~ 「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays (Volume 84)

Idols unzipped...

Happy Aloha~♥ Friday =)!~!

We’ll be getting back to going through my old idol magazines in a couple of weeks as next week’s Unzipped♥ will be featuring the aforementioned final installment of Ikewaki Chizuru shashinshuu and by far the most sensual she’s done…..tanoshimi ne~^^.

So tonight we’ll be going all the way back to the year 2000, the date November the 14th as on that day the original early morning idol room invasion occurred and here’s just a bit of the “highlights” to reminisce in ^^:

  • The fact that Yuko-san is already up derailing the entire gag…and then of course she follows the mischievous hosts from room to room identifying which Momusu girl is next =P.
  • Aibon’s A~h my error here as it’s actually Nono’s Freudian slip, plus she’s just so adorable here!!
  • Aibon’s demeanor is particularly so surprising for someone who’s just been unexpectedly woken up and you gotta love how Aibon is “idol” ready even @ this odd hour with such a natural playfulness about her =)!
  • And how adorable is Rikachan here!!!!!! A~h seishun indeed! =).
  • However NOTHING beats Nacchi~♥’s reaction!!!!!!! As the hosts make themselves @ home to the extreme and Nacchi is truly out as in fast asleep!!! =P Just how long it takes her to awaken with all of the touching and dialogue going on is remarkable =O..but it only gets better when she says that she doesn’t know who they are LOL =O!!! And then the OMG moment arrives as Nacchi drinks from gulp!…well you’ll see ahaha~ =O!
  • The fact that Gomaki is M.I.A. and how even an idol’s bathroom isn’t safe from pranks as the guys actually….ぇええ〜ッΣ(゜ロ゜;ノ)ノ!
  • And alas we figure out the whereabouts of not only Gomaki but also Keichan, Marippe and Kaorin =)!
  • And lastly Momusu proves that it’s never a bad time for an “Aiiiiiiiiiiiiin…..” to end it all (。ーωー。)笑!

~Momusu early morning room invasion November 14th, 2000~

That's All Folks


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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16 Responses to ~ 「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays (Volume 84)

  1. philipleslie says:

    Thank you for the link! As you’d guessed, I’d had trouble finding your post. I don’t know how I came to miss it. Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed it. Nacchi was amazing: not good if a guy can climb into your bed without your knowing! She wakes up quite quickly, though, and is soon joining in. Her laughter reminded me of her wonderful Iceland adventure with Marippe: they do a lot of laughing throughout that. Rika-chan didn’t appear to wake up at all. Her Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet were so sweet. I didn’t get Aibon’s Freudian slip, I’m afraid, so you’ll have to enlighten me.
    Thank you for posting. I enjoyed it very much! It was good medicine for the cold I’m suffering from at the moment!

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    • It was to be expected that Yuko~san would already be awake too =)! A~h Nacchi was by far the most amusing, I mean I’m by no means the lightest sleeper but I have to believe that I’d so be awake pretty much instantly especially when the host climbs into bed =O!~! And then she has an indirect kiss* with him which was both OMG eeek! as well as LOL funny =D!~! Oh dear! I seemed to have made my very own mistake here xD….as it’s not Aibon but rather Nono who mistakenly says the wrong idiomatic greeting for the time that this occurs =P. Will need to fix that!

      Oh please do get better ~* soon ^^, colds are an awful feeling all around and especially if it’s very cold where you live.

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      • philipleslie says:

        I think I’m starting to get better, thanks, as the sore throat has gone. Just sneezing a lot now. A good excuse to sit up in bed listening to Watanabe Misato’s ‘Lovin’ You’ album, which is lively enough to drive any germs away. Oddly enough, the UK hasn’t been particularly cold recently. In fact, temperatures have been in the mid 60s. The other day was just like summer. I’ll post some photos on my rarely-used WP blog.
        Didn’t Nacchi and Kaorin share a house around this time? I can imagine they never went to sleep, just talked and laughed a great deal.

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        • I’ve heard a bit of her music awhile back as I believe I’d seen her highlighted on the Oricon then, oh dear I do hope you get fully well soon!~! Ohhhhhh temperatures in the 60’s sounds really comfortable like it’d be perfect sleeping weather =). I will look forward to them ….not totally sure but they did live together for awhile in the early days. I do have the entire Asayan special where you get to bear witness on just how much effort, tears and work the original girls put into making the 50,000 single sales happen for “Ai no tane” all those years ago! Back then they were living together and I do wonder where those discs are, I’ll do a bit of searching for them over the weekend as it’s a wonderfully nostalgic look-back at one of the all-time idol group’s origins ^^.

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          • philipleslie says:

            Is this it?:

            I thought I’d search on YouTube. ‘Ai no take’ is a lovely song, isn’t it. The mv is so nostalgic. It really does look from another era, although that might be due in part to the video quality and style of shooting. The first few mV and also early Tanpopo mvs have the same from-another-time look to them, I find.

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            • YES even on beautiful Blu-ray “Ai no tane” is as blotchy as ever video wise xD! Still it’s such a beloved song and video which I’ll never tire of like ever!~! Tanpopo released such GREAT videos didn’t they!!!! I mean they are all amazing songs too and with their pvs they got pretty creative with, still probably my favorite has got to be their sadly last single release …..funny how they’d changed the lineup so drastically that way and then it all sadly ended and after such a wonderful single release =(.

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          • philipleslie says:

            I think this might be the one you mean (part 1 of 2). The other one concentrates on selling at HMV. So many people turned up to purchase. I wonder who originally bought the copy I now own, and if they were among the people queuing up that day!

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            • A~hhhh how nostalgic seeing the original five so young!!!! Nacchi was like this tiny little girl and it still cracks me up watching her umm ‘fight’ scene in “Morning Cop” that was so cute!! One day I’d love to be able to walk into an HMV store =).


          • philipleslie says:

            My mistake: that video is about their Morning Coffee debut. Poignant to hear Tsunku talking…

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            • Hmmm …..perhaps it may be worth posting up the Asayan video then? Seems that YouTube has everything and yet maybe just maybe they don’t have Morning Musume’s Asayan origins I wonder. In any case it’s in storage somewhere and I must search for it!! You get to see their audition footage and then their struggles and fighting spirit ~* which they so needed to succeed =)!

              And speaking of YouTube, were you aware of this happening in the U.S.?:


              I first heard about it from Denny’s blog, and because I rarely watch J-pop on YouTube as I purchase the releases myself I had no idea of what was going on here, it’s quite a bizarre move I think. I mean it’s all free advertising in a real sense!!! A person can become a fan of a Japanese artist just from seeing a video on YouTube, and now they’ve made that all but impossible on so many levels =(. The whole issue boggles the mind =/.

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              • philipleslie says:

                No, I didn’t know about that region-blocking. That’s truly appalling. You’re right in that seeing something on YouTube will lead to sales of the originals. It happens a lot with me for sure. I wonder if the same ban will be placed on earlier Sony artists, or just current ones. The future suddenly looks very bleak indeed! Even the previews on CDJapan are via YouTube. Will they disappear too, then?
                I found another Asayan video devoted to early Morning Musume. I’ve yet to watch it, but it looks like the one, and lasts almost an hour, too.
                The few HMVs that are left over here seem to be hanging on by a thread. If they disappear, then the only shops stocking DVDs and chart CDs will be the superstores and a handful of independent stores. Interestingly, though, a shop opened this summer in Cambridge selling new vinyl. I’m still unsure if people buy these expensive discs to play, or to keep and never use. I must find out. I remember the days (of Yore, naturally) when you had a choice of CD, cassette or LP…

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                • It’s only occurring in the U.S. it appears, I’m currently subscribed to AKB’s channel so it’s a constant reminder whenever they send me an update of a new video(s) which I cannot play =/. Hard to say, but I imagine that label’s catalogs altogether would be blocked if that company decides to do so. It’s like free promotion so I don’t get it. I believe you’ll be okay in the UK as there’s no reports of this spreading overseas which is a very good thing!~! 1 hour, it definitely could be from the original program broadcast!!! I imagine most would keep them as collector’s items and perhaps keep them away from the turntable, but you never know as if I had an actual working one I’d totally be tempted to play whatever I could get my hands on just for the experience of it, and vinyl just sounds different and you probably know what I mean ….it has a unique sound quality all of its own which no other format can duplicate =). A few weeks ago Cdjapan sent me new release information on Ozaki Yutaka whom you already know I so love his music and voice!!!!!!! ….but anyway it was for a new release cassette tape! =O YES a cassette tape!!! And it’s totally expensive too =O. Huh how would one play such a thing these days =O. I hope there are many fans and collectors of music like you there so that your record stores may survive long years ahead =)! Simply nothing like owning the real thing and being able to walk into a store to browse for it is just a priceless experience.

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                  • philipleslie says:

                    Cassette! Possibly the worst ever audio invention…reinvented! I’m intrigued. I just looked on CDJapan, but there’s no sign of the Ozaki Yukata yet. This must mean the cassette player has been reinvented too. There are several types of CD now, to confuse matters. I bought the Okada Yukiko Golden Idol release when that came out, but to be honest, I couldn’t tell the difference between super-high quality and regular CD sound. And while I love the convenience and noiseless-ness of the CD, it really is pleasant to put the 45rpm on the turntable and hear the recordings as they were heard back in the 1980s. One of the most amazing audio experiences was listening to this pre-WW2 gramophone player: http://www.greenknowe.co.uk/gallery6.html It was alarmingly clear, and the sound from the 78rpm filled the room. It would have been hugely expensive in its day: the equivalent of Bose. It plays using a bamboo stylus.
                    Going back to Ozaki Yukata, I’m gradually working down my shopping list towards the Teenbeat Box. I do hope Sony won’t block UK YouTube. Even those short edits (one verse and one chorus) is often enough to generate sales. It’s how I first heard Juice=Juice, for example.

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                    • An also one of the most overpriced formats I’d say! As they’re not known to be very durable either =(. I can only really tell when something older is remastered and have you heard any of those gold discs before? I have Steely Dan’s Aja album on gold disc and it sounds really remarkable!! And a good thing too as it was quite expensive back then! I think they were called something like audiophile releases? It’s in storage somewhere now as it’s already made its way to the iPod. Oh those super CD or there are those which still play on a standard CD player but are supposed to have superior sound, I too can’t tell the difference very much or perhaps my brain wants me to believe it’s better =P. Oh I’d not heard of a bamboo stylus before, but I totally recognize the giant horn there!!! Well from seeing it on the old RCA emblem logo! =)…with Nipper was it? It would be amazing to hear one of those in person, truly a rare item and would look totally amazing as a collector’s piece in one’s livingroom…. a definite conversation piece no doubt!

                      Un it’s such an obvious selling device, so I totally don’t get why they’ve chosen to block it in the U.S. =/ And while we both readily purchase releases by our favorites, learning about new artists or just unfamiliar ones is really lost in this puzzling move by those record companies. Un perfect example!!

                      Oh here it is!! and do let me know when you get Ozaki Yutaka’s box set, definitely begin with his “Seventeen’s Map” album =).


                      Gosh it’s already sold out and out of print too! =O I consider myself to be a rather big fan of his and yet I couldn’t wrap my mind around ordering a cassette tape LOL =P! I mean I guess as a collector’s item it’d be really cool!~! Maybe I should have ordered it just to see how it’s specially packaged i wonder?? Aww too late anyway XD.

                      and on vinyl another new release!!


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  2. philipleslie says:

    $188! At that price you’d never dare to take the LPs out of the box! I’ve not heard the re-issued Steely Dan album (now there’s a group who used ‘dude’ a lot!). I have Aja on CD and a few of the other albums on LP as well. They’re a great band with a wonderful sound. I’ve not heard the newer releases but hear they’re pretty much like the classic period. I did find cassettes really useful at one time when I recorded a lot of new (classical) pieces off the radio to be able to listen to them a lot and get to know them. So much tape hiss, though, and the analogue signal made recording a challenge. I’m also wondering what the ‘special packaging’ was. The new Seiko Matsuda is on cassette: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/UPSH-89001 I will ask Masa to see if he can enlighten us!

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    • YES please do ask!!! Like what is going on with this sudden cassette tape resurfacing “boom?” Now two popular artists have them as new releases …gosh it’s so odd! Un very pricey!! I’m thinking they want to make them that much more collectible by raising the price perhaps? In any case it’s a lot to ask for sure. Ahh you’re right! Dude is a word that they tend to like LOL =P. So so unique is Steely Dan!! A song like “Deacon Blues” is just out of this world amazing, love the chorus of course but then you have that mind blowing solo in the middle of it all …love the sax♥! Aja is a masterpiece, that song and speaking of middle breaks that one for the ages in this song!~! Their lyrics too are most interesting …not like any group I’ve ever heard before that’s for sure and so so many incredible songs. There used to be a format here called “Casingles”, consider them to be one of the most overpriced formats like ever as the quality was so low and whimsy and yet fans bought them up =P.


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