2015 Watanabe Mayu♥ Desktop Calendar (complete preview)

2015 Calendars...

(just in case I forget what day it is =D)

Watanabe Mayu 2015 desktop calendar (1)

(This part will resound redundant as I’m including it with each desktop calendar just in case someone misses the first entry =) )

Kawaei Rina 2013 desktop calendarSo now that we’ve covered AKB48’s Official Calendar Box set it’s time to begin with the solo selections I went with this year. Now if you remember last year’s desktop versions they were a bit of a downgrade as they were basically jewel cases which doubled as the calendar image’s stand and so I’m most happy to say that this years (2015 that is) desktopKawaei Rina 2013 desktop calendar... versions are sooooooooo much better!!!! Okay maybe not quite the level of awesomeness that was the 2013 versions which if you remember were like cute photo frames built most sturdily albeit in cardboard (they were most thick!!) like Ricchan’s which I featured here back then <—->. ….but still very much an upgrade to somewhere in the middle.

And now let’s flash forward to Mayuyu’s♥ 2015 desktop calendar version…

2015 AKB48 Desktop Calendar backing....

Like the 2013 versions this one also has a photo frame styled kickstand…well you know the type which are made out of cardboard anyway however it does have quite the awesome bonus feature which is…..

Watanabe Mayu 2015 desktop calendar (2)

..a mini clear file which has its front images bearing the Team your chosen girl is a member of while its back has a convenient 2015 calendar for easy reference. The clear file also opens up to like a mini portfolio with open flaps on both sides for carrying and has an included sticker sheet of schedule stickers which you can use to cutely decorate/organize your days of the year. The calendar itself is completely constructed of high quality and thick glossy pages which can be easily removed page by page as the year progresses which is adorned with images of your chosen girl which I must say are most cute and candid with wonderful fashion sense~* all around as far as the four desktop versions I’ve collected this year. In all there are seven pages (not including the cover) as these calendars feature a bimonthly format with the inclusion of one bonus page which bears no calendar months~*. Calendar measures approximately: 8 1/4″ x 5 3/4″.

~AKB48 calendars can be ordered @ Cdjapan.

Watanabe Mayu 2015 desktop calendar (3)

Hands down the most adorable calendar for the New Year~*~~* says my most biased heart!! July/August is my favorite because Mayuyu’s sporting the-look♥…you know the-LooK♥ and I so love when she wears her ‘own’ top ^^. Also Jan/Feb = You know you LOVE my chocolate tie! Mar/Apr = You want my chocolate tie don’t you! May/Jun = I’m too sexy for this T-shirt it hurts! Sep/Oct = Yeah you wish! =P And that last 8th bonus page = That LooK once more~♥ ^^.

2015 Watanabe Mayu desktop calendar (1)

2015 Watanabe Mayu desktop calendar (2)

2015 Watanabe Mayu desktop calendar (3)

2015 Watanabe Mayu desktop calendar (4)

2015 Watanabe Mayu desktop calendar (5)

2015 Watanabe Mayu desktop calendar (6)

2015 Watanabe Mayu desktop calendar (7)

2015 Watanabe Mayu desktop calendar (8)

Here’s to a happy 2015~*~~*!!

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2 Responses to 2015 Watanabe Mayu♥ Desktop Calendar (complete preview)

  1. philipleslie says:

    July/August are definitely the months to look forward to, although Nov/Dec are adorable too! And much better engineering than last year, you’re right.


    • This years such a nice design that I’m feeling a bit hesitant to remove any of the pages looking ahead, last year they skimped a bit on the design or a lot rather xD…happy about this revamped design for sure. U~n both such adorable poses!! I imagine Mayuyu~♥ just rolls out of bed and is gorgeous while us mere mortals need some work =D!


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