~ 「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays (Volume 82)

Idols unzipped...

Dear gentle reader,

Today has been a rough day and we’re talking like that p40 grit type of sandpaper level type of day which is somewhat similar to your best bud Bob if he ‘forgets’ to shave for more than 48 hours =O! So for tonight’s Unzipped♥ dinner will be of the “reheated” sort however if you’re newer to this “diner” then all of the aromas and flavors will burst in your mouth and mind’s~heart~♥ with all the vigorous nature of the exotic and unfamiliar, something you’ve never eaten before! =). Just remember to chew each bite fully for better digestion as Idols♥ Unzipped will be returning to its original format of featuring idols of yesteryear through all of the glory of thy printed magazine found upon the stacks of them I’ve collected over the years, however here we’re really turning that clock back for maximum nostalgia ^^!~!

And you’re now exiting the metaphoric~dinner table…..bon appétit! =D.

Idols♥ very much like beauty while timeless go through fashion trends and the like being a sign of the times and with each issue presented here each Friday I’ll be selecting a few articles to scan to give a visual and text so you’ll be able to see the ever changing evolution of idols♥ in a chronological timeline of sorts. Check in each Friday for more from this once again!…ongoing series =).

Kindai February 1997 scan (3)

Kindai February 1997 scan (46)Kindai February 1997 scan (26)

The year 1997, Nakama Yukie had turned 17 years old and well….Tackey, he was a tiny~little guy who hadn’t yet broken your heart a million x’s over~↑↑↑’^^♥。

Kindai February 1997 scan (1)

Kindai February 1997

Kindai was truly one of the most diverse idol publications of its time when most were strictly single~sexually aimed magazines…wait. lol that didn’t come out quite right…I mean Kindai catered to both guys and girls alike showing no bias making it a bit of a perhaps daring venture as your readership if it were a guy would be seeing his favorite female idols while also seeing a whole lotta Johnny’s as well as their Jr’s while girls on the other hand would be seeing a whole lotta Johnny’s & their Jr’s as well as lots of bikini clad girls gone wild. Okay not really wild as after all this is a family friendly magazine….which means yes~ unlike BOMB magazine back then there’s surely no adult video reviews. While I haven’t read any of them I do wonder what exactly is being “reviewed” there (・c_・;)?、…like was the lighting good for you too? or how interesting was the dialogue? a story that was believable? special effects? I wonder if somewhere there’s someone giving reviews via the two~penises up or two penises down format now wouldn’t that be funny…(^q^)!

This month the ever popular Kinki Kids are coverboyz (see I just for a sec went ghetto there =P) and it continues the what could have been name aspect of this duo. Like seeing them now much older just seems odd to still be calling them kids so in hindsight like their albums moving methodically through our alphabet so should their group name in parallel have changed a bit over time in relation to age…..for example Kinki Kids would’ve become Kinki Guys…then Kinki Men….Kinki Middle Aged Men…..(a sub group idea: Kinki Middle Aged Crisis Men =D )….Kinki Seniors, etc, etc.~. And just for a bit of fun they could create mayhem nation wide by just changing that last ‘I’ to a ‘y’ in the first word of their name =).

I only kid because I care~♥ =P.

Kindai February 1997 scan (2)

Kindai February 1997 scan (6)Kindai February 1997 scan (5)

It’s not quite anything like how the KIKS Girls do it but the guys have their ways also of presenting footwear.

Kindai February 1997 giant Tackey poster

This issue includes two bonuses, first an oversized Tackey poster with some other guy on the other side…just kidding but really I’ve no idea of whom he is =P so he is some guy on the other side and there’s also a sticker sheet too ↓↓↓

Kindai February 1997 scan (4)

I like the retro letter labels in the top rows and also how Kanno Miho is trying to seduce you there ^ ^.

Notable articles include: Special Kinki Kids presents!/ V6 member report/ Hirosue Ryoko continuing her world~domination tour via paper & ink/ Tomosaka Rie in Hong Kong article…surely became such a wonderful actress after her idoling/singing days were behind her/ Yoshikawa Hinano interview aka the girl who’s voice sounds like cotton candy dipped in melted margarine topped with green & red gummy bears served on a petite porcelain dish/ Amuro Namie featuring her Komuro Tetsuya days…after she revolutionized Japanese techno to J~Pop but before her rebirth and world~domination tour♥! Check out the shots from her appearance on “The Yorumo Hit Parade”…recognized the pink haired lady next to her?/ Tackey~♥ Tackey~♥ Tackey~♥ still a Johnny’s Jr. and aren’t these just pinch~you~on~the~butt adorable!!/ Tackey’s counterpart can be seen just a page later and you know it’s Tsubasa just by his eyes…also important to note how Japan has Godzilla while we have Barney, Japan wins and I even saw Charles Barkley once take Barney out in dynamic fashion~/ More Johnny’s Jr. featuring yet to be Arashi♥ heartthrob Aiba~♥…he’s so tiny there/ SPEED featuring their single “Steady” which was long before Uehara Takako became the group’s Susanna Hoffs and Hitoe’s hair became Allen Iverson….


/ MAX talks Departure and booze….well maybe not but just check out Nana’s eyes on the second page of this article and I swear she’s had a few from the counter behind them =P/ “Second Chance” drama feature…recognize one of the boys there??/ Takahashi Yumiko drama feature/ Nakayama Emiri hugging a pole…well actually it’s for her debut single/ SMAP drama special/ Kinki Street where u can get your Monthly Kinki~kun on/ Johnny’s Jr. journal/ Kanno Miho pictorial & article/ Okina Megumi drama update and at this very time she was also debuting her very first concert tour/ Happy New Year~*~~* wishes from Yamaguchi Sayaka/ Chinen Rina interview….I’ll never be able to forget that she once released a single titled “Do-Do FOR ME”…sounds very unethical and I do~do own the single to prove it =P/ Melody feature/ More Johnny’s/ More Johnny’s/ New Wave Idols…no not like a Flock of Seagulls New Wave but more like a new generation of idols xD/ Glay featuring their album “Beloved” which is very much still just that..such an awesome album even after all these years!/ hal new single article/ New Music Release News featuring SMAP’s 010 VHS..haha I have that, Sharan Q’s “Golden Q”…ahh have that, Princess Princess “The Last Live” awesome album…okay I’ll shut up already!, Sakai Noriko “snowflake”, Fujii Fumiya “Standard” and lots more/ Idol Star stalker…I mean tracker/ And lots of idol presents which are a magazines best gift if you’re lucky enough to receive one!/.

Kindai February 1997 scan (8)Kindai February 1997 scan (7)

Kindai February 1997 scan (9)

Kindai February 1997 scan (10)Kindai February 1997 scan (11)Kindai February 1997 scan (12)Kindai February 1997 scan (13)

Kindai February 1997 scan (14)Kindai February 1997 scan (15)Kindai February 1997 scan (16)Kindai February 1997 scan (17)

Kindai February 1997 scan (18)Kindai February 1997 scan (19)Kindai February 1997 scan (20)Kindai February 1997 scan (21)

Kindai February 1997 scan (22)Kindai February 1997 scan (24)Kindai February 1997 scan (23)

Kindai February 1997 scan (25)Kindai February 1997 scan (26)Kindai February 1997 scan (27)

Kindai February 1997 scan (28)Kindai February 1997 scan (30)Kindai February 1997 scan (29)

Kindai February 1997 scan (31)Kindai February 1997 scan (32)

Kindai February 1997 scan (33)Kindai February 1997 scan (34)Kindai February 1997 scan (35)Kindai February 1997 scan (36)

Kindai February 1997 scan (37)Kindai February 1997 scan (38)Kindai February 1997 scan (39)Kindai February 1997 scan (40)

Kindai February 1997 scan (41)

Kindai February 1997 scan (42)Kindai February 1997 scan (43)

Kindai February 1997 scan (44)Kindai February 1997 scan (45)

Kindai February 1997 scan (47)Kindai February 1997 scan (48)Kindai February 1997 scan (49)

Kindai February 1997 scan (50)Kindai February 1997 scan (51)Kindai February 1997 scan (52)Kindai February 1997 scan (53)

Kindai February 1997 scan (54)

Hmm…I wonder who got the Orangatang? ^ ^♥

Idols unzipped...

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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14 Responses to ~ 「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays (Volume 82)

  1. jmsabbagh says:

    Fabulous ,fabulous.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. philipleslie says:

    Hi mb. Fantastic scans! I love this blast from the (distant but not so distant) past. Great photos, especially SPEED and MAX! This is a great piece of memorabilia to own. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m thinking that many fans of the newer generation may have not seen any of these magazines before plus the mid to late 90’s featured so many iconic artists and groups alike as well as idols when the resurgence occurred back then after a brief drop off in popularity. I’ve got like stacks and stacks literally of idol magazines from the 90’s and I guess really up until the present =P…but still something so special about these for me personally as they’re of the nostalgic sense as it marks the beginnings of many of my fandoms. The Idols♥ Unzipped series here originally began as a nostalgic look at old idol magazines and was really intended to stay that way but it eventually bridged out into other things over time but I really wanted to get back to its original purpose although I’ll still be doing other things with this series as well ^^.

      Liked by 1 person

      • philipleslie says:

        Looking forward to seeing more of the 90s scans! There are always a few 1980s mags with Sakai Noriko etc for sale on eBay. The prices would just about be affordable were it not for the ridiculously high postage costs people demand. For me, the mainstream 90s were very dull in the UK. There were a few really interesting acts, like Pulp and Garbage etc As for Spice Girls, I felt the concept was better than the songs and now that I’m familiar with SPEED, Spice Girls sound very weak. But the 90s scene mainly consisted of an interminable guitar-heavy grunge sound with blokes wailing about their terrible lives. Give me a seiyuu any day!

        Liked by 1 person

        • The magazine scans will take at least a one week break as the aforementioned Chiichan shashinshuu posting will be up next and it’s really a lot of fun in perusing these older issues most of which I hadn’t looked at in years =). Oh a lot of sellers unfortunately will do that tactic making the product less expensive only to get you on postage costs….most of the time highly exaggerated I might add =/. Un SPEED was such a perfectly timed group to come along back then coinciding with the re-emergence of idol groups which hadn’t been particularly popular for a short time being and they were just so fresh in every way with a look and sound for the world to be captivated with!

          Liked by 1 person

          • philipleslie says:

            The impressive thing about SPEED for me is that the songs are so strong: undiluted R’n’B etc. Considering the age of the performers, their performances are incredibly mature.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Un SPEED left the grandest of first impressions with their debut in “Body & Soul!!!” I can clearly remember purchasing that single at the store and just being blown away immediately by not only Hiroko’s vocals but also just how cool their image and musical style was!! The blending of Hiroko and Eriko’s voices worked so much to perfection, each complimenting each other but there’s no doubt that it’s Hiroko’s voice which was challenging the many inspired karaoke goers whom were brave enough to attempt SPEED’s songs.

              Did you recognize little Tackey here? He’s soooooooooooo cute already!!!!!!!! And now you imagine him in the drama series we’ve watched…older but equally cute!

              Liked by 1 person

            • Oh just yesterday I found an old VHS with a music special from 1997 and so I transferred it onto disc and will upload a bit of it later…..I just thought of it just now because there’s an awesome SPEED performance on there of one of their most iconic of songs ever!!!! Lots of other good stuff too =).

              Liked by 1 person

              • philipleslie says:

                Wow, that’ll be great. I’m going to watch the SPEED mv collection in a while, once I’ve finished Aya The Witch. One thing I noticed in the magazine above was the vertical writing: don’t modern magazines tend to go in for horizontal writing more now? The graphics are really colourful and fun: reminiscent of 1980s. And yes, Tackey is definitely cute!

                Liked by 1 person

                • I just got done transferring the disc to create uploadable (today’s made up word!) files and plus the Smap Bistro episode I promised is almost ready to post up, I think you’ll really like the special guest they had on that day all of those years ago!~!

                  Oh yes SPEED Spirits!!!!! I originally bought them on VHS as that’s the only format they were originally available on but the second it went to DVD it was a must have upgrade!…even if they’re not shot in HD or anything, still infinitely better than on VHS as those degrade badly and then go kaput xD. VHS makes me sad =(. Un how attentive of you! Japan has really adapted towards western ways so much however un some publications much like a newspaper used to go vertically back then.

                  Tackey♥…YUM♥! =)

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • philipleslie says:

                    I originally bought the SPEED music videos on video disc, but the quality was appalling, plus there was no interactive menu. ‘Spirits’ is fantastic.


                    • philipleslie says:

                      I forgot to add that yes, the quality of the DVD is a bit lacking in HD-ness, but still much improved on the video disc, which I guess was video quality.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Ugh the video disc format I’ve come across too with an old MAX pv release which oddly never came to DVD =/…. the original MAX I so loved but have not gotten into their newer releases. SPEED is a much too important group not to have a quality pv release!! ….so funny that I have their VHS releases still and ironic that those VHS releases were soooooo much more expensive than their later DVD as was the case for pretty much all of the J-Pop world xD. SPEED’s VHS have such pretty covers and they’re textured too, I wonder if they’ll regroup once again in the future =).


                    • Un they seem to have been filmed perhaps not in the best of quality so maybe even the Blu-ray format wouldn’t do them much good although I’d still indulge as it’s SPEED!! =P Momusu awhile back released all of their early pvs and beyond onto Blu-ray but when you watch from “Ai no tane” it’s pretty much the same quality as with their DVD format but later on it’s excellent of course!~!


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