A ‘HOLY’ GRAIL (of J-Pop♥)….

ZARD-What Rare Tracks!~ZARD edit (1)

ZARD-What Rare Tracks! CD

….as mentioned in my previous post there was promise of such a rarity to share here and okay I’m sure every J-Pop lover has their very own personal “Holy Grail” of J-pop of which they’ve searched tirelessly for over some period of time, and so for me I’d long given up and even forgotten about this fan club-exclusive CD from ZARD as it’d proven elusive for me back when I was busy hunting down her complete single and album discography when much of her early releases were already long out of print. (note: the photos below are a bit outdated as they’re from the original ZARD tribute posting here so a couple of releases aren’t seen as they’d been released a bit later)

Original ZARD tribute post can be found in this link ^^.

my ZARD collectionmy ZARD collection..my ZARD collection...my ZARD collection....my ZARD collection.....my ZARD collection......

Now fast~~>forward to a few weeks ago when I met two most wonderful new friends here @ WP in Kimmy & JJ with conversations with Kimmy bringing up this most rare ZARD CD as we spoke about various music-loves =)…and I hadn’t even thought about this release in ages and with that I realized a tiny possibility of asking a particular friend here if he actually has seen or owns this disc. You see I didn’t know him back during my ZARD single and album collecting days so I never thought to ask…and long story short by some miracle I was shocked that he’d actually acquired it some time ago!~!

And so with the promise of some most gentle care here I’ve been shared with the tracks of “ZARD-What Rare Tracks!~ZARD edit”, eleven tracks in all featuring remixes of some of her most beloved songs all-time, enjoy ^^!

ZARD-What Rare Tracks!~ZARD edit (2)

Get U’re Dream -Perry Geyer mix-

風が通り抜ける街へ -White silver wind mix-

愛が見えない  M-oZ club mix

この愛に泳ぎ疲れても  night clubbers mix

永遠  Till the end of time mix

Don’t U see!  D.F.P Zar-dub 

Can’t take my eyes off of you   readymade wizard

mix rare edit

Get U’re Dream -hifloor breakin’ mix-

止まっていた時計が今動き出した  new time mix

マイ フレンド  HBK dp delight mix

負けないで -Flute solo mix-

ZARD-What Rare Tracks!~ZARD edit (3)

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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2 Responses to A ‘HOLY’ GRAIL (of J-Pop♥)….

  1. philipleslie says:

    You must have been so excited when you found your friend had this. Some of the mixes are a little too much for my ears, but I really love ‘Tomatteita Tokei ga Ima Ugokidashita’. Interestingly, I was on the verge of ordering a couple of albums from Masa, so this has prompted me to. Any chance that this CD could join your collection?


    • I guess it’s just the rarity of this album as it was a FC only release so not many are out there circulating as most fans wouldn’t part with their copy which is how it should be. Prices are high too for this album for anyone willing to pay so much!! U~n definitely stick with the original ZARD song versions, “Forever You” was my very first album and recommended for early listening, did your ZARD albums arrive yet? Curious which ones you chose. “Hold Me”, “Yureru Omoi” and “Oh My Love” all perfect~* choices to begin with. I’d love to own this CD for sure….if the price isn’t too pricey that is but I’ve been known to cave in the past =).


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