FRIDAY 1.23 issue ft. covergirl Koike Rina (1)


Mayuyu♥ says....

Friday 1.23.2015 issue FT. Covergirl♥ Koike Rina

FRIDAY 1.23 issue ft. covergirl Koike Rina (1) “Shotaiken……” haha it’s only ‘dirty ‘ to say if you’re a scantily clad idol or should I say against the rules? =P

Welllll……I know the text on this particular issue of FRIDAY “may” be difficult to notice or well be overshadowed greatly by the uber~sensually sexy image of Koike Rina front and center and yet this issue had me curious with the <– text which reads 「“First personal (Mmm …sexual here being insinuated?) experience”」、or “shotaiken.” I mean it’s Friday magazine which often scoops scandals and such after all and for a split second some part of my mind had me frighteningly pondering NO WAY, NO it CAN’T BE =O!!! But then in that same instance my brain registered the context of said text in pink and you realize it’s pure simulation/insinuation or daydream or night~dream~* or just your dirty mind LOL (。ーωー。)笑!

But on second thought a shotaiken ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!! やっほぃ♪  or just a taiken ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!! やっほぃ♪  for each time afterwards which includes you know a few toys and such with the ideology of no guy being around to help,  now that would be perfectly okay even by idol rules/standards wouldn’t it? I mean a girl’s gotta “eat” too right so as long as it’s a solo “buffet” =). A~h try to crack that cryptic code, take that The Da Vinci Code (。ーωー。)笑!

Yukirin says....

Have a nice day

Mayuyu asks....

phallic anyone??

(Still wondering what sick mind created this Dora the Explorer toy?? (・д・`*)!!!)

Mayuyu's new toy =P!

Now a first “sexual?” personal experience? I wouldn’t “know anything about that” ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!! やっほぃ♪

“That” being said this mesmerizingly hot pictorial by Koike Rina has me thinking that said personal experience* should’ve occurred at a gorgeous hotel suite room! =) I mean I could wear those and the part where she’s completely naked that wardrobe’s the most cost friendly of them all ^^.

Ah! and do note that for Rina~chan’s shotaiken she did get all dressed up special* and surely one wouldn’t need to get all dressed up special* if one were to be only attending to a solo “buffet” personal experience now would they?

anime orgasm

Umm, excuse me for just a bit…

A most erotically charged pictorial no doubt complete with Koike Rina’s ‘secret’ weapon, that being her trademark bedroom eyes ………(゜∀゜)………。!!~!~~!And getting back to the cover photo, some editors sure know how to sell magazines but in this case a bit of naughty insinuation (or a personally dirty mind…=)) in text didn’t hurt either….

..Oh and I’ve also managed to scan the also included pictorials of Kawamura Yukie and newscaster Nakagawa Yuko who’s bringing the sexy @ a youthful 43, although as sexy as their pictorials are in their very own rights it’s sort of like going on after The Beatles on that legendary broadcast of the Ed Sullivan Show waaaaay back then I mean one could be juggling plates while balancing utensils upon their nose while riding a unicycle complete with a ring of pandas singing “Kum Ba Yah” around a gigantic bon fire in perfect unison and yet it’d be hard to notice after Rina~chan♡’s ” first personal” experience (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓。

(note: Images are a ‘bit’ large for this post so they may take a bit of time to load completely, your eyes will thank you for your patience and double clicking~* on an image may cause them to appear larger than expected =))

FRIDAY 1.23 issue ft. covergirl Koike Rina (2) FRIDAY 1.23 issue ft. covergirl Koike Rina (3) FRIDAY 1.23 issue ft. covergirl Koike Rina (4) FRIDAY 1.23 issue ft. covergirl Koike Rina (5) FRIDAY 1.23 issue ft. covergirl Koike Rina (6)

FRIDAY 1.23 issue ft. covergirl Koike Rina (8)FRIDAY 1.23 issue ft. covergirl Koike Rina (7)

 FRIDAY 1.23 issue ft. covergirl Koike Rina (7) FRIDAY 1.23 issue ft. covergirl Koike Rina (8)FRIDAY 1.23 issue ft. covergirl Koike Rina (9) FRIDAY 1.23 issue ft. covergirl Koike Rina (10) FRIDAY 1.23 issue ft. covergirl Koike Rina (11)FRIDAY 1.23 issue ft. covergirl Koike Rina (12) FRIDAY 1.23 issue ft. covergirl Koike Rina (13)FRIDAY 1.23 issue ft. covergirl Koike Rina (14)FRIDAY 1.23 issue ft. covergirl Koike Rina (15) FRIDAY 1.23 issue ft. covergirl Koike Rina (16)


Was it good for you too? *^^Kashiwazaki Sena

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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5 Responses to ~小池♡里奈「初体験......」

  1. Ivan says:

    and here come Koike again with the hyper perv pics hahaha 😛

    soon u go come here posting a AV video of her kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    anyway nice pics from her :3


  2. philipleslie says:

    Very chuckle-making. Enjoy the speech bubble pics as always (love the Mayuyu+llama photo, which reminds me to search out some UK llamas for you, as soon as the weather stabilises). Curvy Koike looks as stunning as always. Plus I learnt a new word today, too. Thank you for a great post! Shame there isn’t an Oscar for that.


    • Hiya~! I’ll be getting to the blog e-mails next as I’ve managed most of the personal ones thus far =). I think you’re the only one who gets my odd sense of humor lol =P…and I’d so love to see the llamas in your neighborhood! And didn’t the cover of this magazine so not disappoint! For a split second the text caught me off guard and it being Friday magazine I was like oh no did Rina~chan do something bad?? =O But alas it’s just pure fantasy….a sexy and naughty fantasy =). Ah I’d gladly accept the Oscar for being offbeat and a little weird at times =D!..you’re much too sweet to say!

      Was just listening to your ballad3 on your SoundCloud:

      and it’s a beautiful piece!! A lot of intricate passages and I love how the melody evolves into like an entirely new song which turns a bit somber maybe? Great moody piece I think! Checkicco’s “Hajimari” is such a catchy song!! I believe we’ve reminisced Checkicco here perhaps more than once awhile back, short lived group but they released quite a few gems albeit they were going up against the juggernaut in Hello! Project at the time =).

      Mmm….the Nacchi CD photo you sent is actually part of a much larger set, is this seller only selling the CD itself? Not sure if other members also had the Platinum Moment Box set treatment but it’s a really pretty release!!! The complete set comes with a special pouch, 3 photos, DVD w/ Booklet, photo stand, mini photo book and perhaps most cool is the knitted beanie hat which has the “Natsumi Abe PLATINUM MOMENT BOX” title on it!

      Ohhh here I found someone selling the complete set here!!!!


      U~n I’m trying to do not more than one a day for the most part as far as posting so it’d be more like getting a daily paper albeit it’s a much more silly daily paper =)…just thought it’d be easy to follow them that way ^^.

      Must bring back special childhood memories~*!! Looks amazing all snowed up and what is that large circular area which is at the far left of the frame at about 8 seconds in?…there’s some sort of brown shed in front of it. Just curious as it doesn’t appear to be frozen.


  3. philipleslie says:

    The circular construction in the video is a model yacht pond. That’s drained for winter. I leaned too far over the edge and fell in when I was little. Fortunately it’s not deep, but I still remember going under and seeing a drinks can on the bottom before my brother fished me out. There used to be more beach shelters near it, where the benches are, but they were demolished a few years ago. The brown shed I guess is a pumping station? I’ll have a close look next time I’m there….I love the Platinum Moment Box. Sadly only the DVD is on eBay, otherwise I’d be bidding for it. And thank you for listening to my piece and for liking it!
    I’d much rather read your posts than a daily paper!


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