fuzzy organ (I think? although it may be a special guitar effect or amp perhaps I’m not sure….) appears prominently only in the first pre-chorus far to the left side of the recording and it’s nuances and touches such as these which really make all of these songs such a step above compositions and recordings I think. U~n the song writer is definitely a Beatles~♥ FAN!!!! No question as you hear so many Beatles-isms everywhere….and continuing with just “Orange Iro” here when the second verse begins to the far left channel there’s this distinctly “Strawberry Fields Forever” effect going on there with the fuzzy keyboard?..sound plus the light orchestrations which seem to float above all of the instruments is outstandingly done and appears only at the right times it seems =). A~h at the very ending of “Orange Iro” you can even hear the guitarist tapping his plate guard I think that’s what that sound is…? In any case a very cool touch ^^.

      Good point with aiko, I soooooo agree with everything you’ve said!!! Un at first you may think that Nana~chan’s vocals are perhaps a bit underwhelming but that soon washes away as a totally false pretense doesn’t it and how her vocal arrangements are done are just so perfect every time! “tiptoe” is a definite standout here, love how it begins with just the beat and piano… then the orchestration and that oh so lovely jazzy guitar! Love that they used an acoustic bass too! Love LOVE the acoustic bass as there’s just nothing like those standard “walking bass lines.” Can you tell I’m excited by you!!!!? You’ve literally just made my weekend GREAT! I mean that! We connect on so much musically, more than anyone I’ve ever met here I think! =) And you have such a broad knowledge of music genres so you always totally get IT. U~n it’s a bit of a strange song title isn’t it =P …..if only fish were up there too =D! Such a catchy song and it turned out to be her swan~song sadly but still what an amazing single to end your music ventures with….love that this particular song got a music video too as I believe she oddly had just two official ones and they weren’t even officially released …odd as well. But seeing Nana~chan in action with her music is I guess that much more extra special all of this being the case with their rarity. “Sayonara to hajimari” is such a lovely ballad isn’t it!!!!! Listening to it right now as I type …♥. Sometimes it’s an “art” or standout thing where katakana is used instead of the kanji to make a different and notable impression with words and the visuals they can provoke.

      Oh I had not searched for her blog, sad to hear she doesn’t update it anymore but surely she’s moved on from the celebrity life…..I hope she’s healthy and most happy =)! U~n her shashinshuu were these super sexy pictorials and here I photographed just three of them with her fourth one being set to be scanned for an upcoming Idols♥ Unzipped post ^^. “Futari Nori” ‘s chorus is so catchy!~! Again there’s that 60’s guitar groove and styling all around with the fuzzy overtones and orchestration. You hear The Beatles inspiration ~* here too …I keep saying this but I SO LOVE THAT ABOUT SO MANY OF THESE SONGS♥! That would be a correct translation of her album title =) ….has such an artistic sound about it doesn’t it and it’s so so appropriate for what’s on her album, just amazing artistic expressions one after another all done to perfection! You know she doesn’t have a single average song, no filler songs ….it’s I think such a rarity to have this heightened level of song writing for an artist’s entire catalog.“Wakatte kureru tomodachi wa hitori datte ii” is a gem in itself isn’t it, like if you really listen to the chorus section there’s this sort of avante garde jazzy piano thing going on in the “background” albeit it’s not in the background at all…..such a catchy chorus I can hit repeat on all of these songs over and over~♥. And OMG the orchestration for this song is so amazingly right on and how it adds such a dramatic touch here is intense and especially during the song’s outro where even the acoustic guitar and bass lines get ramped up so much!

      Un now that you mention it, Nakamura Shizuka had this whisky article awhile back and in it you really get a much different feel about her entirely and just how articulate she truly is ….the non gravure Shizuka~chan who’s also my girl~crush♥ (“himitsu!” =P). Un Nana~chan introduces her pv for “Orange Iro” …haha I’ve babbled on and on about this song too much already haven’t I! I believe it was a two part documentary? Not totally sure as I don’t own it =(. Un Amazon Japan really surprised me nicely when they replaced it without any issues …haha I used to giveaway quite a number of shashinshuu on this site during the early years of its existence albeit giving away the then extra copy of Nana’s book was for a very different reason =). Now listening to her album’s title track “Hikari to kage no palette” and albeit I’ve already babbled on about it in this post I just have to say what an outstanding melody and overall composition …how the guitars rhythm, the drums and orchestration all create such a euphoric chorus here is tingle worthy!! Not to mention Nana~chan’s♥ vocalizing which really pushes the melody, such an upbeat GEM!

      No thank you♥!!! I applaud you for experiencing, expressing, composing and loving music the amazing ways that you do ….hugs~♡!!!!

      The more you listen to these songs the more you will LOVE them! For me it’s been like my love for them doesn’t peak and settle but rather it continues to grow as I can appreciate “new” things about each song the next time I listen …♥.

      I hope you can get Nana~chan’s album very soon!! Note though that the outstanding b-side “Hashiru” which I’m head over heels in love with forever is only on her single “Onaji Hoshi” …making that single perhaps a must have too? =) Oh and in regards to Nana’s album’s different covers I’m thinking it may be a first press/ regular press thing as even her singles had different cover artwork for her first pressings and regular editions.

      ありがとう~!!~♡ (*´∀`*) ♪~♪。

      Liked by 1 person

  2. philipleslie says:

    ‘Hikari to kage no palette’ seems to come in two versions: do you think this is the reprint: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00YZ77X2C?keywords=akiyama%20nana&qid=1445118654&ref_=sr_1_1&s=music&sr=1-1
    Amazon also sells the version cover that you have.

    Liked by 1 person

    • A~h silly me had read both of your comments and then I replied to this one above without realizing it (-∀-`)。U~n it is a Limited Edition/ Regular Edition thing ….besides the different cover artwork the only differences being that the LE comes with a trading card inside as both versions include a bonus enhanced CD track and those are different as well with the LE including “Light” and the RE including “Shade.” Sadly my iTunes doesn’t recognize the track at all so I couldn’t add it to my iPod =(. But in any case I say get the LE for the trading card, plus its cover I think is prettier too ^^.


      • philipleslie says:

        btw have you ever heard this:

        The orchestration is by the late, great Michael Kamen, would went on to compose movie scores.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I do own just one Kate Bush album from a long time back ..its title escapes me now. She has a most unique voice and I love the orchestration here!! It gives this song its entire mood really ….and when it comes to music sort of this style?? …I do absolutely love Sarah McLachlan!! Her album “Fumbling towards ecstasy” remains as an all time fave album~♥!~!

          Liked by 1 person

          • philipleslie says:

            I had one Sarah McLachlan album back in days of yore, when she was at her most popular, but can’t recall which one it was. I don’t appear to have it any more. Nor can I find Jagged Little Pill. I’m sure they’re both in a box in the loft. I do hope they’re getting along!

            Liked by 2 people

      • philipleslie says:

        I meant ‘who went on to… etc’ I couldn’t recall if you had listened to much Kate Bush. This song is a classic from 1986. Her work since then hasn’t been to my taste, really, but the first few albums are unique.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Oh it’s titled “The Sensual World”, a friend had turned me onto it awhile back! =)

          Liked by 1 person

          • philipleslie says:

            That was the last album of hers I really liked. I especially love the bass playing in ‘Never Be Mine’, and the line about ‘setting fire to the cornfields’, which was something farmers used to do here after the harvest, to get rid of the stubble until it was banned in the 1990s (I think it was the 90s). The early albums contains some wonderful songs, many of which are about subjects no one else had or has tackled.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Wow that’s fascinating as I never would have imagined it be a natural practice! Sounds awful dangerous and smoky though =O!! I should re-acquaint myself with this album, it’s been ages since I’ve listened to it!! It’ll remind me of those days when a record store wasn’t ancient history only spoken about in museums =P!

              Liked by 1 person

              • philipleslie says:

                It was definitely a smoky time of the year, and I think it contributed to road accidents. Nowadays the stubble is just ploughed in (plowed, you’d say). Which has got me wondering about those vast prairies in the US and Canada: I guess they have to be ploughed too.

                Liked by 1 person

                • Un I know a little bit about farming but mostly I’m ignorant to how things are properly done! Many years ago there was an awful ‘dust-bowl’ effect going across much of the country as farmers had neglected to consider wind patters and how they’d affect ways in which farmland was plowed or something to that effect, in the end it was a catastrophe which took years to fix.

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  3. add friend in faceboook me please morningberry48 . i just know Akiyama nana in kamen rider series (Akira Amami-kamen rider hibiki – 2005 ) . I heard all songs that you post , it was great although I don’t understand Japanese . ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Nguyen =)! Very awesome to hear from a fellow Akiyama Nana fan!!! I don’t currently have a Facebook account anymore but we can certainly connect here if you’d like to converse about Nana~chan’s amazing music. ^^


      • hum , I see ^^. call me is Duong =)) . uhm . You know why she changes her name Nana—> Eri ?? . I think Nana is more cute than Eri :v . I have read wikipedia of eri , they wrote she is bronchial asthma ” 気管支喘息を持つ ” . You know this ? 😦

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hi Duong,

          Sorry I don’t get around to comments as much as would like to =/. I’ve been looking for an updated blog of hers but have not found one just yet, and her health condition has been for some time now I believe but Nana/Eri has really persevered through it =), I wish I could find her speaking about her name change somewhere as it puzzles me too, not sure why she’d do such a thing so somewhat late in her career. Nana is a most cute name I agree~!


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