We Will Never Forget.

Tackey & Tsubasa in Hatachi

Released one year to the day after the tragedy, this most moving song still resonates poignantly today as it ever did~.


~Tackey & Tsubasa~

“The World Will Never Forget…”


Itsumo you ni kyou wa asu e
Tsuiteku hazu datta
Warai koe wo tachikitte
Tsuki tsukerareta tragedy

Today should’ve continued to tomorrow as usual
Laughter cut off, we were thrust into a tragedy

Shirazu ni tsuiteita
Kou fuku no shinkirou kara
(Saa me wo agete shinjitsu wo mi you)
Namida michita
Hoshi ga mieru

We were settled in a mirage of happiness without knowing
(C’mon, raise your eyes, let’s see the truth)
I can see the stars filled with tears

We will never forget… ano hi kara
Eien naru hero tachi no itami wo
Yoake wo machi nagara love & peace
Bokutachi wa utau tooi sora ni todoku you ni

We will never forget…the pain
Of the eternal heroes on that day
While waiting for dawn, love & peace
We sing so that it reaches far into the sky

Hokori takaku ikiru tameni
Kimi wa mata tachi agatte
Gare kino ue de
Uchi narashiteru
Jiyuu no kana wa yamanai

In order to live proudly, you stand up again
The bells of freedom don’t stop ringing above the rubble

Tsumi naki hito no yume wo
Suikondetta dai ichi ni
(Mada iyasenai nageki da to shitemo)
Mirai e no biru
Tane wo maite

On the land that inhaled the dreams of sinless people
(Even if there’s grief that can’t be healed yet)
We sow the seeds stretching to the future

We will never forget… ano hi kara
Sekai chuu no sora wo umetai nori wo
New york no tenshi tachi no tsubasa de
Bokutachi no uta wa hoshi wo meguru kaze ni noru

We will never forget…the prayers
That filled all the sky on that day
On the wings of New York’s angels,
Our song goes around the stars, riding the winds

Where is the world headed for?
Kanashimi wo koete

Where is the world headed for? Get through the sadness

Taisetsuna hito wo nakushi
Ikiba no nai sorrow umi wo sometemo
We share your pain… zutto ano bassho de
Bokutachi no negai wa kimi to tsunagatteru

Losing an important person
Even if the sea is dyed with sorrow with no destination,
We share your pain…forever in that place,
Our prayers are connected with yours

We will never forget… ano hi kara
Sekai chuu no sora wo umetai nori wo
New york no tenshi tachi no tsubasa de
Bokutachi no uta wa hoshi wo meguru kaze ni noru

We will never forget…the prayers
That filled all the sky on that day
On the wings of New York’s angels,
Our song goes around the stars, riding the winds

We will never forget…


The lyric and melody here so beautiful and yet so painful still….

On this 14th year anniversary let’s all take a moment~* honoring the heroic efforts of that day while forging to never forget all of those lost on this most tragic and darkest of days in history.

In remembrance.


Tackey & Tsubasa in HatachiTackey & Tsubasa in HatachiTackey & Tsubasa in Hatachi

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12 Responses to We Will Never Forget.

  1. Matthew says:

    We will never forget what happened that day. God bless everyone who suffered O:-)

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  2. philipleslie says:

    I’d not heard that wonderful song before. Thank you. I remember the 9.11 moment precisely. It was early afternoon and I was at work (a behind-the-scenes job for a bank). A guy came downstairs from watching TV during his lunch break to tell us all what was going on and we all stopped what we were doing and hurried to watch the live report. It was truly shocking and and chilling, and felt that the end of the world was nigh. Re-watching Friends, you realise just how ‘New York’ the towers were, as they appeared in every episode until their destruction.

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    • It’s from Tackey & Tsubasa’s debut album “Hatachi” which in many ways remains as my most favorite album of theirs, just so many incredibly written songs on it. Did you get to read through the lyrics? It’s a very heartfelt song~♥…very powerful with its message too.

      I just thought of something….i was nearly hatachi too back then speaking of Tackey & Tsubasa’s album title/ the boy’s ages back then…..funny I never realized that. I was as work too and it came on the radio in our back room and then everyone was intensely glued to the t.v. there just in disbelief and confusion really =(. Un you see the twin towers regularly on Friends, I used to work with someone who was working in one of the towers on that fateful day but happily he got out as he was on or near the ground floor if I remember correctly…anyway he moved here afterward and that’s when I met him and he showed us first hand taken photographs which were frightening =(.

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      • philipleslie says:

        Your friend was so fortunate to escape. Disbelief is certainly the right word. The footage that stays with me is taken from inside a store. People are fleeing past the window when suddenly a ferocious cloud of dust and fragments sweeps past from the collapsing tower. No Hollywood sfx department could have dreamed that up.

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        • One of the darkest of days, images which no one can ever forget nor should they. Gosh it doesn’t even feel as if that much time has passed. A friend of mine at work got to visit the site earlier this year as the memorial they’ve created is something you have to see in person he says…. one day I’d like to go there.


  3. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Not to minimize the horror of that terrible day of the terrorist attack:

    I used to watch a lot of old samurai movies. Sometimes during fight scenes the subtitles would translate dialog as “You can never be forgiven” or “I will never forgive” when making a counter attack.
    Whatever that phrase is in Japanese, that is how I feel.

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    • I’m thinking along the lines of “yurusanai~zo!….” or something equally aggressive. I understand how you feel, for many it was an unforgivable act and for those directly affected their sorrow and anger would be unimaginable =(.


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