ザ モーニング卵 May 1st, 2015


shashin...Sorry about the “possible” scatterbrain randomness of these slapped together~words to come as my mind as of late has been just about everywhere …. and it’s been like an entire month+ since I last wrote anything here. And so one of my much more open minded friends suggested that I do a complete reboot of this place..you know like “The Morning After That Thing You’ve Been Doing 2.0” and with that a “panty giveaway.” Wait WUT???!! Funny I just typed in W-U-T and spellcheck didn’t even bother to correct me LOL oh and btw at the completion of anything being typed here the entire screen is always marred with red squiggly lines all over the place as my good friend type check keeps embarrassing me time and time again =P. WARNING: Under no circumstances should you ever ask the question…. “so what exactly is a panty giveaway?” Why?..wait…so something like this actually exists?? In real life??? (as opposed to life on Mars which seem surreal versus the “real”….which begs now the question: Are intelligent beings on another planet also giving away their underwear for some frightening reason??…you know after the whole “Does intelligent life on another planet exist?” is all figured out and confirmed one day =). Underwear being given away, WHY? And what exactly for? Wait I don’t want to know!!!!…. That’s just disturbing and some things you just cannot unlearn unfortunately =(.

Needless to say (funny I just now typed that and now I’m going to tell you anyway LOL =D). Needless to say, no blog reboot planned and DEFINITELY NO underwear of any kind being given away like EVER. Whew!

So looking back at the past few weeks I’ve realized just how blessed I truly am with love all around me with friends and family with the occasional smile from a complete stranger….okay that last part was meant to be funny but that too does truly happen on some days =). Sometimes daily life can amount to keeping up with routines and schedules with work and errands in between your much needed sleep amounting to depression and negative feelings in general. It can become easy to overlook all of the love which is readily around you or at times you just may not allow that love to come in. But now with a sincere gratitude things are appearing much differently than before. But I’m not going to further bore you with the gruesome details as you’d need to check out my “Facebook” page for that sort of content as I’m trying to keep this blog as bloggy~free of such personal impulses as possible =). So the lot of it all had me feeling insufficient both as a blogger and human being in general and so what was I indulging in for the past few weeks you may wonder? No not chocolate. I don’t really like it that much. No not ice cream. Ditto (see last reason). No it wasn’t sex. Although it’s true I don’t even need a man to ‘have’ that* ;). It’s been a ton of marathon watching through sitcoms and the like beginning with the wonderful t.v. show Chuck…..you see with my odd working hours I totally miss out on every prime time t.v. show as I’m fast asleep in bed Zzzzzz before their airing time =( ….. and in hindsight it’s a REALLY GOOD THING that I was then working 9~5:30 hours during the original broadcast of “Friends” !!~!! =D! Yup, that one’s pure gold~*~~*!!!! Suffice to say I’ve watched through the entirety of “Friends” at the very least six times since it was fully released onto DVD and then beautiful Blu-ray. (note: get the DVD version as it has the COMPLETE episodes including the ‘extra’ footage seen only in the original broadcasts….odd how the Bluray’s have those precious few minutes at each episode’s end omitted.) Also a great perk or silver lining if you will with the whole early to bed and no prime time t.v. FOR U dilemma which has stalked me for years now is that if I wait just long enough sooner or later the entirety of a t.v. series usually gets released in one neat set making it sooooooo convenient to marathon-watch the whole series in a matter of just a few days/weeks =D! So then it was marathon~watching of “According to Jim” and onto “The George Lopez Show”….yes my funny bone needs a lot of attention these days!!! Sadly both of those shows are yet to release their latter seasons =(. And currently I’ve just dove into marathon~watching “The Office” ……because laughter does the mind, body and soul much GOOD~♥!

But that’s all just me~time as the real wisdom is that …..TRUE friends~♥ are precious and rare, never let them go! Have gratitude for all of the love that is around you and be sure to pass ~~> on that love to others as it all makes for a very happy and healthy circle of life~. ^^

And on a final note here, does anyone have life long fears of their own? Let’s see I’m afraid of heights (why I’ll always live on the first floor), afraid of needles (I recently had some blood tests, nothing serious but it usually takes two to take thy blood from me =P one person to hold the needle and another person to hold me keeping me from moving and/or running away from them! …. not kidding! And no I’m not particularly proud about that =/), afraid of elevators (like I’m totally claustrophobic and there’s this fear I have of said elevator getting stuck as in a power outage where the air will be running out …. hey YOU stop breathing so much ….see! Can you feel my panic and truth be told I’m not even riding in an elevator at this very moment as I type on my laptop! Hard to believe right! =) ), afraid of flying (I really don’t like to fly and therefore I travel very little I mean have you seen Airplane? Final Destination? Snakes on a Plane?! =P Yeah I’d really take a boat if it weren’t for my tendency of getting VERY sea sick, just can’t win can I? =P!) …. and the list goes on and on.


So how was your April?

And today is May 1st and do you know what that means?

May Day is LEI~DAY! So did you get lei~d today? No not sex sweety =)! A fragrant flower lei rather.


Aloha from Paradise,

♥ ^^.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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  1. It’s always great to hear from you, MB. That was a rather, all over the place entry lol. Are you okay? Blood tests? I hope you aren’t sick or anything! My fears are really simple ones, like I’m afraid AKB as the group will suddenly graduate one day. Also, that I won’t be relevant anymore to anyone. And last, I have a huge fear of not being able to do what I want to do before my time is up in this world. Pretty heavy stuff I suppose. Oh, I do share sometimes in the fear of being on a plane. I’ve flown over a hundred times though, but it never gets any easier, I tell ya.
    So good to see you back online MB. One last thing.. My April was spent making AKB top 10 lists. I put it on my website. Maybe you can check them out and let me know what you think? I plan to do one every week. Guess who inspired me to get on and blog like that?
    Yep… you did 🙂
    Talk to you soon I hope. xoxoxox


    • And likewise Derek =)! Gosh I haven’t typed on the laptop in like 33 days….well according to my antivirus update =/….I “sometimes” like to write my thoughts in real time with no actual planning, format or theme to speak of LOL = scatterbrain entry. Some routine blood tests is all, will know more later =). But how about you!….sharing your fears thank you so much for that! Mmm…well as the great George Harrison once wrote: “All Things Must Pass”…but AKB is yet to show any signs of slowing down no doubt and I’m so with you as I’d love to see them go on and on~♥. I remember way back when Tsunku adopted/ thought up the whole what I like to call the “Menudo” theory of everlasting success plan! Graduate members and remain youthful forever. Surely a formula for the ages and look how far Momusu rode it in the upper tiers of popularity & success =). There was a time when i imagined that Momusu would go on and on with this success, I mean they’re surely very much relevant today but I mean when they were second to none back in the day. But with AKB, AkiP has taken it all to the next LEVEL, truly an idol group and ideal in itself as never seen before with the elections, how he develops, drafts, moves into foreign markets with great success….A~h do you remember Ice Creamusume? Tsunku’s genius plan to expand into the Taiwanese music market….I was actually blogging when that launched all those years ago, here’s a little post to reminisce:


      (sorry all of the audio in the post linked above was lost when I moved from Vox to WordPress here as it’s an older post =/)….could be re-uploaded though =).

      Anyway point being while the idol world has surely been explored with many successful approaches in the past it’s like AkiP has garnered all of that and more within himself to create the AKB Empire we know and love and marvel at today. LOL short answer to this fear, as all things must surely pass …… AKB♥ will surely be here for some time to come without doubt =).

      MMmmm… your next fears collectively are human nature for us, to leave a legacy I think guys are luckier, as in I mean you have a boy and your name lives on ….. LOL when I get married I’m going to insist on keeping mine for US♥ …haha kidding of course =P. You make an impact and impression each and every day I’m sure just knowing how passionate you are, you sound very grounded, a realist and yet adventurous? + you’re very good looking!!! you know with your Mark Wahlberg smoldering thing going on =D dontcha think?! =) Ohh and don’t even get me started about flying and fear ….. LOL I guess you wouldn’t be able to help me the haha ….. well, and it’s so awesome your blog is up!!!!!!!! Me an inspiration? You must be kidding!! I’m like the wackiest “blogger” possible aren’t I?! Well you’re most sweet~♥ to say ^^. Top 10 lists? I gotta go see….


      • I am still reeling that you decided to take a look at my blog and comment on it. I am so honored! You are my inspiration to do the lists, as I have spent so much time on your blog and felt such a connection to your crazy thoughts and your lovely scans and commentaries. You are seriously incredible!
        Thank you so much for your kind words about me too! Mark Wahlberg eh? YASASHI NE!!!!! Arigato. Arigato. Arigato. It’s been a long time since anyone said anything like that to me. Always nice to hear that kind of stuff. I’m sure you get more than a few smiles as you walk down the street though lol. And just so you know, if you wanted to fly anywhere and needed somebody to help you, I would do so in a hot minute. It would be fun to hear us both get all jittery and crazy at every little sound the plane makes, don’t cha’ think? Lol. Well, maybe not so much.
        Let’s just ride bikes everywhere. It would be like we were in every single AKB video from 2006 to 2010 lol.
        I wasn’t too much into Tsunku’s creations except Morning Musume, but ice cream Musume seems cute enough! I checked out your post and they definitely have the whole Kawaii thing figured out. But then again, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Tsunku. Speaking of him, I went to this place in Akihabara called BACKSTAGE CAFE that was made by his production company. It was one of the best experiences of my life in Japan. Have you ever heard of it? The link is below. It was classic Tsunku. I attended one of the nightly concerts there and was exposed to my first real army of wotas, all who were really nice to me, being that I was the only white guy in the whole place. I was bought beers and given cds of the girls who were performing. It seems that Tsunku touches our hearts even when we don’t realize it, eh?

        And yeah, legacy is important, I think, to most men. It’s built into our dna to pass along our genetic composition in some way, shape, or form. But for me, it’s more about just meaning something to somebody. As you get older, the idea of being important to a lot of people gets harder and harder to accomplish. I dunno why that’s important to me to be important to others, but it kind of is in a way. But yeah, you should keep your name when you find the lucky guy who gets to wake up to you every morning. I’m sure he’ll do whatever you want, being that he would probably be so happy to be with you every day he would go into the bathroom in the morning before you woke up just so he could comb his hair and look good for you when you woke up. Just sayin’

        Thanks again for checking out my blog. It’s so good to know you are back online. I love your scatterbrained, real-time approach to writing. It’s so kinetic I feel like I’m watching an anime somehow when I read your blogs. Good to see you’re back from your TV-induced paralysis. However, it’s always good though to catch up on tv shows, right? I have these rituals where, for my favorite shows, I watch them all at once. Like Game of Thrones. I wait until the season’s over and then spend one whole night just watching every episode in a row and vegging out. Hey, want to watch some shows with me sometime lol? You sound like a perfect person to do this with!.
        Okay, this post is massive. Sorry about that! Just so happy to have MB back!


        • And you’ve got a very cool design, I remember you mentioning that you do web designs yourself? A~h! you are much too kind =)! When I was heavily into blogging this was the perfect~* place to escape to and just post whatever inspired on that particular day or week….do wish I had much more time to blog these days. U~n lists are most difficult and a most ambitious challenge to take on and you’re doing so awesome with them sharing your thoughts most thoroughly! Sometimes it’s difficult to read looks from others and one of my guy friends suggested that I may be “…intimidating”, to which I say I’m barely over 5 feet tall so there’s no waaaaaay that I could possibly be intimidating xD. Ha! you mentioned bicycling which I have fond memories of going way back to when my father first taught me how to ride one graduating from a three wheeler which is still the safest form of child transportation outdoors when you’re still little and then there’s this possibly little known gem here:


          You know if I could bicycle to the Mainland across the ocean what a joy that would be you know not considering just how insanely far that would actually be =P.

          Sorry about all of the audio being lost in their post there, it was fun and refreshing to hear such favorites of Momusu being performed in an all Taiwanese group.

          I had not heard of Backstage Cafe before and what a concept it is!!!!! AKB48 has elections, drafts and a grooming process all their own but here Tsunku’s really stepped up the culture by having fans/customers lead the charge directly in determining the girls’ successes =). Genius to have such an ideal where fans produce them to success through points given online…really an original and I’m sure most popular and fun process…albeit most likely underneath still a yet stressful process for the aspiring girls. And Tsunku’s got them not just preparing to become idols with singing but he’s also incorporated acting into it all…..reminds me of how much I used to so love those Hello!Morning skits!!! So much fun!! So lucky you’ve been able to attend and take it all in…sounds like a must see attraction for numerous reasons for sure.

          Ah~ Mmm that was me being silly about the name thing =P…however for children I’ve already got favorite names in mind =) but then again I’m really easy to negotiate with but then I’ll be like…..please please please~♥!!!

          Oh! so you’re into marathon-ing too? =) Un a show can really capture you and then you can’t help but keep watching and especially with those oh~so~perfectly timed end of episode cliff hangers they manage to suck you in totally and then you’re obsessed =D! A friend of mine was trying to get me into Game of Thrones and there sure were a lot of naked people in there!!… mind you this is the same person whom once thought it a good idea to show me porn as an ‘educational’ video LOL =O….haha just because someone’s a virgin doesn’t mean that they don’t know how things* work =)! I once had written about some guys ideals of sex born out of those videos which turned into a tiny rant here so I’ll say no more for today ^^. Hope you’re having the best of Mondays~.


          • As always MB, your responses are so genuine and amazing that I can’t help but smile for at least three and a half hours after I read them. Hontoni, hontoni, arigato gozaimasu!
            I am going to be doing at least 1 list a week. Right now I’m working on Top Ten AKB shows. I’ll let you know when it’s ready. I’m going to be doing the Sousenkyo top ten prediction after that. Plus some other goodies. If you have any requests for top ten lists you would like to see from me regarding AKB, let me know. I would happily oblige.
            I was a bike warrior when I was a kid. Seriously, I would go around the neighborhood and have bike wars with other kids. My favorite thing to do was tape bottle rockets on the handlebars and when I got near my enemies I would shoot them at the kids. I never succeeded in hitting any of them though, thankfully. Mostly neighbor’s houses and stuff. Apparently bottle rockets don’t shoot so straight lol.
            Of course, nothing would beat riding a bike if I was a girl, as your love link so astutely pointed out to me. Much thanks to you for that lovely image 😉
            Yes, Tsunku is rather amazing and always will be. His idea of that idol cafe was so perfect in every way. I wish I could take you there… I know you of all people would get the most joy out of it. Oh, and that reminds me for some reason, are you watching the Sousenkyo live like last year? If you are, let me know. We have to chat it up all night again with Pedro! It will be good times. I plan to be up all night cheering for my oshimen and also for my SKE oshimen Tani Marika. I adore her! She’s the perfect kind of skinny and funny for me.
            Oh, and I realized something about your pic on the about page… you have the same haircut as Mayuyu on your wallpaper! That’s awesome!
            You are so much fun MB. Why can’t you just live in LA here so we can get Boba Tea and just talk about idols all day? Seriously!
            Oh, and one last thing about doing marathon tv watching… do you have a top three for this? For me, it’s the sopranos (because I’m Italian and you know, because it’s the best show ever made that doesn’t have cute idols in it), Game of Thrones, and 24. Gotta love Jack!


            • This may be the dumbest question you’re asked this week!..but what exactly is a bottle rocket? I’ve not heard of one growing up and I imagine they may not be around anymore? My cousins and my eldest brother used to make ramps out of mud, let them dry and then go racing and jumping on them …I’ve always been much too afraid to partake in such wildness but it was always fun to watch them =). Besides bike riding adjustable shower heads are WONDERFUL too!! Sorry about that as I did just take a shower albeit I didn’t do that* =).

              It’s a bit far off to say just yet just in case something comes up but as of now I do plan on watching the election results this year if they do indeed stream them live again which would be so so amazing!! I’ve been known to create a post on the day of event and then go nutty writing to myself all night long as I watch the results so I guess that would be the sign….I think my (election) singles will arrive today or tomorrow so then it’ll be time to rock the vote once more =D! A~hh that’s so funny I guess we do even part our bangs the same way =P ….I’d not had a shorter style in quite a long time and likewise I do wish for Mayuyu~♥ to keep her’s longer~ish too =). (today’s made up word is longer~ish)
              Oh! a top three fave t.v. show reveal?? Hmmm for me it’d have to be in no particular order: “Party of Five”, “Friends” and “Seinfeld.” Party of Five was for long a guilty pleasure of mine…the storylines and characters always had my attention and wanting more, Friends was just hilarious….looking forward to Thursdays back when it was airing was like a comforting hug from our television where I just knew I’d laugh and smile a lot!! and Seinfeld was just so out there wacky awesome with these most odd characters with some of the most incredible idiosyncrasies and life beliefs….just brilliantly funny writing all around! =D I’m currently hooked on Chuck, have you seen it it’s really entertaining like having the best of two worlds combined with action and comedy all at once in a pretty intelligently written show.


  2. philipleslie says:

    HI mb,
    So good to hear (read, that is) your voice again. I had been checking for possible volcanic activity on your island. There’s plenty of interesting things coming up, such as a new Mayuyu release and the forthcoming AKB48 single. I was just checking out this election straw poll: http://akb48-daily.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/survey-predict-who-will-be-center-of.html As you can vote an infinite number of times, it’s clear that some people have been having fun amassing votes for Takamina and Paruru. There’s a general election going on in the UK at the moment. I’ve little interest in it. There’s no senbatsu.

    Nogizaka46′ latest single ‘Inochi wa utsukushii’ is possibly my favourite idol release of the year so far, even though the A-side isn’t quite up there with ‘Kimi no na wa kibou’. I love all the songs. There’s a very touching Nishino Nanase solo song, which she sings beautifully; the mv uses home footage of her growing up. She’s very much the heart of Nogi.

    Elevators have always made me dizzy. When I’m in one, I grip the handrail as if I’m on a white knuckle ride; and when I get out, I have the sensation that my legs are going to collapse. I use stairs wherever possible. I’m afraid that had I been in the Nakatomi building when Hans Gruber seized it, I wouldn’t have been able to do any of the things ‘Roy’ (aka John McClane aka Bruce Willis) did, especially the monkeying around in elevator shafts.

    Derek mentioned Tsunku: so tragic that Tsunku has had his voice taken away from him. You forget just how many background vocals (including thousands of ‘yeahs’) he added to his Hello Project songs. Imagine ‘Ne-e?’ without his (very low and god-like) voice in it.

    Looking forward to your posts!


    • Ohhhhh YES I’ve already pre-ordered Mayuyu’s~♥ upcoming single!!!!! Can’t WAIT!! LOL you’re so funny with the lack of Senbatsu comment =D! Government could really use a Senbatsu for the people =P. Predictions are always fun to watch and I do wonder how Takamina’s support will turn out as she’s heading towards graduation so surely there’d be a huge bump up I’d imagine =). I’d of course still love to see Mayuyu up there along with Sasshi, Paruru, Kitarie, Ricchan and a host of others ^^. Ah and it’s about exactly a month from today isn’t it!! I wonder if there going to stream live again this year…that’s been such an event to witness live!!

      Just knowing that there’s a Nananse solo has gotten my interest up! May be a single I should get…..going to bookmark it now. Not sure which one has her solo but I see Nanase named along with Wakatsuki Yumi on the type A DVD…no song title listed though so it could be rather a special feature I wonder.

      Ohhhh I love the Die Hard series!! Bruce Willis is like the ultimate tough guy, like I’d always feel safe beside him albeit there would be baddies after us LOL =P. Un elevators freak me out…..small confined spaces and this one’s on the move up and down so not good for my anxieties xD.

      I had heard about Tsunku =(. It’s unimaginable that such a thing could happen to him and you’re so right about his voice being so iconic in his songs throughout the years writing and producing for H!P/Momusu…not to mention his awesomeness in SharanQ. “Power Song”….”iiwake”…his voice so amazing!! Still I think the music genius inside of him will power through yet in his writings, productions and ideas ^^.

      ps. The BACKSTAGE CAFE video Derek embedded above is quite the concept of Tsunku’s!!


      • philipleslie says:

        Hi! ごめんねずっと。。。song and mv are on Type B. It’s a truly beautiful song. The bonus videos are entertaining too, and range from fun with with paint and t-shirts to Shiraishi and Hashimoto’s ‘Lonely Siblings’ wordless mini-drama… Can’t believe ‘Die Hard’ is getting on for 30 years old. It remains one of the best of its type, I think… It seems that Tsunku might be learning to speak by using his oesophagus, which always looks such hard work, when you hear someone talking using that method, plus it requires the people you’re talking to to be infinitely patient and understanding…


        • Okay so she’s featured on type B, thank you =)! I even loved the latter Die Hard movies….his character is just so iconic of action/kick the baddies butt films!! =) Tsunku’s heart is filled with so much music that I’m sure he’ll find a way to persevere and continue loving and creating music for everyone, how difficult it must be but he is a remarkable man!!

          New AKSingles should be here today or tomorrow and you know what that means….it’s time to VOTE once again!!! Will you be voting too this year? Also I hope to watch the live stream of the results show if they stream it once again this year =).


          • philipleslie says:

            Hi mb! Not sure about voting as the CDs will arrive too late, I suspect, but I will definitely be watching if there’s streaming coverage. I enjoyed last year a lot. Any thoughts about the senbatsu? Takamina definitely, Mayuyu, Sasshi, Kojiharu, Yukirin, Paruru, Yuihan etc…I’m going to guess that Naanya will do well, given the great year she’s had. I really hope Akarin gets a spot in the limelight. And then there’s Hilary Clinton. No, wait, wrong election.


  3. Ivan says:

    oh so ur alive yet hahaha 😛

    sended u lot of msgs here and private but dont get answer ^^

    good see u back ^^ hope u dont go again, so long time without ur posts :\

    so u are afraid of needles ? 2 ppl to hold u? hahaha so u are like hillary(akb) who need lot of ppl to hold her, but she scream out a lot too aheaheha and cry

    so welcome back ^^

    and buy wasamin new single 😛 hahaha


    • Un still here =), sorry I’ve not gotten to the blog or messages for some time now…things have been busier than normal with just some extra things happening right now for me which has kept me away.

      Oh you have no idea of how needles frighten me!!! I can’t watch it being done but I also don’t want them to do it in the first place LOL =P! I’ve moved in the past and had the nurse completely miss my vein and then they just have to do it all over again which is double the scare and pain and anxiety xD…. and I tend to bruise afterwards, not a good thing =(. ‘Hillary?’….AKB?

      Wasamin is awesome!! I really wish I could get every release my heart desires ^^.


      • Ivan says:

        haha so dont go away 😛
        oh i can understand this things dont worry :P, only “bothering” you 😛
        so how have u been ^^ ?

        neither whatching ?? omg hahaha so u are really worried about this hehehhe.
        ugh when i need do something where need this i try dont look too haha only waiting the needle and thinking in random things hahahaa maybe this help u 😛
        hmmm :\

        yah from akb hirata hina 😛

        go wait ur review here :3 about the single

        this week im not really good some fever symptoms :\


        • Aw don’t say ‘bothering’ as friends aren’t bothering, I’ve missed all of you guys very much too =).

          Ohhh no I never look, I think I may faint that way =O ….just think of me having a bit of nervous short breaths and anxiety and then the second I feel anything I try to move my arm away xD. NOT a very helpful fear to have =/.

          Oh I’d hadn’t known Hina to be called Hillary but then again I’m so terrible with all of the girl’s nicknames while you’re so very knowledgeable of them =D!

          Oh a fever can be serious, please see your doctor if it persists or gets any worse and I do hope you feel much better soon ^^.


          • Ivan says:

            Ahhh but is a bothering in the good way haha
            every time i read or listem the words “dont go away” i remember de song from the duo BY2.

            Like i said before i wanted to talk more with u on mails, i think sometimes u go more there “when u get missed” from the blog haha.

            hahaha but if u faint u dont go feel anything hahaha so in someways it is better hahahaha, i dont like much it to buuuut nothing we can do haha

            really? is a long date nickname from her hahaha… not really i dont know everynick hahah is sooooooooooooo much ppl there hahaha, but know the girls i like at least hahaha
            but if u want see try search on youtube about her going to take some vaccination, last year the recorded too, i think it have on their official channel hahaha, 2 or 3 of the other girls have to go there to hold her on the chair @.@

            u know here in brazil again stay with problem of “dengue fever” (dont know if speak like this outside) but last year i get this, and well hope this time is not something like this, but only some problem like stress or tired of wakeup soon.

            but back to good things, have u listened the group “Little Glee Monsters” ?? pls pls pls take a look in their official channel and tell me what u think, they are really amazing, that voices omg.. :PPPP

            and u have ur pants stolen hahaha ? u giving away some too hahaha ?? (sorry the late back to topic aheahea i reading some msg of u debating with they about the topic u put on blog hahahah

            and here go the long msg 😛


            • Yikes!! No no no needles or even videos containing needles for me LOL =P!! I’m terrible with the girls nicknames and like you I tend to know mostly just my favorites♥ so I’m often confused as to whom a person is speaking about if a nick is used xD.

              Oh dengue fever is serious! Do please keep safe and healthy and remember to wash your hands often and try not to touch your eyes or mouth as so many bad things can be caught that way. Will check out Little Glee Monsters, I’m guessing they’re on Youtube?

              Oh NO giveaway was never official =P! …I intend on keeping all of my underwear and really some of them are quite pricey =).


              • Ivan says:

                let me get a collection os needles videos aheahea

                ahahah sorry sometime i forget about u or me know every nicknames 😛

                yah lot of things can occours with so simple things :\… and normaly i always wash my hands haha i started do this all the time i touch something different the normal or after touch my pets

                Yah they have an official channel in youtube, easy to see lot of videos from they.

                hahaha oh so bad no giveway(joke kkkk), but if u go to japan u can sell they for a good price hahahaha
                oh tell about why they are pricey ??


                • LOL….pretty underwear is just pricey at times =). Ick and there will be no selling of any underwear at any time….I really don’t understand what is happening there =O!


                  • Ivan says:

                    hahaha, a time ago i see a vending machine with underwear aheahea, dont know if it is fake, but i laught a lot kkkkkk


                    • Vending machine underwear? Who in the world is buying underwear out of a vending machine??!! =O I mean one would usually go to a clothing store and such for these type of personal essentials….or is the potential purchaser at said vending machine naked?? LOL =P…and therefore needs underwear immediately or maybe it’s after hours and all department stores are closed? In any case that is so weird!!!


                    • Ivan says:

                      ahahha i dont know if it is really true but, searche on google “japan vending machine underwear ” hahaha…. hmm that crazy wotas probably buy O.o

                      yah is really weird but is something for that crazy guys out there to buy, not for girls


                    • Japan easily has the most diverse vending machines however this is way way out there =O!!


                    • Ivan says:

                      but its funny this one haehaea


  4. phr says:

    WUT you can’t just promise underwear and then take it away like that!! Oh look, my spellcheck didn’t like WUT =O it also didn’t like “spellcheck”, WUT am I supposed to write then? It wants me to add a space. Spell check. Yeah, it likes that one. Well, I guess he’ll be disappointed, because I’m sure not going back to “fix” anything. No spellcheck tiranny for me! WTH, it wants an y. Ok, my fault now, tyranny!
    Hello MB. I’m sure there are a lot of complete strangers from all over the world smiling at your post by now. Glad to see your mood is apparently on the way up, it’s always worrying when somebody disappears =/ lol, look who is saying that. I always felt marathon watching was more common than normal watching these days. Sure, you may have one or two shows you’re following in real time, but everything else? With Netflix out there, and DVDs getting sold as whole seasons or complete sets, you’re going to be marathon-watching. Funny how I don’t know any of the shows you mentioned =p I heard of “The Office”, never saw it. I know very few TV series outside of Japan, which is strange given that the ones I’ve seen (Battlestar Galactica, House, Breaking Bad, Heroes), I love every single one. Actually I’ve been debating for months whether I’ll get the DVD or Bluray box for House, but then every time I go figure out my budget I give up and buy idol stuff instead =D Now they started taxing foreign magazines, so maybe this is the month to go DVD. Or Bluray. The DVD is so much cheaper, and probably as good quality as the ones I used to download. But the Bluray, it’s Bluray! So much potential, think of the possibilities!!! I’ve no idea if the price difference is justified, and there’s quite a difference. The problem is, budget constraints means this thing will go: House Bluray only, or House DVDs and new PBs. Kojiharu has a new one. Sae too, I wasn’t going to get hers but there was a really surprising preview I saw in some magazine when I could still buy those. Damn government. I also still don’t have Paruru’s PB, and now I like Paruru. I was watching an episode of “AKB48 no Anta, Dare?” where she showed up. It’s a YouTube show that usually has forgotten members, so they made a big deal of Paruru showing up. Anyway, at one point the hosts asked her to do the honor of pressing a button that would start a roulette kind of thing spinning there, and she was awesome. The guy started explaining “So when Paruru presses the button…” and she says “Ok”, pressed it right away, and killed the suspense the guy was about to build up. He literally stopped in the middle of what he was saying and goes “Oh, she’s done it already”. Perfect timing on that. You know, it takes a good MC to match Paruru’s style, but given that, she’s a genius at variety. She’s the Gackt of AKB. I wish I could see what Utaban would do with her. Why am I talking about Paruru? Right, House. I want to be House when I grow up. Wish I had a bad leg I could blame for my bad mood and antisocial tendencies… huh, no, forget that. Can I just have all the awesome instead, without the leg problems and the drug addiction? That’d be perfect.
    Life long fears? I’m not afraid of heights, I’m afraid of stairs. And bridges. And anything where I can look down and see the ground through… huh… ok, let me go to Wikipedia… “Floating stairs”, those are the problem! I don’t have a problem with heights though… Only with stairs that look like they’re just glued to the wall. You know, even Hogwarts had real stairs, sure they moved around, but at least they weren’t just a bunch of steps flying in the middle of the hall. If even the wizards couldn’t guarantee the safety of floating steps, how could any of us???
    I also don’t like boats. I prefer to fly. I figure if I’m going to die anyway, I’d rather die falling off a plane than drowning. At least with the plane you might be able to jump off and get a nice view of the rapidly approaching Earth ground. With the drowning, I don’t know, maybe you see some nice shades of blue? A few sharks? Not as much fun.
    Talk to you later~

    PS: on the Martian culture topic, although I have no additional insight on the matter, I’d like to propose another question: instead of giving away their underwear, maybe they have no such things at all?
    (that was joke, but I guess depending on how you were imagining your Martians it might have been… unpleasant. In that case, I am sorry :D)


    • LOL me and spell check have an understanding….that I tend to type up made up words =). Mr. ‘open’ minded also shared with me that a picture of myself wearing said underwear must also be given to the ‘winner’ ….my hand quickly went over his mouth at that very instant!!! Some things should not be known, my personal words to live by =)….never mind any ‘giveaway’ but years ago I’ve had some personals stolen but it was from our clothesline outside, thank GOODNESS we now dry everything inside but for years growing up the outdoor clothesline was the way to go. Thinking about the whole they must be worn thing now it’s puzzling altogether as my clothing taken was out of the washing machine….. you know that’s just skin crawling heebee jeebies (・д・`*)!!、 and so I need to shut up this instant (・_・)。Some things you just cannot unlearn sadly =/…wasn’t there a superhero or someone with powers who could erase one’s memories? If they could just take that one and perhaps a couple of others that’d be so GOOD =D.

      Oh I’ve missed YOU lots too!!! So many outside forces now that I’ll really need to make time to visit and write on the blog again….I miss everyone too. Ohhh Chuck is wonderful fun…I’ve sort of an attraction for nerdy guys depending on just how nerdy they are LOL =P but anyway Chuck has a lot of that with a store setting I can totally relate to from my past as well as spy intrigue/action/ and even romance all wrapped nicely into a comfy comedic burrito wrap=)! “Friends” is iconic and so so funny, so is “Seinfeld” for very different reasons though and OH you’ve mentioned “Heroes!!!” OH YES the first season was magical perfection!!!!! Characters, storyline, character development, outstanding cast oh and the writing and twists couldn’t have been executed any better!! I did lose a bit of interest after the first season but that will always be a top notch show for the ages no doubt. “House” is a very awesome show too!! I’ve not seen all of it but something must be said of the lead character….what I mean is that actor, he’s so talented!! Like nobody else could have pulled off that role in my mind. Un Blurays are pricey so depending on how much you love a particular show, that should lead the way as you’ll probably be watching over and over again =). Ah you so need Paruru’s PB!! If for nothing else….her expressions of intrigue =D. I did also get Sae’s but haven’t scanned it yet xD..along with Yui’s….Sae is really photogenic!! The “GACKT of AKB”…I like that! I get those “Anta, Dare?” episodes with my weekly subscription digests….although I’ve watched through only a handful of them and that sounds like a fun moment with Paruru being Paruru like no one else can Paruru. See she’s like both a person and also a verb in one.

      OH yes ‘floating stairs…’ you’ve nailed it! Like the one in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom..I think it was that one? With all of the baddies with swords coming after them and then Indiana says the heck with this the only way out is to cut the bridge while he’s on it =O!! You know if Harrison Ford were nearer in age he’d be one to go after, as if I have any qualifications to marry a movie actor icon superstar LOL =P! The Hogwart’s stairs were awesome, I’d totally get lost though and never find my room I imagine…love love the Harry Potter books/movies!

      A~h! you are so right! And that is why I believe Donald Duck is also a Martian he doesn’t have any need for pants either…much less any underwear I guess =P.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Hello Miss Berryz
    I’m new here and found you doing extensive searching for ShinChan episodes from KikuTV. Thanks so much for post some of those videos in your blog. you said that you would post more if there was interest… would you ? Please? They really are quite rare, just like you.
    BTW i am afraid of accidentally poking my eye with a scissors or knife. I do have a problem with seemingly random things finding there way into my eye. You know how a tiny caterpillar will hang down from a tree? Right into my eye! just tonight a friends dog poked me in the eye with her nose. Fortunately it was soft and squishy, but you get the idea. My eyes are magnets. so that’s my semi- unreasonable fear: getting poked in the eye.
    Cheers, Dashi


  6. Daz Croghan says:

    Hello Miss Berryz
    I’m new here and found you doing extensive searching for ShinChan episodes from KikuTV. Thanks so much for post some of those videos in your blog. you said that you would post more if there was interest… would you ? Please? They really are quite rare, just like you.
    BTW i am afraid of accidentally poking my eye with a scissors or knife. I do have a problem with seemingly random things finding there way into my eye. You know how a tiny caterpillar will hang down from a tree? Right into my eye! just tonight a friends dog poked me in the eye with her nose. Fortunately it was soft and squishy, but you get the idea. My eyes are magnets. so that’s my semi- unreasonable fear: getting poked in the eye.
    Cheers, Dashi


    • Hello Daz =),

      Ah that is so wonderful that you love Crayon Shinchan too =D!! Un KIKU used to air them every Saturday early evening, I imagine you’ve lived or are living in Hawaii. You know you are the very first person to ask for more Shinchan~♥ ^^…..I’d written that post so long ago and I’ve always thought it to be such a hilarious and outrageously hilarious anime that I’d been wondering how others could not laugh and love this anime too =P.

      Thank you for reading, you know the whole lifelong fears randomly hitting thought I had the other day and yours is a genuinely understandable and very much shared one I’d have to imagine!! Do be safe with your eyes Dashi, and I’ll be searching for some of my old VHS tapes from yesteryear which contain Crayon Shinchan episodes to upload o(*´∀`)o゛。

      ps. Not sure if I’ll be adding to the existing Shinchan post or I’ll be posting a new one but in any case I’ll get to work on them right away as I’ll need to transfer those VHS to digital.


    • Sorry about the delay Dashi, as I haven’t been able to blog lately. Today I’ve just begun transferring some Crayon Shinchan episodes from VHS to DVD so I’ll be upping a few very soon. Thank you for your patience =).


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