~48 reasons why I ♥ Crayon Shinchan (VERSION 2.0)

As per requested by Dashi,

I’ve now added more Crayon Shinchan episodes to love and laugh with =)

Hope you enjoy ^^♥!

1. The ending theme song♥ is so perfect!!..and while it did change over time just seeing the closing credits roll along while Shinnosuke and Shiro dance awkwardly while mother and father….Misae and Hiroshi dream~walk through an array of floating foods, kitchenware and alcohol bottles and bars respectfully, and all to the song “Do~shite?” is animelody bliss! Just one of the best anime theme songs ever ^ ^♥

Sakurakko Club Sakuragumi “Do~shite?” mp3



Looking at the photo you’d think that Shinnosuke is a perfectly normal and well behaved child and that couldn’t be further from the truth. And his voice is soooooo bizarre~awesome and like nothing I’ve ever heard before…..I think you’ll crack up to so much and there are a couple of little episodes at the end of this post =).


Only Shinnosuke would give said photo to a friend in means to cheer him up.


Just the thought of wanting to eat dog food thinking it’ll be most yummy and how that can be attributed to just how bad mom’s cooking is =O.


Watching Crayon Shinchan taught me what a bidet is for the very first time although you’re not seeing its proper use here xD. Hmm could be used for other things* too….tiny orgasm*? =P.


Never has language been mispronounced/misunderstood in so many colorful ways by a child.


Even though he sometimes means well, Shinnosuke always manages to get into trouble in some way, shape or fashion.


Shiro is one of the cutest pets ever!


Even the bus which is supposed to take Shinnosuke to school is cute….now if only he were actually on it xD.


Who knew that answering the phone could be so amusing?


And that a mouth could be stretched this much after doing something really bad :O?


You can learn a lot about “parenting” too while watching, like how candies like Chocobee can get even the most unruly and lazy child to do “something.”


Although asking Shinnosuke to do some sort of house chore may result in….



..which will ultimately lead to this :O.


At the very beginning of each and every episode the Nohara’s look so peaceful with no worries =)….


…and then Shinnosuke awakens.


Kids Shinnosuke says the darnest of things….

…like when you’re at an all~you~can~eat dinner buffet :O

…or when he’s talking to complete strangers :O.

…or at home at the dining table while waiting for breakfast to be prepared by his mother :O

…and even while eating as a guest away from home :O.

And then there’s the calling of your mother by name and acting like dad which well can only lead to….


But he’s so adorable while asleep =).


And Shinnosuke can be most loving♥.


Himawari is the cutest of names and she’s Shinnosuke’s one and only most adorable of little sisters =).


So if anything’s amiss in the house you surely know who did it.


Misae is even funnier after a few drinks but then she can sometimes turn into quite a lush xD.


Just seeing how children love to push buttons whether they be of a vending machine or yours :P…..here Shinnosuke chooses a cold beverage for his mom even though they’re stuck in a horrible snow blizzard outside with the very last of her change :O.

While below it’s just button~pushing urges that children often get xD.


It’s those eyebrows of his….I mean they’re even way beyond Okinawan~exaggeration caricatures so awesome!


Because never has an appetite been so insatiable and just how does one so little consume so much?? :O


And you gotta love, wonder and worry about the family dynamics here as notice how Misae and Hiroshi’s expressions never change all the while going from saying Shinnosuke should deserve something special to not coming through with it :P.


There are creepy dolls made by you~know~who….


…and bath~time adventures…


..with more fights and apologies leaving one not knowing just what one should do.


And who knew that an anime could give you such creative ideas like finding new ways of using your black marker when a haircut goes awry…


…and there are kindergarten hoodlums….


….and earwax…


..and those embarrassing moments* just when your neighbor suddenly walks by.


So much to give thanks for that such a funny anime exists…


..but let’s not forget those tender moments of love…like when we creep mom and dad out by watching them kiss♥.


So while this post is winding down now there’s just a thing or more to say, like with all of this ear nibbling there’d be an animated Mike Tyson here too if only he had his way.


But despite all of the anger little Shinchan has caused,


…Misae’s occasional conniption,



….and embarrassment little Shinchan has caused over the years,


..let’s not forget fountain~boy…


…those cheeky* moments….


…and how he once stepped on dad’s man~zone bringing him to mimic karaoke while in tears.


And while Misae may still dream~* sometimes of greener pastures too,


…..while Shinchan mispronounces and misconstrues..


…you can be sure that there’ll always still be _ _ _  -_ _ _.

And lol I mean how many anime would show such a thing???…okay wait please do not answer that xD!


Though sometimes we may not see clearly eye~to~eye….


…you can count on those work mishaps….


..and that there’s a cute~magnet in each and every guy.


So now I must be going as I so need to pee and there’s just one last question, will that be one lump?…..

….or three?

Below are a couple of Crayon Shinchan clips as this most amusing and wacky anime was once aired here on weekends quite a long time ago. They’re from the dreaded format of VHS (><); as there were no such things as DVRs or DVD recorders back then so please bear with the slight fuzz~ness but anyway I hope you laugh and enjoy them too…otherwise I’m sending Shinnosuke to live with you =P!~!

Want to see more? Requests are always (still) welcome =).

“Taking a bath by myself”

“Misae’s class reunion”

~~~~~~~~~Newly added episodes~~~~~~~~~

“Ah, Spring is here!”

And so is Misae’s underwear, really =O.

“Getting a Haircut!”

Sorry that the beginning title is missing here but my VHS ate that little part =/. Who knew that getting a haircut could be so difficult?? =O …and oddly humorous!

“It’s Q the Mystery Cat!

You know how cats are mysterious in nature and sometimes aloof in nature but also very loving in nature….well Q is quite the cat I’ll just say!

“Let’s Eat a Buffet!”

Kids can say the wackiest of things…. and then you have Shinnosuke =O!

While each show was comprised of 3 mini episodes, due to my editing program and the way it works they’re a bi jumbled here, so you’ll be seeing the opening credits with some clips while this one here includes the ending credits which means you know that oh~so~adorable and catchy song by Sakurakko Club “DO~shite?” will be heard at episodes end! =)

“Kazama’s Sick in Bed!”

Aww that Shinchan he’s so sweet isn’t he? ? ? ? ? =O

“Ear Cleaning Feels Good!”

Aside from the ear cleaning, for us girls here’s where we can learn all about just how much a guy’s “MAN” zone can truly hurt …..yes we’re talking tears and a song? Really? =O


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to ~48 reasons why I ♥ Crayon Shinchan (VERSION 2.0)

  1. Daz Croghan says:

    Thank you Miss MB! Thank You so Much!!! You really have gone above and beyond expectations fulfilling my request. I am now your faithful follower, or minion if you like…


    • Hi Dashi I’m so excited to meet a Shinchan fan!! I’d written the original post quite awhile back and you’re like the very first fellow fan of this so so uniquely funny anime series to visit here! The oddly great animation style, the great voice cast and of course the no holds barred dialog all made this show so much fun to watch. There’s more episodes too, you know after you’ve watched these ….again nice to meet you Dashi ^^.


  2. jmsabbagh says:

    Uniquely done.Best wishes Jalal


  3. Gerben says:

    Now at the right place 🙂

    I loved the anime as a kid since I knew it was aired on a kids channel in the Netherlands and watched it every day if I could, ^.^ it was dubbed in Dutch with some censorship but still very funny. Unfortunately they only aired it from 2003 to 2007 because of complaints by parents.😦 The last new episodes aired in 2005.

    I especially like the head of the school! ( https://i.ytimg.com/vi/ZdRF7BHahyc/hqdefault.jpg ), episodes with him are very funny. My favorite episode is that he wants to bring Shin homework to Shin’s house but Shin wouldn’t open the door because he didn’t trust it was him unless he did his screaming mafia/gangster impersonation demanding a ransom. He did that and Shin let him but the gossip woman neighbors of the Nohara’s hear it and think that Hiroshi joined the mafia and have debts with them. Because the school head of the felt on the TV remote a violent movie gets played with gun shots which the neighbors and the police agent that was called hear. In the end the head of the school gets taken away to the police station. It may not sound that funny if you read my bad summary but it’s really funny! xD

    This is the Dutch intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf1cDtNBV_A It’s a nice tune but I think the Japanese intro that is included with some of your episodes is better!

    The reason I’m very very happy with your posting of episodes is because there are very few Shin Chan episodes with English subtitles. If you decide to post more then you could just post the whole VHS recordings instead of editing, that way its less time consuming for you do and I won’t mind it.🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Gerben for sharing how you came to know this gem of an anime, I know it has a sizeable fan base so it surprised me a bit as there hasn’t been much of a reaction here. The purposely raw looking animation I think is a large part of its charm and the dialogue and humor are off the charts funny!! It’s interes that the Dutch broadcast edited their own theme and as you say the original Japanese songs are sooooooo catchy and good!

      Editing the episodes is actually necessary as trying to upload one large file would give way to errors and buffer issues at times
      I will need to transfer to digital in real time, edit and then upload so please allow time for this, additionally I do have several blog projects on tap which I will need to complete first. Thank you for your patience and there are also lots of Japanese culture, music, movies, dramas, idols and more anime here to explore if you’re interested =).

      Liked by 2 people

  4. shinchanfan says:

    Thanks for your uploads. I would love to see more Shin-chan episodes too!


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