~ 「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays Presents SmapxSmap Bistro, “the nostalgic one with Hikki♥…..” (Volume 77)

Idols unzipped...

Happy Aloha♥ Friday!~!

Hisashiburi desu-ne ヾ(^∇^)。

So my month-long hiatus from all things internet/blogging has finally passed albeit a couple or so days early as I wanted to begin with a Friday post for the sake of reviving the Idols♥Unzipped series here and really with nearly an entire month gone by with my promise to family & other loved ones to be internet free for that time being ( all I could have for the that duration of time were text messages and no one believed I could do it xD ahem! =D), the most daunting task at hand is still pending as how frightening is it to open your e-mail for the first time in a month only to see that you now have over 400+ unread e-mails awaiting you (゜Д゜;)!!Sure I get a daily dose of Spam but still that’s a lot of messages to read through and I’m actually considering going through them all in chronological order as I guess that’d make the most sense? Family has expressed time and time again how I tend to spend way too much time on the internet for a person who should be out more @ this age and now I’m about to disappoint/ worry them all over again…


ps. If you’ve indeed sent me an e-mail within the past month I apologize so much and it may or rather will take some time to reach them all I’m afraid…so many that I fear I may lose my mind while at it xD. But in the meantime there’s some blogging to get to and I’ve actually missed it with so many days gone by void of my wandering mind with any place to release it all ^^.

SmapxSmap BistroSmapxSmap Bistro..SmapxSmap Bistro...

Tonight’s Unzipped♥ is a pretty special one as through the wonders of VHS~~>DVD ‘magic’ I’ve managed to transfer this most nostalgic SmapxSmap Bistro episode into the digital age with this one featuring a most youthful appearance of Hikki♥ on this most beloved program!~! And while there’s been numerous variations on the Bistro format over the years this one follows the classic format where the guys are divided into two teams with Nakai-kun as always playing the highly charming host =)…..with the challenge of presenting a special guest(s) with a restaurant which has no set menu therefore giving said guest(s) the choice of any cuisine their heart so desires.

But what really makes tonight’s episode so special is this light of Hikki♥ being shown at such an early age relatively speaking to her legendary topping of the charts and musical world at a then unprecedented age for just how prestigiously and successfully her career launched right from the get-go! And while many of her iconic songs from the early stages of her career are heard in the background from the iconic “Automatic” and beyond throughout this episode, what’s going to catch your attention throughout is her openly youthful giddiness and just how unguarded her personality is with of course the perfect host in Naka-kun conversational~izing (today’s made up word =D ) the charm and charisma and open candidness right out of Hikki♥ ^^. A side to Hikki♥ perhaps lost to time and our inevitable nature to mature….well for most I’ll concur as I do know of a few unnamed guys and gals whom are yet to ripen through time lol =P. So as you watch these clips (I’ve divided this episode into two parts….24 minutes & I think 7 minutes or so for the second part as it would have topped the 1 gig size limit for a single file here otherwise) just think Hikki’s♥ now @ 32 years of age with her amazing debut coming so many years ago and gosh where has the time gone??….just how fun and refreshing it is to see a most candid Hikki♥ with conversations going well beyond that of cuisine albeit it serves as a means in getting to know the true Hikki inside as she opens up about all things Hikki~♥ with at times the conversation and fun banter even resembling that of a Late Night Show guest appearance and just what did a then 16 year old Hikki♥ order with her roots being in both N.Y. and Japan?…..you’ll just have to watch to find out and it may surprise you. Oh and in case you’re curious, my most favorite Hikki song is still after all of these years her iconic ballad “First Love” (and any fan knows of the countless incredible and memorable songs Hikki has released over the years!!!!!….a most difficult choice in narrowing it down to one but YES it’s still her “First Love” and a bit of that is tied into it also being a perfect drama theme song with a most hot Tackey in mind on the outskirts of this choice =D) and I did manage to see her live in concert in a most intimate locale right here a few years back where she was absolutely AWESOME!!!!!…awesome enough to overshadow the unforeseen twists and bumps that particular night presented for all fans in attendance. A report on the drama and awesomeness of Hikki live can be read through this link: Utada Hikaru rocks Pipeline Café =)!!!!! It was during her tour when she purposely performed exclusively @ much smaller venues from Japan to the U.S. as she expressed her wanting to reach out to fans musically in a much more intimate setting than that of larger arenas which she routinely had been selling out.

So during this episode of Bistro be on the look out for:

  • A really humorous moment between Hikki and Kimutaku =D!
  • Shingo-kun with one of his very best “OISHII” moments x 2, you know where he reacts to the opposing team receiving “delicious/ yummy” reactions and comments with a ‘dismayed’ display of his own as only Shingo-kun can do!
  • And just when you think the episode is over after Hikki♥ chooses the winning Team and kisses are delivered to the victors…..YES it’s an impromptu appearance of that SmapXSmap pastime you surely love as Hikki plays the…. ‘whom would you choose as your husband?… ‘whom would you choose as your lover?’….. ‘whom would you choose as your older brother?’ etc. out of the guys of SMAP♥! And yes there is an odd man out so to speak with one of the choices…you know the ‘hatoko’ XD. And it’s alWAYS delicious fun whenever an unsuspecting guest is presented with this game of choices and I’m not even sure if it was in the original episode’s script for this one, enjoy ^^!~!

Team Kimutaku/ Goro-kun


Team Shingo-kun/ Tsuyoshi

~SmapXSmap Bistro FT. Utada Hikaru~

(Part 1)

~SmapxSmap Bistro FT. Utada Hikaru~

(Part 2)

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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5 Responses to ~ 「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays Presents SmapxSmap Bistro, “the nostalgic one with Hikki♥…..” (Volume 77)

  1. MB, you are amazing for spending that month away like you have! I was wondering what happened to you but it’s always good to check in with family every now and then. There’s so much to talk to you about, actually, but I don’t want to send you an email if you have 400 to read right now. I guess I’ll just quickly tell you that I bought AKB48online.com and was wanting your suggestion as to what you think maybe I should do with the site? I am a website coder so I can build a site, but just not sure what to build there. My initial instinct is to do a site full of lists for people to read, like top 10 sexiest AKB members, top 5 craziest moments on AKBINGO, etc. things like that. I’m a huge sucker for lists lol. But again, you are going to be busy answering a ton of email so when you get some time, send me a message back or email me. I wish you well and sooooo happy to see you back. Your internet family members have all missed you 🙂


    • This episode with Hikki, a long time favorite~♥ =)! And I’m still not caught up with e-messages =/…getting there though =). Well it surely must be something you’re truly passionate about, that being of the utmost importance over all so that you stay interested in your site for the long haul. You could have a weekly series and switch up topics and ideas there and the best thing about AKB is that they have so much out there whether it be in the media~on air and published, music, variety shows, personal blogs and of course their vast world of fun releases. Also being able to design your very own website makes your possibilities endless, I’m sure you’ll do great =)!


  2. philipleslie says:

    Great to see this episode. As always, fun to watch, and such amazing cooking skills on show. Great too to see your posts again, and I echo Derek’s comment that you have been missed by all! Derek’s project sounds amazing, too: will the posts be in Japanese or English or both? Can’t wait to see that project when it’s up and running!


    • After seeing Hikki in her later years in the media it’s pretty awesome to relive her early years as she’s just so giddy here and open =)! Smap has a series of gourmet cooking books which they give away to guests and I’m sure are available in store although I’ve never checked on them, just thinking how complex a lot of their cooking is! Check out Hikki’s “First Love”, it was a very popular drama theme song where the stars were the already very familiar to you Takizawa Hideaki (Tackey & Tsubasa) along side the gorgeous Matsushima Nanako.


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