2015 Shimazaki Haruka♥ Wall Calendar (complete preview)

2015 Calendars...

We had some freaky (notice I use that word a lot=P) overcast weather yesterday while I was photographing the wall calendars and with the sun barely peeking in and out okay lighting turned to bad lighting in these tiny time pockets, so even during the same calendar (shoot) there will be slightly fuzzy photos sitting right next to somewhat decent ones albeit none of them came out quite clear =/.

Shimazaki Haruka 2015 Wall Calendar (1)

Paruru’s♥ 2015 wall calendar is B2 sized, bi-monthly (8 pages in all with the extra page) and printed on non-glossy high quality thick paper, atop is designed for easy hanging with perforated pages for easy page removal as your year rolls along.

Like last year’s AKWall calendars this year too features a universal theme this year’s being “Tales of Fairyland” so imagine the girls as little Tinkerbell cuties as they pose to a set array of of gorgeous background art where the art is literally ‘drawn onto them’ so to speak. From Jan/Feb’s pixie look to Mar/Apr’s Thumbelina inspiration to Jul/Aug’s Little Mermaid to Nov/Dec’s Goddess look and everything in between this year’s theme is really beautiful!!

~Shimazaki Haruka’s 2015 Wall Calendar can be ordered @ Cdjapan.

Shimazaki Haruka 2015 Wall Calendar (2)

See if you can match each of the images to their description:

  • Melancholy Goddess
  • Melancholy Thumbelina
  • Melancholy Little Mermaid
  • Melancholy pixie
  • Melancholy Eve
  • Melancholy Pocahontas

Seriously though Paruru♥ had me at Jan/Feb’s “I know I’m adora-cute-look ^^.

Shimazaki Haruka 2015 Wall Calendar (3)

Shimazaki Haruka 2015 Wall Calendar (4)

Shimazaki Haruka 2015 Wall Calendar (5)

Shimazaki Haruka 2015 Wall Calendar (6)

Shimazaki Haruka 2015 Wall Calendar (7)

Shimazaki Haruka 2015 Wall Calendar (8)

Here’s to a happy 2015~*~~* ^^!

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13 Responses to 2015 Shimazaki Haruka♥ Wall Calendar (complete preview)

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  2. philipleslie says:

    Paruru looks stunning here. This was the first of the Fairyland calendars I spotted and thought what a great idea it was. She has the brooding/melancholy look to perfection now. May/June would be my favourite months, but they’re all lovely photos, aren’t they. If you were to put one of these calendars on your wall, but only had space for one, who would be your favourite? Or would you be unable to choose and put up a Cute Kittens and Cats calendar instead!


    • MMmmm that’d be tough!!! But in the end I think I’d have to choose Mayuyu’s wall calendar overall followed by Okamo’s….Kitarie’s and Fukakyon’s but then you said just one LOL…see I can’t even play the hypothetical game correctly =P!


  3. philipleslie says:

    Is their an annual Arashi calendar. I’ve not checked on CDJapan. Surely there has to be.


    • ARASHI would have these ‘school’ calendars before like how I think NMB does? Instead of the traditional January~February format they instead go by the school year’s beginning date….ARASHI released quite a few amazing box sets a few years ago one complete with cookbook and another had a built in daily planner/diary!! =D!….here are most of them…I drooled over all of these for months~♥!~!~!~!….



      • philipleslie says:

        The 2011 AKB48 calendar box is amazing: the classic kami-7 (approximately) in glorious full colour. I really like the Arashi box with cookbook. Goodies like this are not really done in the US and Europe, are they. I’m sure they’d sell. Imagine a Taylor Swift box with recipe book, posters and calendar, for example. I have a few 1980s aidoru LPs, and some include a school year calendar, along with posters or LP-sized photo books. Sadly, the size of the CD means that any goodies have to be mouse-sized!


        • Good morning ヾ(^∇^)!、

          Un 2011 had a great design for AKB’s box set! Cool 3-D Acchan & Yuko card, their standard glossy calendar, stickers and yes those pretty clear files are really cool!! MMmm not so much here, haha I just remembered Friends had a cookbook but no calendar tie-in….ARASHI’s calendars are always so well done albeit so pricey as well but still they’re must haves for sure. Ohhh Taylor Swift would sell tons if she ever did a special calendar release….hmm cooking w/ Taylor~♥? I really really LOVE her first true pop album, so so many catchy songs and her lyrics never cease to capture your attention!~! I love how “Blank Space” pokes fun at herself and how the tabloids are always hounding her about not being able to keep a man xD!!….just brilliant how she wrote those lyrics to be tongue in cheek at herself =D! And the mv!!! Have you watched this mv before? I promise go watch it, it’s so well done in every imaginable way!! My favorite part is her runny mascara and how she goes a ‘bit’ nuts on the poor guy LOL =P! Anyway what an impressive first pop album by the very well established country icon =). Oh speaking of LP sized goodies have you seen Ohara Sakurako’s upcoming first album release? I linked it in the most recent post I’d done for her most recent single “Hitomi”…..not sure if you liked the song though….?? Anyway it’s linked here:


          And one version of her debut album is LP sized, but in order to get her DVD you’d need to get both LE’s…..marketing genius or perhaps a fan’s wallet’s nightmare Ugg! xD In any case I did go with both and can’t wait for them! ^^


          • philipleslie says:

            ‘Hitomi’ is fantastic! I’ve just commented on your post. Do you know if the English translation of her lyrics are online yet?


            • I’m kinda terrible at finding stuff like that but there are a lot of romanized translations I’ve seen and “Hitomi” would actually be a most perfect song to practice on as the lyrics for the most part are familiar/ common kanji and expressions throughout =). You’ve tackled much more difficult lyrical content before, I know you could do this one =)!


              • philipleslie says:

                I’ll have a try! I actually really enjoy trying to translate lyrics, even though I end up with little more than a general idea of what’s going on. Weirdly, as I’m (very slowly) learning more verb endings, songs I puzzled over a while back are now making a little more sense (emphasis on ‘little’)! Akimoto Yasushi s lyrics are very tricky, though, as they’re a lot more literary than other people’s, with a vast vocabulary as well. Ah, I wish I could just wake up one morning able to speak the language fluently!


        • And good evening~* Philip =)!! …I am 120% certain you’re so gonna love and want to get the concert I’m watching right now. No kidding you’re so gonna be in love~♡ w/ what I’ll be posting up very soon!!!!


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