~Fuzzy Memories proudly presents SmapxSmap DOUBLE DUTCH, “the one where Kimutaku slowly loses his mind….!”

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Looking back into the vaults (aka: my olllllllllllld VHS =P) from time to time we’ll take a look @ some fuzzy moments~* via a VHS~~>Digital transfer and there’s something definitely warm and fuzzy about these…the fuzzy coming from some of these clips being 2nd or 3rd generation+ VHS dubbed transfers originating @ our local Japan rental shop of yesteryear with many being years prior to the digital age =P.


Why are the boys dressed up like that?

And what happens when our ultra-cool SMAP boys take on the challenge of recreating a Double Dutch routine from idol-boys’ group past??


First begin with their John Stockton approved short shorts =D which add a particular funny vibe to their pinkish tops and headbands to boot and here we have all of the necessary ingredients for humorously ‘painful’ success (*≧▽≦)!Of course the look comes circa idol days past so think for SMAP’s sake staying within the Johnny’s empire for visual reference….Hikaru Genji less their sometimes rollerblading flair =D! So the only thing ‘missing’ is the batsu-game factor or for that matter the challenge begins with wide eyed and almost eagerly excited boys of SMAP set and ready to take this DOUBLE DUTCH challenge head on no matter how many takes it takes albeit a most boisterous Goro beforehand states a very strong stance on the number of times he foresees it taking in their future (。ーωー。)笑!No to worry though as the batsu angle has been carefully covered in this corner for sure as with each failure the SMAP member to ‘blame’ will be held accountable for his DOUBLE DUTCH ineptness by means of old school punishment, that is to say there’ll be a ‘bit’ of playground slaps upon sore wrists with Kimutaku’s antics here being particularly awesomely hilarious…(^q^)! !!!!!!!!


~SMAPXSMAP The Legendarily Funny DOUBLE

DUTCH Challenge~


Also viewer be warned that those “Ooh! Haa’s!!” which the boys mimic complete with fun(ny) albeit brief song choreography in time will begin to fill your mind in that sticky sort of way open as this clip runs an amazing 14 minutes long which can only mean one thing. There are far more failures than foreseen by at least one SMAP member with highlights including the losing of minds by both Shingo-kun and Kimutaku as frustration mounts into inevitable humor and laughs (for you the viewer exclusively!!) =D!! And keep in mind that “SMAP” does indeed stand for ‘sports, music, assemble people’ although one Nakai-kun does manage to fudge that up a bit during the preliminary dialogue =P.

And so with those “Ooh! Haa’s!!” continuing to persevere becoming more exaggerated with each ongoing take with seemingly no end in sight and many a tangled legs upon tangled legs upon ropes, will the boys ever defeat the daunting DOUBLE DUTCH IDOL CHALLENGE in time for dinner? A beer? Or at least so they can all go home? And will you ever manage to erase this repetitive song out of your head?..ever? You’ll have to tune in to find out as this wonderfully nostalgic SMAPxSMAP clip ripped straight from the grasp of a very old VHS tape continues the Fuzzy Memories series here, your funny bone will thank you I promise…(^q^)!

~SMAPXSMAP “Fly” (Live)~

And to finish here’s one of my most favorite in SmapXSmap studio live performances of their most awesomely cool song “Fly!!!” Live band, lively stage setup and YUP, even Nakai-kun’s giving us some good-mic =D! And if you have not seen the full original video which is mini movie-like, be sure to check that out too as it represents one of the coolest eras in SMAP music without question~.

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3 Responses to ~Fuzzy Memories proudly presents SmapxSmap DOUBLE DUTCH, “the one where Kimutaku slowly loses his mind….!”

  1. philipleslie says:

    Great fun. The guys were pretty good in the double rope challenge. I was reminded of a similar team line jump (to music) at an Otsuka Ai concert. The guys are certainly fit, anyway, which you have to be to perform on stage. Enjoyed ‘Fly’, which has a good vibe to it. I’ve a feeling you have, and that I’ve watched it, but have you ever posted Maria Carey’s visit to SMAPxSMAP?


    • It cracks me up when Goro says candidly and ‘confidently’ that they’ll accomplish the feat in a single try =D!…and likewise the look on Kimutaku’s face..priceless~*! Notice their funny body language as the takes go on and on and on and did that song’s opening “Uh..hah!’s” begin to drive you batty or at the very least get stuck in your head after hearing it so many times =P! “FLY” was a really epic single release which had its very own mini-movie on VHS back then, still have it….such an awesome groove!~! Ohhh yes I have watched it but haven’t posted it here before, lots of fun whenever foreign super stars appear on the show =). And whenever it’s a music guest there’s usually a collaborated music performance of their songs and it’s great to hear/ see the boys perform alongside them in that ending music segment!


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