CLEVELAND ROCKS \(^o^)/ ☆!!!!

LeBron James dunk!!

I am a Cleveland defector (straight out of Miami…) as I posted here before the onset of this past regular season with my reasoning and heart, and in any case a true LeBron~LOVER~♥!! Now a Kyrie Irving~LOVER~♥!! And during this past season I’ve grown into a true Cleveland (entire) roster~LOVER~♥ =)!! Growing up I’ve always gravitated towards basketball…well watching and not so much playing xD as being barely over 5 ft. with a known tendency to “always” go right doesn’t make much for success on the court =P. It’s rather the game’s fast pace (college should really adopt the 24 second clock!), the constant scoring, monster dunks!!, monster blocks!!, steals, picks and the always evolving strategies which go into it all that have me in love with witnessing this game.

Growing up my elder sibling had Michael Jordan leading me to accept that it’d be ‘uncool’ if I were to also liken to the same player so I’d root for the Phoenix Suns because well their style of play was dynamic and exciting and also well….I just liked their logo a lot =D! And now I ‘have’ LeBron while my af0rementiond sibling doesn’t really have a liking for the King, that putting it lightly! LeBron without a stellar cast of teammates did take Cleveland to their very first Finals appearance during his first time with the team but then came the decision =O…and the haters including Cleveland fans themselves. True that in hindsight the decision to have The Decision wasn’t the best of ideas not to mention the staging of the Big Three which likened in itself to a rock concert of sorts albeit with the former ESPN was eating and hyping it all up and I think there was even some charity tie in going on there so it did have a good cause and effect in that sense anyway.

And yet the harsh criticism seems never ending of a man whom has really carried himself with a true sense of maturing and really just being a genuinely great person and don’t even get me started with all of the Jordan comparisons which inevitably pop up seemingly every other week or so with every single LeBron accomplishment to do with the history of the game only igniting the comparisons further. Truth be told I was like two years old when Jordan began his career in Chicago but into my teens I did witness his undeniable greatness and as a whole his career does validate being the greatest of all time without question in my mind. The thing is is that LeBron is still writing his legacy in this current era of the game and until he hangs up his sneakers for good the comparisons are premature to converse and argue on I think.

And then after four consecutive Finals appearances with Miami came his letter or rather a message written for SI where he addressed EVERYTHING really as he explained and reasoned with his desire to return to his home in Cleveland with deep hindsight into the past included, really nothing held back. Articulate, thoughtful and heartfelt….a most meaningful and likewise moving read with his closing message stressing how this new endeavor with his second residence with the Cavaliers standing as the most difficult he’d be facing and how it’d be a process with the only guarantee being that his mind and heart were now truly back home.

19~20. That was Cleveland’s record about a quarter of the way through this past regular season with many questioning how this was going to work and if it even was a possibility to yield any signs of optimism or success in the months to follow. LeBron took an extended leave of absence from playing to heal up and recharge. The team’s general manager rethinking and reinventing his roster with the KEY arrivals of J.R. Smith…a man who was seen just last season untying an opponents shoe laces during free throws while with the Knicks, now a revitalized player whom shoots with no fear, stretches the floor and actually appears to shoot even better with an opponent in his face…now a true wingman and competitor. KEY also was the arrival of Iman Shumpert whom also was traded away by the Knicks….a fierce defender and sharpshooter whom also brings an intensity which had been missing…and overall hustle player. KEY too was the arrival of Timofey Mozgov whom actually was coached by Cavalier’s Head Coach David Blatt when they were both part of the Russian basketball team. The team needed a true BIG MAN (center) and Mozgov has fit the team like a glove since his arrival…blocking shots, rebounding, playing the pick and roll all the while being quite the solid shooter and YES he can make his free throws…something notably which has plagued many a BIG MEN of the game throughout the years for some reason or another!

Team gels. Captures the second seed in the East. Makes an amazing run through the playoffs sweeping Boston, defeating a highly regarded Bulls team 4 games to 2 and then sweeping the #1 seeded Hawks in dominating fashion closing with an incredible 30 point blowout!

The REASON. LeBron James. He’s phenomenally unique with his ability to play and guard all five positions, often called a point~forward when handling the ball up court. He took Cleveland to the Finals back during the 2006~2007 season and when he left they became the worst team in the league. He went to Miami. Miami goes to four straight Finals consecutively winning two championships. LeBron returns to Cleveland. Cleveland makes their second Finals appearance in franchise history with this season in particular perhaps being his grandest achievement yet with the notable loss of  power forward Kevin Love during the first round versus Boston =( from what I can only describe as being a total non basketball play where it resembled WWE rather and also the injuries to all star point guard Kyrie Irving whom has even missed multiple games due to both tendonitis in his knee and a right foot sprain and since the Boston series Irving really has been playing on one leg so to speak which has totally diminished his cross~over driving game =(. So even with This Big THREE becoming the Big ONE in LeBron James, the King continues to make everyone around him better…now equaling a trip to the NBA Finals. It’s LeBron’s greatest ability and asset, his leadership and undeniable ability to make the players around him greater. And of course let’s not forget his formidable size and incredible athleticism for a man of that formidable size!!

For I am mb and I am a LeBron~LOVER~♥, fact I’m heading to a LLA meeting right now….



..and one final thought regarding that whole “The Decision” program just in case you still haven’t gotten over it yet.

You do remember “that time” when Acchan~♥ held her very own one-hour “Decision” special hosted by Paul Rudd right??

~The (other) Decision~

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And we still LOVE Acchan don’t we ^^!


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18 Responses to CLEVELAND ROCKS \(^o^)/ ☆!!!!

  1. Absolutely hysterical at the end of this post with Acchan! I couldn’t stop laughing!
    Anyway, I grew up about an hour away from Cleveland. My younger brother lives in Cleveland. I can’t even tell you how insane it is to be there right now, since Cleveland is back in the finals after so many long years of waiting for the King to return home. So I feel you completely on this post. I am not a basketball watcher per se, as Hockey is more my thing, but I may actually watch this series because I want to see LeBron bring home to Cleveland a title. I mean, Clevo has waited since the 60’s for any kind of major sports title. I say it’s their time now!
    GO CAVS!
    Ps-I got my top ten sousenkyo prediction list up on my site. Go check it out when you have a chance!


    • YaaaAY!! Awesome to know you’ll be rooting for the Cavs too!! And to have grown up right there near the city….what an atmosphere it must be to be living in Cleveland right now. It’s going to be a tough finals and I’m just hoping it’ll be competitive as Golden State are no doubt the strong favorites, I’ve been hearing it’s like over 70% that they’re predicted to win =/. Still I believe in the Cavs that they’ll fight hard despite the odds against them.

      I had a bit of fun with the whole Decision thing, did you watch it live, I did and it was a sort of surreal experience but I was shocked at how much anger resulted from it and just the total fallout afterwards. I mean I understand the frustration from the fans and yet LeBron did nothing wrong as he was a free agent at the time and just wanted to further his education of the game in search of his first championship. Sure it could have been done differently but I still never held any of it against him. He single handedly has rejuvinated Cleveland, his influence and inspirational abilities are amazing. Will definitely be checking out your new predictions post….tonight having a little BBQ with some family and friends, talk to you soon!


      • Yeah, Golden State is going to be hard for the Cavs. They split wins with them in the regular season, I think. And Mr. Curry is a force to be reckoned with, as he sinks threes like they are layups. But what Golden State doesn’t have is LeBron, plain and simple. LeBron, when he wants to play, is unstoppable and can’t be beat. Winning the title for Cleveland would be more special than his other two with Miami, as it would mean something to the entire city of Cleveland as a whole, who hasn’t seen a championship of any kind for a loooong time. So he NEEDS to win this. I think Golden State is young and up and coming, and if they lose this final, they’ll be right back in it next year, but my money is on LeBron destroying it. My official prediction? Cavs in 5.
        How about you?
        Also, sounds like you are going to have some fun tonight. Enjoy your BBQ! Nothing beats cooking on a grill. OOOIIISSSHHIIII SO!


        • Kyrie’s injury isn’t sounding any better =(…..I’m very worried!! Just two more days to wait until it all begins…..sports make me nervous, is that weird?


          • When it’s your favorite team, of course you’ll be nervous. It’s like you are part of the team, you know? So I think that’s pretty awesome you feel that way, in a sense. It means you are emotionally invested, and that’s never a bad thing when it comes to sports.
            Kind of like the Sousenkyo…. I am beyond nervous for all the girls this weekend, but that’s because I truly care about them. Same kind of thing as being nervous for sports, desho?
            Speaking of the sousenkyo, me and Pedro are going to be watching it. Do you want to try and do like we did last year and chat it up about the sousenkyo? Let me know. Talk to you soon and hope you are well 🙂


            • Game 1 was such a heartbreaker a more importantly going forward the loss of Kyrie is devastating =(. I was reading that he has a fractured knee cap so it’s even worse than his ongoing tendonitus not to mention his sprained foot which he’s had since the Boston series =(. I keep hearing people say that the series is already over…I hate to think that but I think game 2 tomorrow will speak volumes to see if Cleveland can still compete with Golden State who appear to be Goliath now even more so.


              • I wouldn’t worry too much at this point about the fate of the Cavs. First, Golden State has only lost like three times at home. It’s impossible to go there and win, so at best, Cavs will go back home and even up the series. And by then, LeBron will have figured out what he needs to do to overcome GS’s all-star lineup. Second, when Kevin Love got knocked out due to an injury, people were already saying the writing was on the wall about the Cavs losing, and yet LeBron still held it down, mostly by himself, since Kyrie has been battling injuries going into the playoffs and now finally has succumbed to them. I think it comes down to one, very simple fact: If LeBron feels like showing up and winning this for his team, then it’s going to happen. He has enough supporting cast members to make obtaining the championship a reality for the Cavs, and honestly, if the Cav’s defense does their job with Golden State and keep Curry from racking up so many three pointers, LeBron will take care of the offense. He pretty much IS the Cav’s offense, you know? I say, nobody should give up on them just yet, even if they lose tomorrow. Cleveland can be a pretty hard place for visiting teams to go into as well, especially when the fans there are just as hungry, if not moreso, to win ANY kind of a championship from their sports teams. GO CAVS!


                • I’m going to have an ulcer before this is done, I wish I could have the same confidence as you…just one thing to say: LeBron James…WOW!


                  • I mean, did you SEE LeBron tonight? Holy crap!!!! They won the most important game of the series tonight… winning at GS’s home means they can go back to Cleveland and go 3-1 up on the Warriors, assuming they take both home games. Wow… this game was HUGE. And LeBron came through! Ya gotta BELIEVE!


                    • Now being tied 2-2 and basically a best of three to determine the champion, I think the 7 man rotation has taken it’s toll physically on everyone and especially Delly and LeBron in particular… only hope is that coach Blatt will utilize more players available to him such as Shawn Marion and Mike Miller who’s played but not much….but they can help to give the others much more rest I think =). I’m still believing….hoping~*~~*! ^^

                      ps. Thank you for your wonderful message you sent, there are however some Mmm personal things to contemplate in there when garnering up a response to some of your questions. Like if we knew each other on a daily basis and such I’d probably be able to answer that one in person much better than letters on a screen could. =)


                    • Ah, my theory stands correct. LeBron had the worst game for his playoffs with GS thus far, and the Cavs lost. See? If LeBron comes to play, the Cavs win. If he decides not to play, for whatever reason, be it injury, tired, or just frustrated or not mentally there, Cavs have no chance. GS is too good of a team to even let up for a second.
                      Looks like we got a real series! I’m pumped. Can’t wait to see if Cavs win the next game. If they do, then it will be huge for them, as that will restore the confidence they need, and then they can come back and win the crown in Cleveland in Game six.
                      YA GOTTA BELIEVE INDEED!


                    • I hope the 2 days of rest will make the difference…brutal to play three games in a span of just 5 days. During the regular season the Cavs were like 15-0 with at least 2 days of rest between games….there’s going to be 2 days off before a potential game 7 too. Flying cross country can take its toll too…Un I hope LeBron comes to play like he’s capable as the best player on the court! Tomorrow will be exciting and nerve wracking….Blatt needs to widen the player rotation so they don’t burn out and last all game =).


  2. Denny Sinnoh says:

    I love Maeda so much I would even watch her in a movie with that guy …


    • Haha just a bit of my wacky humor there getting the better of me….and Mr. Paul Rudd was amusingly easy to cap here. Acchan~♡, miss her so much in AKB but her acting and media presence has been awesome to witness…just so talented and gorgeous!!


  3. jmsabbagh says:

    Fantastic dialogue ,gorgeous pictures.Warm regards.


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