I ~♡ ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!! Fujii Fumiya…

Fujii Fumiya.. (2)Fujii Fumiya.. (1)

Fujii Fumiya 20th Anniversary chronicle collected Music Video Works on BEAUTIFUL Bluray!!Happy Aloha Friday!~!~~!!!!!! ヾ(^∇^)!~!It’s been a long work week and I’ve passed my Cavs mourning period after their 4-2 loss in the Finals to Golden State =(….so Yep I’m feeling much happier again =) and now I look towards the possibilities of next season where hopefully a recharged LeBron is joined by a 100% healthy Kyrie and Kevin Love and now I’m ummm hearing rumors of D-wade coming to Cleveland?? Sure they’re certainly just rumors but you never know as it’s being said that Lebron did say that if D-wade were to come to Cleveland that there’d be a place for him =). And if you were watching the Finals where D-wade was guest commentating you surely did hear him utter the words….”When I was in Cleveland…” WAS?. WAS as in past tense WAS…okay sure it’s probably just a Freudian slip of sorts on his part but that sure created a colossal buzz amongst social media and beyond, just saying haha =O.

And now I’ll return you to the post you were originally expecting =)…..

Christmas arrived a day early last year with the release of an all inclusive definitive collection of the musical gems/ genius compositional works of the one and only Fujii Fumiya!!!! (composer, musician & vocalist extraordinaire) Dating back to the early 80’s you’ll find his earliest musical footprints as lead singer & lyricist for “The Checkers” which often times ventured into American musical genres such as doo-wop and folk-rock but for the most part they were an amazing all around rock band which went on to release a vast catalog of chart topping hits for nearly a decade long. After the break up of The Checkers, the early nineties saw the further development and emergence of Fujii Fumiya’s musical writing ability as he went onto produce an amazing solo career showing a side of lyrical genius as well, perhaps including many songs which didn’t fit into The Checker’s styling from the  previous decade.

And now at last!!! A visual single collection of his solo works to house them all! And while Fujii Fumiya’s “20th Anniversary Chronicle Collect Music Video Works” is available on both DVD and Blu-ray…I say get the Blu-ray as it’s just about $8 more (with the current exchange rate =) ) and while the majority of these music videos no doubt date back prior to the HD age of video recordings, the Blu-ray format still beautifies them even if just a touch and additionally with Blu-ray everything is on a single disc vs. the two DVDs needed for the slightly less expensive release =).  And why so much excitement for this release you may ask?? Well if I dream back to my pre-teen years and into my teens it wasn’t until my early post adolescence with the ascent of Momusu and the “invention” of the PV VHS single that owning music videos for your favorite J-pop artists immediately with each song’s release became a reality. You see for the most part you’d catch it broadcast on t.v. during a top music video countdown show and record it that way. And you did notice that I wrote VHS single right? LOL yes there was once upon a time VHS single releases =P! That later developed into the PV DVD single of course and the rest is history!! On a side note because it just happened to pop into my mind is do you remember when Hello! Project would release Momusu singles only to release their pv DVD single counterparts a week or two afterwards? That used to drive me absolutely bonkers (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ!!!I’d have the song but no video…..oh and the wait not to mention separate shipping charges that went along with that entire obsession of mines =P. Anyway, so that’s why the existence of this all inclusive release is so special~*~~* ….just to have all of these amazing visual/musical works in a single place finally is equally amazing, and there are a whopping thirty nine of them!!!!! ^^.

down arrow~Fujii Fumiya’s “20th Anniversary Chronicle – Collected Music Video Works 1993-2013 –” Can be ordered @ Cdjapan~

up arrow

Fujii Fumiya.. (3)

I first heard this incredible and most unique voice when I was just 14 years old when the all too powerful combination of awesome drama matched wits with equally awesome song and aforementioned awesome voice as well! The drama was titled “Garasu no kakeretachi” which also starred Fujii Fumiya himself in the lead role and the theme song which opened this drama is “Another Orion”…a most beautiful ballad with epic lyrics and an epic voice to match!! YES Fujii Fumiya’s voice belongs in a vast concert hall, and there’s this exhilarating strength, pureness and deepness there with a gorgeous falsetto which soars and soars. I kid you not, Fujii Fumiya’s voice is pure heaven in a melody! Furthermore he’s been composing much of his own music to go along with his inspiring lyrics and for the earlier part of his solo career there’s just something so warm and fuzzy about 90’s styled music videos =)!

So tonight just to whet your musical allure-gene♥, I’m including three Fujii Fumiya songs for the ages including of course “Another Orion”  (released August 7th, 1996) to go along with “DO NOT” (released May 7th, 1997) and lastly “TRUE LOVE” (released November 10th, 1993). Ready to fall in love with an incredible voice? Let’s go ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!!!

Fujii Fumiya Another Orion CD single

~Fujii Fumiya “Another Orion” (pv)~

I sooooooo loved the 3” CD single format which Japan used to embrace wholly!~! Sure one needed to purchase separately those cool jewel cases to protect and beautify them for your musical library shelf, but those 3” discs sure were cool and just the unique tall shape of their cases. Such a nostalgic song for me….this song builds and builds into a climatic chorus….oh that voice!

Fujii Fumiya DO NOT CD single

~Fujii Fumiya “DO NOT” (pv)~

By far my most favorite~♡ Fujii Fumiya song of all time!!~!! Coincidently or most likely not….hear those Beatles undertones in the instrumentation and overall styling to this one? And as you’ll  hear him sing the lead into this emotionally charged chorus the lyrics… “Don’t Let Me Down”….one can’t help but think The Beatles right! =) The fuzzy 60’s inspired keyboard….electric slide guitar reminiscent of one George Harrison perhaps….engaging lyrics….a composition part ballad and part rock~n~roll and wallah! Musical Masterpiece!!!!

Fujii Fumiya Singles collection & Stadard CDs

~Fujii Fumiya “TRUE LOVE” (pv)~

Fujii Fumiya’s debut single and really a timeless classic! Some people were just born to write, sing and perform….. I hope you enjoyed this little trip down musical memory~lane♡.

Oh and for a modest singles collection I highly recommend getting your hands on the above photographed one titled appropriately and simple “SINGLES” which includes the three songs you’ve just heard tonight as well as nine other classis~ ^^.

Sometimes a voice can equal YUM~♡ ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!

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5 Responses to I ~♡ ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!! Fujii Fumiya…

  1. philipleslie says:

    A new performer for me, and what a great voice he has! Another Orion is especially pleasing to the ears. I really like the True Love mv. There are a few items at Otokichi, I see, including the 8cm single of True Love. I may have to add those to the (infinitely long) shopping list. (One item I would very much like to have one day is the 7xDVD set of Sakai Noriko concerts, although it’s very pricey.) Thank you for your post. As you know, I always enjoy finding a new performer to listen to.


    • We definitely have such similar tastes in music =)!! I’m so happy you love his voice too, so uniquely powerful! Un the 90’s styled music videos are so great I so agree. Another Orion has a truly epic feel to it do it….I’d recommend his Singles collection for a starter or even better his music video collection featured here, either way so worth it! Those 3″ CD singles are most tempting too…was always a favorite format. Oh Sakai Noriko’s DVD box set!!!! I spent a fortune collecting all of her VHS but when her DVD box set was announced it was a no Brainer to order it! It’s actually not a concert collection exclusively as all of her music videos, history and a bunch of history and variety content is in there as well. A must have!!!! I forget how much I paid, as it’s surely a bit pricey there…worth it though.


  2. jmsabbagh says:

    Fabulous video ,the music and the voice.Cheers.


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