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Released last month on the 22nd it’s Ohara ♥ Sakurako’s very first live concert release!~! Available on both gorgeous Blu-ray and DVD the performance featured is her very last of her spring 2015 tour held at TSUTAYA O-EAST on May … Continue reading

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~ 「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays (Volume 83)

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Happy Aloha~♥ Friday from sticky, hot and humid and very very moist paradise, well the weather hasn’t been paradise as of late as in for the past entire week! Let’s see….on Monday it stormed inches of rain all across the … Continue reading

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~ 「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays (Volume 82)

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Dear gentle reader, Today has been a rough day and we’re talking like that p40 grit type of sandpaper level type of day which is somewhat similar to your best bud Bob if he ‘forgets’ to shave for more than … Continue reading

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~Rurouni Kenshin (Highly recommended viewing)

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From beloved manga to anime and then to the big screen, “Rurouni Kenshin” makes a solid case as one of the very best samurai genre sagas ever to be adapted from the fantasy pages into a full blown action packed … Continue reading

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~ 「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays (Volume 81)

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Happy Aloha Friday~! =) So tonight I thought we’d watch some random stuff from memory lane although the forecast does call for at least “some” Kamei ^^. So we’ll have a little bit of sports, a little art, something educational … Continue reading

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One Sakura♡ to rule them all. (part 6)

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~Hot Summer Reads 2015~ I’m thinking they really should rename this publication “ENTAME48!” =) ENTAME also regularly loves them some Nogizaka46 in each issue it appears, however the Family48 dominance herein surely does warrant a magazine name change and at … Continue reading

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~Mayuyu~♡ in FLASH!!! July 2015…

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~Hot Summer Reads 2015~ Yup! I’m still scanning my way through this endless pile… =)! ~But wait let us first pause for just a bit to visualize just how hot this summer’s been so far! (・д・`*)!!! ~Order your very own … Continue reading

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↑↑↑ まゆゆ~♡のお尻は、強い!(*´艸`)!~!~!~!! Watanabe Mayu vs. Takeuchi Miyu Call it the annual Butt~Off or in the case of AKB48’s Stage Fighter it’s Butt-Sumo Yay!! and what could be better (。ーωー。)笑!Now if only my butt could earn me some yummy treats! Wait…that … Continue reading

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~It’s taken “only” seven years…

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..but at long last Jurina will be getting her very FIRST photo book which is set for I think a September 9th release date? It’ll be interesting to see the fan reaction in sales as that’s quite a long time … Continue reading

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Mr.Children「REFLECTION {Naked}」完全限定生産盤!!!

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It’s only fitting that the greatest (imho =) ) band on the planet release a likewise grand presentation of a box set!! for their latest album effort ^^! “REFLECTION” was released on June 4th in three most noteworthy versions as … Continue reading

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